Bill Daley's Use of a Situation Room Photo Is Questionable

Bill Daley's Use of a Situation Room Photo Is Questionable
White House Situation Room Photo (Public Domain)

First let me make this perfectly clear, the thought of a “Daley” occupying the Illinois Governor’s Mansion is the last thing I would want to see. And there are plenty of reasons too as I am probably one of the few who believe that the Daley Family Legacy is more smoke and mirrors than substance. But having Bill Daley as Governor of Illinois is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Like my South Side Irish wife said to me: “Bill Daley is like that kid in the neighborhood who would just show up and even though you didn’t want him hanging around with you, most were just too polite to tell him to go away.”

Now I am no fan of the current governor either given his propensity to seek the spotlight with his Sunday media events designed to show us that he is a more effective and savvy politician than he really is. But I will say this – I would probably have no problem sharing a beer with him outside of the political arena. I do not doubt that Pat Quinn has certain things he is quite passionate about and I don’t begrudge him for that.

But Illinois needs a Governor who has the desire to go after those who have made a mockery of what good governance means. And if that means shattering the Democratic Machine mentality, then so be it. But Pat Quinn, and Bill Daley for that matter, are both products of this machine and be nowhere without it. And I don’t see any of these candidates as being willing to do that. It is what it is.

The Republican challenger, Bruce Rauner would seem to be a good alternative but as Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed noted the other day – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner are close friends but that he couldn’t publicly endorse him since he toes the Party Line. Besides Emanuel owes Bill Daley a huge political debt for his role in Emanuel’s ascension to the Chicago throne.

But hey I suppose that this is a good example of how our politics work in Illinois and confirms that the Illinois Combine exists. However, if Bill Daley weren’t throwing his hat into the Illinois Gubernatorial Race, Emanuel would probably have “quietly” supported his pal Bruce Rauner without making a public endorsement which was a common play out of former mayor Richard M. Daley’s Political Playbook.

So Bill Daley seems to be the anointed one ever since the political ambitions of Lisa Madigan were derailed by Papa Michael Madigan’s desire to not step down as Speaker of the Illinois House and the recent bad publicity stemming from the METRA Scandal. Of course Pat Quinn will not back down and as a result Rahm Emanuel might just catch a lucky break here when it comes to his party loyalty / friendship dilemma if the vote splits.

But what about William “Bill” Daley as Governor? I mean is he really qualified given his demotion as White House Chief of Staff in part due to his “imperfect understanding of the legislative branch” as the Daily Caller and Wall Street Journal have suggested?

Yet the Bill Daley for Governor Website is touting his leadership abilities and even uses the Osama bin Laden White House Situation Room Photo to prove it. And in my opinion Bill Daley’s Use of a Situation Room Photo Is Questionable and may even be a violation of White House photo policy which carries stern warnings that they may not be used for political purposes “in any way to suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.”

Naturally Bill Daley has denied that the use of the White House Situation Room Photo violates this policy but I would say if it didn’t it is awfully close. And another thing, as for the Daley campaign to suggest that he was a major and/or integral part of the Operation to Kill Osama bin Laden would seem to contradict the documentary made on the subject. Hmm, I wonder what Leon Panetta thinks about that? Oh well, whatever the political spin is or isn’t, we cannot ignore Daley’s demotion as Chief of Staff because that just doesn’t happen. So I just don’t know how that whole “What Leadership Looks Like” thing will work for him on his website?

But hey as always this is just my opinion and I believe that no matter who is the Illinois Governor’s Mansion after the next election one thing is pretty certain – unless you vote for me there will be absolutely no change in the status quo of Illinois Politics.

Just more of the same old Wagging of the Dog.


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  • Nobody's voting for Bill Daley or Bruce Rauner.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Hope you are right Cheryl. Thanks for the comment.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    But Cheryl also believes in that cars should be banned from LSD but drivers should pay gas tax for transit to keep the bus riders out of their way. Look at the CTA Tattler.

    Certainly "nobody is voting" for those two is false. Nobody is going to vote for Quinn, either, so I expect zero turnout in the governor's primary. :-)

    The only exception to what you said above is that Daley said he was in before Lisa pulled out (leaving a frustrated Angola as Chevy Chase would say).

    I stand on my comments in Berkowitz's column that Daley is the Republican candidate of the nepotism machine, agree with Kelly Truth Squad that Rauner's connections with Emanuel haven't been exposed, and here that Rutherford didn't give a straight answer to the pension dysfunction in the legislature. I'm not sure who that leaves (maybe Dillard).

