Mell Fait Accompli Is Complete As Jaime Andrade Is Sworn In

Mell Fait Accompli Is Complete As Jaime Andrade Is Sworn In
Chicago Ain't Ready For Change!

The infamous Mell fait accompli is complete as Jaime Andrade is sworn in as successor to Deb Mell’s state representative seat in the Illinois Legislature. Of course everyone and their mothers (dead or alive) were keenly aware that this was nothing more than a foregone conclusion in a state that has elevated “in your face” appointment politics to an art form.

On the other hand it is also a great opportunity for the people to make a statement during the next election if they chose to do so. But guess what? It won’t happen because the district that Jaime Andrade represents is predominantly Hispanic and for them this is just another opportunity to take a bite out of the political chew ring and claim a share of the political pie. For better or worse Andrade is one of their own.

So it really won’t matter if Jaime Andrade will do a good job for his constituents or a better job for his benefactors Dick and Chicago Alderman Deb Mell. But my political street smarts tell me that at least until he can win on his own without the help of Ward Committeeman Dick Mell he won’t be doing much to upset the apple cart.

Sure he will be the incumbent the next time around but that doesn’t mean if he pisses off the man that bestowed this career advancement upon him that a new challenger doesn’t appear. And as we know that is the way the city that works – works. It seems everyone is beholden to someone and the only victims are the stupid constituents who vote for them.

After all there is a pecking order.

And that is exactly why Richard “Dick” Mell was able to engineer a rigged system. Then again nepotism isn’t anything new in Chicago Machine Politics and by extension the political corruption which reigns supreme here. Political deals here aren’t harmless though and have cost taxpayers more than they have received in return.

Too bad people here don’t have the same mentality as those in the Middle East. I mean if they feel they have been jilted by corrupt politicians they take to the streets and stay there until they either leave or a shit ton of violence forces them out. Sometimes I wonder if our brand of democracy is really any better than what those in the Middle East view it as it should be? At least they understand it when they are getting fucked over by creepy politics.

And I tip my hat to the Arab Spring! Bravo, well done!

Americans on the other hand have become weak and dare not demand accountability. But that may be because so many of them have a vested interest in a screwed-up pension system that at least allows them to share in some of the spoils. You know the last time I checked there were some 384,389 line items in the combined Illinois Public Pension System (and that is not counting the double and triple-dippers or those who haven’t retired). But, that is a significant amount of dedicated voters who will blindly vote for Illinois Democrats to ensure that their benefits are kept intact.

Especially when low voter turnouts are the norm.

And don’t forget that in addition to that line item number there are many more outsiders who are reaping taxpayer dollars in rigged bidding contracts with their political connections and/or entities who are reducing their legal tax obligations in exchange for campaign contributions as well all those political workers who haven’t retired yet.

So folks – do you see why it is really important to participate?

When two-thirds of registered voters don’t go to the polls to exercise their greatest right they are allowing a corrupt minority to dictate them. And quite frankly I don’t understand the rationale behind most of these 66% excuses for not exercising their right. Not only is illogical but smacks of an ignorance to history and its consequences for such inaction. I mean think it about it. Turning away and thinking that ignoring it won’t affect you is not only asinine but dangerous. And modern history can confirm that in a heartbeat if one were to only reacquaint themselves with the atrocities perpetrated upon the masses.

There is a real danger to ignoring those with power.

Even though what our politicians do here seems as being trivial or business as usual – that is exactly how greater abuses against the people begin. Think I am kidding? Just open your history books or look at some of the recent world events folks. The truth lies right in front of you.

And for that reason you shouldn’t overlook the triviality of the arranged deal that handed Deb Mell her father’s aldermanic seat or her legislative seat to Jaime Andrade. It is exactly that slight of hand that tells them they hold sway over you and nothing more than a peon.

Get it now?


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  • This had been paved over at least a month ago when some members of the city council's Hispanic caucus said "we want a Hispanic alderman" but whoever the caucus leader was said "shut up and we'll get the state rep. appointment." And a Hispanic lackey did.

    But as far as voting him out (a) he will still have the money of the 33rd Ward Dem. organization behind him, and probably Madigan's money, too, and (b) that's probably a ward like Burke's, where most of the population probably isn't legally eligible to vote.

  • Correct and as I said he will have the weight of the Ward Committeeman Dick Mell behind him - soooo long as he remembers where his place in the pecking order is. As I said, piss him off and suddenly there will be another machine backed challenger there right quick. As for those not legally eligible to vote well La Raza will probably figure out a way to intervene on their behalf and make it so. I mean why do think people are against photo ID's for voting anyway (although the GOP does have an agenda on that score and isn't all on the up and up) but would it really create disenfranchisement? My arse - hell I have to produce a photo ID just to use my credit card at some places. So I think that is a lame excuse especially when free ID's are being offered to anyone who hasn't got one via the DMV.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I wasn't going in the photo ID direction (I'm not sure if those laws, as implemented elsewhere, are consistent with the Voting Rights Act and Helping Americans Vote Act), but the simple proposition that one is not legally eligible to vote if one is not a citizen or 18 years of age, which, I'm sure, is prevalent in the 14th and 33rd. However, they do count in the census numbers used for apportionment purposes.

  • In reply to jack:

    Just figured I would throw that in as I just saw a documentary and they were critical of La Raza and their activism. But I am with you, so long as any new law is consistent with Voting Rights Act I have zero problems and I am certainly offended if I have to produce a Photo ID to prove that I am who I say I am and old enough to vote. Besides I think that will also debug the Provisional Vote issues. Did not realize so many were disqualified - that to me is disenfranchisement.

    As for the 14th or the 33rd Wards, I realize there are many who don't or can't vote and that Census Apportionment in theory alleviates that and offers fairer representation. But as we know that isn't always the case due to Gerry-Mandering.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I'm not sure where you were going with the above, other than the last paragraph, in which case the Burkes and Mells protect themselves. Apparently everyone other than Fioretti, who doesn't deserve to be there, protects themselves.

    Obviously, Burke and Dick Mell wouldn't have been there if their wards voted in accordance with their ethnic composition. While the 50th Ward can't be moved, the Asians couldn't get together to vote out Bernie Stone, and while the Silversteins could, that was the new machine against the old machine.

  • In reply to jack:

    All I am saying is whether or not there are those who can't vote because they are either not citizens and/or illegal LaRaza and/or Acorn has been at the forefront to get (a) immigration reform rammed through and (b) haven't been shy with voter registrations which may or may not include legal voters according to the documentary I saw.

    As for the Old Guard protecting themselves, well yeah and if there is a danger that an ethnic majority could upset the balance the machine doesn't hesitate to Gerrymander district boundaries to even things up. Just the usual Chicago Stuff Jack.

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