METRA Chairman Brad O'Halloran Broke State Law

METRA Chairman Brad O'Halloran Broke State Law

Things just keep getting worse with the METRA Scandal. Apparently METRA Chairman Brad O’Halloran Broke State Law when he simultaneously took pay from another government body. And the man has no way out of this one folks because he knew exactly what he was doing. How do we know? Well, he didn’t make a move to have his Orland Park Trustee pay stopped until July 12th which was well after the METRA Scandal had blown up into a public brouhaha.

You know, it is bad enough that Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan has his hands all over the METRA Scandal but I suspect that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Regional Transit Authority (RTA), who is charged with the task of overseeing the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), PACE and METRA have allowed Madigan to use it and its agencies as a personal playground for patronage and nepotism.

And where is Illinois State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan in all this?

Hiding under the Madigan Rock as usual!

Dammit already! It is high time that elected officials charged with keeping the public trust do exactly that because the laundry list is getting longer by the hour as the thieves in Illinois Government pilfer a state already on the brink of bankruptcy.

There are those who say that the collapse of Detroit is something of an anomaly – but it isn’t. The illicit actions of public officials across this nation is rife. But nowhere is it as bad, at least in terms of its arrogance, than right here in the State of Illinois. The Illinois Public Pension System currently show some 389,345 line item payouts and within that number are a fair number of double and triple-dippers.

Sadly that isn’t even the half of it as we must contend with the current crop of state crooks who have yet to retire. The Public Pension System list will only grow exponentially as people like METRA Chairman Brad O’Halloran get added and receive credit based on their annual salaries.  And that is what makes O’Halloran’s double paycheck that much more egregious.

Brad O’Halloran knowingly took a Board of Trustees Paycheck for 16 months before notifying Orland Park, Illinois to stop paying him his Village Salary. And that was on the heels of the Metra Scandal. Gee? Do you think it is high time he resign or the powers that be move to fire him?

Damn Right! Just Talkin’ ‘Bout Shaft Man!

As for Illinois State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan? Well the time has come for her to either shit or get off the pot. Where are the indictments? What about an honest investigation into her step-father’s use of clout to reward political loyalists? And yes Lisa that would include the rewarding of your Brother-In-Law  Jordan Matyas who holds down a cushy job as an RTA Deputy Executive Director due to questionable circumstances. Naturally any and all calls for Indictments and/or Investigations have fallen on the deaf ears of Lisa Madigan. Maybe the time has come for an investigation into the conduct and inaction’s of our State’s Attorney. Then again maybe its best she just resign.

As for this METRA Scandal, well, the entire METRA Board of Directors need to resign immediately!

And while we are at it – the RTA either needs to be completely gutted or abolished as they clearly aren’t doing a very good job at over-seeing the transportation agencies under its wing. But I wouldn’t stop there either as the CTA has some serious political corruption, nepotism and patronage issues of its own and must be cleansed as well.

And since there are Federal Dollars involved in the running of these transportation units the time has come for the U.S. Attorney General to file charges on behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation and if that doesn’t happen? Then a Congressional Hearing and Investigation is warranted. Tax dollars, whether Federal or State, are not provided for public officials and their cronies to use as they please.

I have long said that there is a cost associated with corruption – are you starting to believe me? I hope so because it doesn’t end here – or limited to places like Chicago, Bellwood and Cicero. Those are just some of the obvious examples and you shouldn’t delude yourselves into thinking it isn’t happening in townships and municipalities all over this state. It is!

Political corruption, nepotism and patronage is rife and rampant here!


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  • The two paycheck one was not as obvious as other violations of the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act and Regional Transportation Authority Act around here. The two job provision is in the RTA and Metra portions, but not the Pace portion. The explanation may be that Pace board members are to be the chief executive of a municipality in the particular region, or a former one.

    It would help if the Sun-Times dated its articles (although there is a ©2011 at the end). The more questionable thing is his connections with the "reporting on the payday loan industry" industry (although being a lobbyist for the payday loan industry would have been scummier).

    Maybe Mike has more marriageable daughters, but Blago eventually learned that it didn't pay to ask which one was Mell's. Was Deb too young?

    But as far as cleaning up transit here, it is too late. The inherent problem is that there are 47 directorships given out as political spoils for essentially very little ($10-25K/year). Only the Pace board seems to do its job. The NY metro area can do it with 17 on one board. Then Bill Daley suggests expanding the RTA board by giving the governor some appointments. Quinn has only named CTA board members who do not meet statutory qualifications, but they appear to be too dumb to either steal or know on what they are voting (as admitted by a "transit advocacy" member who started crying when she was told that she missed the vote to cut the Lincoln bus, and didn't know what to do about it). But the political hacks can't give up their holds here, as one of them admitted to the Daily Herald.