    And I suppose that if Obama wants to do something about unethical campaigning by his former chiefs of staff he could. I'd rather see the picture of Hillary in the Situation Room, but I'm not voting for her for governor, either (isn't she still a resident of Park Ridge?).

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    In fact, she's in the picture, above.

  • In reply to jack:

    Let's see where do I start Jack? Okay got it - as I said in the post if you want change - VOTE FOR ME. At least I have guts and would leave no stone unturned when it comes to the Illinois Criminal Enterprise System.

    Really don't know Cheryl or her views on taxation but my answer back was sort of facetious and I should have said "hopefully not enough will vote for those two." Now wouldn't it be something if there were a zero turnout? That would be one hell of an embarrassing knee-slapper.

    Not sure about any Daley ever being a "or the" Republican in any political race so I don't agree with Berkowitz if that's what he said. Rauner is, well, a RINO and as such both of Emanuel's buds would only perpetuate the patronage machine. So I am unsure how Kelly's Truth Squad (and BTW I like that blog) makes that statement about Emanuel because he and Rauner are thisclose as Sneed pointed out. They are most definitely manfriends and their families socialize and I'm sure they talk financial Biz. So unless there was a "yet" missing after that 'exposed'...all I can say is hmmm.

    As for Poor Dan Rutherford and Kirk Dillard (but especially Rutherford). Ruthie just can't take advantage of any situation that presents itself. I have had some chats with Dillard via email in the past and think he is a decent man but he is also a part of the DuPage Organization and they have been known as a driver behind the Combine. Now would either of these two do a better job than Quinn? I think yes. But unless that State Legislature of ours can get stripped of its iron-clad majority no governor here has a chance. Unless of course he/she is in their pocket and agrees to their political whims.

    Last but not least, Hillary the carpetbagger? Well quite honestly I am not sure where her "official residence is" given New York's screwy ass rules on residency. But she wouldn't be interested in the Governor's Job as she has prepared herself for the Big Show. I would also point out that she is definitely smart enough to be POTUS but since she was the power behind the man in that scandal-laced (and that not just the Monica thing) Clinton Administration, I couldn't support her. Now had she done the right thing and thrown the Cigar-Dipper out and taken him to the cleaners then she would have earned my respect.

    That about covers my long-winded response. As always Jack - thanks for reading and commenting.

  • 1. I didn't say that Berkowitz said that. I said that in a comment in Berkowitz's blog. But that essentially is how Daley is positioning himself, i.e., the outsider businessman who never ran before (maybe due to the conflict of interest Richard M provided) and can get the pension mess fixed. Hence he is trying to position himself as, essentially, a Republican in the Democratic primary. If voters want the fuzzy headed progressive, vote for Quinn. I don't know who the public employee unions can endorse in this contest.

    2. Kelly seemed to be ahead of Sneed on that one. I suppose, though, that one could check the comparative dates. Note that Rauner's commercials are essentially the same as Daley's professed position, except, as you note, he doesn't have Rahm on them endorsing him..

    3. While I am being a bit facetious with Hillary, the issue would be the Illinois residency law. Ask Rahm.

    4. If it is vote for you, it appears that you have to declare as a write-in candidate, and most of the time they don't even provide a write-in box without such a declaration. I was going to vote for my neighbor for Attorney General, but there wasn't a box.

    5. Back to the attorneys in the pension case, it appears from the most recent reports that the Madigan side and Quinn are each represented by "special attorneys general." Topinka is represented by Lisa, but that's basically meaningless in that Topinka says she will pay only if there is a court order, so I don't think she cares if there is one.