    Finally, for all the lobbyists the transit agencies have here (after Madigan rightfully told Daley to get rid of Kruesi, he got a lobbying job), were sure see few federal funds to show for it, except for consultant contracts to plan EPA hearings on stuff that never will be built. Again, at least Pace got the I-55 Bus on Shoulder project through, but CTA and Metra have very little to show. All this lobbying job has to show is the exorbitant $130K salary.

  • In reply to jack:

    The only solution we have for Illinois is an insurrection.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Depends on who leads it. I wouldn't want marksallen in charge, for instance. If we go back to your gun point, there aren't enough to point at everyone who profits from the system.

  • In reply to jack:

    Not to worry we can import mercenaries.

  • The political clown car keeps moving on. The Tribune just posted that Madigan and Cullerton are suing to get their pay. Not like they couldn't have called a special session to override the veto, but I guess they want to clog up the court system for some more adverse publicity.

    I assume that Lisa Madigan would have to defend the case on behalf of the state, indicating another conflict of interest.

    The Illinois Constitution has really become a joke.

    And you haven't quoted a price on the mercenaries, and whether they would have to face off against the National Guard.

  • In reply to jack:

    Saw that. Read an op ed yesterday by one of Andy Shaw's boys and he felt Quinn's move was wrong because he punishing those legislators who have supported him on his pension reform crusade as well as them perhaps not being financial able to weather the storm of no paycheck. He went on to say that Madigan and Cullerton wouldn't use an override vote because it would look greedy. So I suppose a lawsuit is more palpable? Seems to me both sides are assholes and morons and know that the pension mess needs resolve and everyday they delay the worse it gets for everyone. But yes Lisa Madigan will no doubt get involved on behalf of the Legislators and that will be her out as to a conflict with Daddy-O. Constitution a joke? Really? Psshaw...just being facetious my dear friend. Yes a big fucking joke and a slap to those who believe in principles.

    As for mercenaries, well I figure we can offer them a tract of land in or around Harvey that is autonomous and free from all government intervention or taxes. I am sure there would also be quite a few National Guardsman willing to switch sides as well as many of the Brothers in Arms who have been shafted from the Viet Nam Era till now by hypocritical politicians. Don't worry more than enough disillusioned available for an insurrection and if need be instead of Harvey - we'll give them an entire damn state!

  • My point on Lisa was that she got the Illinois Supreme Court to rule that she is the only person who can represent the state.

    The suit is brought "individually and as speaker" by the two by "special attorneys general." I don't know what that means, but I assume it is politically connected private attorneys. Technically, it isn't brought against the state (if it were, it would have to be brought in the Illinois Court of Claims, and maybe that's how the judge ducks it), so maybe the argument is that instead of Lisa defending Quinn and Topinka, they have to get their own lawyers. That would get Lisa off the hook, but just run up the costs, again sort of like the Metra situation.

    On the other point, Vietnam seems economically better off than Harvey. Also, I don't think homesteaders in the late 1880s had to remediate toxic waste first.

  • In reply to jack:

    Man I don't know what that means either, but if you don't with your knowledge of law then yikes! But your point on running up the costs make sense. As I have said over and over again, the system is rigged and this is just another example of it. Matter of fact, on my previous post on Ancel Glink I just received an interesting comment - check it out and let me know what you think.

    As for the toxic waste remediation, damn knew I was forgetting something. But I am sure we can still find a suitable trade elsewhere.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    This got mentioned on WLS AM news yesterday, with the reporter somehow thinking that Lisa could represent both sides, which Mike Monaco said "no," and "no" is the case. But it was indicated that some assistant in her office had been helping stepdaddy, and hence she would have to disqualify herself and the state would have to pay for independent defense attorneys.

  • In reply to jack:

    I thought so long as Lisa Madigan is State's Attorney she either had to recuse herself or as you say hire outside counsel if any part of a suit involves her step-father. Since Madigan and Cullerton brought suit on behalf of the legislature and also have a interest - well I thought that was a done deal with an Indie. Never really thought about an assistant taking over. Oh well, either way it is going to cost.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    WLS-AM, adding to the confusion, said today that the legislators will be getting independent counsel, and WLS was wrong about the Attorney General representing both sides. However, if the AG's office advised the legislature first, it would be disqualified from representing either side.

    That's sort of independent of the stepfather issue.

  • In reply to jack:

    That would make sense, although I can see where confusion can come from.

  • Looks like Id turned into Illinois today.

    Well, the Speaker is a fink.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes he is. At least O'Halloran is gone (for now).

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