  • In reply to jack:

    1. Jack I am sorry for misreading your comment regarding the Berkowitz Blog. Either way, I too stand by my reply that a Daley will never be confused (at least by me) with being akin to a Republican. It is just not in that families DNA nor do I think they want the Boss rising from the dead at Holy Sepulchre. As for the unions, yes that is a real good question since even the Democrats are looking to knee-cap their loyalists on benefits earned.
    2. Kelly is good for sure and I'll have to check that as you suggest. But again yes - Rahm cannot publicly endorse Rauner on this one. He is just too indebted to Bill Daley for helping him achieve his dream of being Mayor.
    3. Well lets see Jack; I believe that Rahm's time in Washington was such that he retained his Home residency status whereas Hillary, upon running for the NY Senatorial Seat actually established residency there before stepping down to accept her Cabinet Post. So I think that that is the difference here. I could be wrong but that's the way I interpret it.
    4. Better get off my ass eh? btw..Will County does have a write-in box. Then again, I wouldn't stand a chance with so many people tied to the corruption and trying to protect it. Have a better chance of returning to my Country of Birth and running there. lol.
    5. Correcto Mondo Jack.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    As I indicated, I was being a bit facetious with Hillary. The question may be whether if she runs for President (and at the moment the pundits say that the only two Dems are Hillary and Biden, neither of which is a choice in my view), she will be whipping out this photo.

    Whether there is a write-in box seems to be a state law issue, in that I indicated that I tried to write in someone for AG the last time. If the Repuiblicans run scared away from Lisa again, it isn't going to make any difference that she is the highest vote getter in an uncontested election. I didn't check her box, either, but that didn't make any difference.

  • I know you where Jack but it does raise a good question nonetheless. Call it geek curiosity. Did you read about the row over a movie about Hillary being made prior to the election? Evidently financed in large part by Striesand and ex-daughter-in-law? Better than whipping out that photo me thinks?

    Naturally the GOP is pissed as hell for obvious publicity reasons.

    As for the write-in box, yes a big issue as some comply and others don't. Suspect it all has to do with having enough signatures and that is harder to attain for a challenger. And yes an uncontested election means nothing whether you tick the box or not. Tom Cross has run uncontested here plenty of times too. As others have. At least Papa Madigan had a ghost candidate but that was nothing more than a patronage thing for that yokel.

  • p.s. Jack - did you get junk mail from AMAC (the Conservative Alternative to AARP)? Reading the letter was like a script for a scary movie. Well I guess we now have opposing organizations lobbying to defend the aged and none of them will actually accomplish more than bundle money for their respective parties.

  • I hadn't heard about the Hillary movie, but during the Clinton years there were stories about Barbra and James Brolin shacking up in the Lincoln bedroom.

    I might have received something from AMAC once, but certainly not with the repetitiveness as from AARP. I decided long ago to throw out the AARP stuff, because (1) it is my parents' generation, and (2) of their misleading ads about "I don't know what limit CPI is, but they're taking away our Social Security benefits."

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, the Clinton's are very tight with Barbara Streisand & James Brolin. Their son married Hollywood Actress Diane Lane and even after their divorce, Babba has been this/close with her ex-daughter-in-law according to the article I read. Lane has been tabbed to play Hillary in an NBC/CNN miniseries and the RNC has now threatened to cancel debates if released just prior to election, again for obvious reasons.

    As for AMAC this is the first piece of mail from them but the letter touting its benefits sound too eerily close to the RNC contribution mail that I receive. Strangely, they are still promoting austerity while guaranteeing Social Security - curious considering Ryan's Path to Prosperity would essentially force it into privatization and make it more expensive. AARP, of course has abandoned their original mission and have also become a mouthpiece for the DNC. So both use scare language about preservation of benefits while both working on privatization (one free market and the other via Obamacare exchanges). Either way premiums will go up for seniors or decide what we can or can't be treated for. They're all hypocrites looking for respective party campaign cash. Assholes!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    If you want to talk about "friends of Bill," I remember wondering why all the women on Designing Women were liberals, even though southerners, until it came out that the producers were "friends of Bill."

  • In reply to jack:

    Learned something new with that, thanks.

  • Maybe to clarify things, I did read about the Republicans saying that they would pull out of debates on stations that were planning to run some sort of Hillary docudrama.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes because of the timing; Hillary would gain an unfair advantage publicity wise and I think this is a good example of how far Mainstream Media and Hollywood's ultra-left will go to further their agenda. As I said above regarding those RNC & DNC contrivances, Mainstream Media and Hollywood insiders are assholes too.

  • With regard to my characterization of Daley, see today's Sun Times.

    Besides the "outsider" bull, maybe he can change his name to, say, Burkovitzky, before the election.

    And, of course we have the diversion yesterday that Lisa knew that stepdaddy was not going to retire [despite the fervent wish of the Tribune that he step aside for the savior Lisa].

  • In reply to jack:

    Looks like the Sun-Times website is having problem; will check that later. As far the Madigan story - I am not buying it one iota.

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