Madigan Cullerton Pension Reform Conspiracy Theory Spot On

Madigan Cullerton Pension Reform Conspiracy Theory Spot On
Fuhgettaboutit! (Image: Chicago Tribune)

Illinois House of Representative Minority Leader Tom Cross has said that he believes the Illinois Pension Reform dust-up between Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton is nothing more than a ruse to diminish the chances of a Governor Quinn re-election while affording Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan a leg up should she choose to run for the state’s highest office.

Hmm..That Is Interesting.

I wouldn’t put it past Michael Madigan and John Cullerton to concoct a phoney divide on pension reform among “best buddies” to further their political agendas and once again fleece the good people of Illinois. So I can definitely see where Illinois Minority Leader Tom Cross is going when he says that there may be Madigan Cullerton Conspiracy to thwart agreement on Illinois Pension Reform. It is a valid theory. Look – it is no real secret that Michael Madigan and John Cullerton have stood thisclose to each other politically over the decades and the mere thought that these political allies are unable to hammer out some sort of an agreement that is palpable to either one just reeks to the high heavens.

Now normally I don’t put much stock in conspiracy theories because it takes too many people to keep silent for them to come off successfully. But hey, we are talking about Illinois Politics and there has been plenty that has been shoved up our backsides in the most open of ways lest you forget that huge tax increase deal that was struck after the midnight hour. So really now how far off can the thought of a conspiracy be? Quite frankly, Tom Cross has hit it square on the nail-head here.

And believe it when he says this Madigan Cullerton Pension Reform Conspiracy has far less to do with a pension deal than it has to do with elevating Lisa Madigan’s prospects as a  gubernatorial candidate over a weakened incumbent. We already know that Madigan and Cullerton disdain Governor Pat Quinn and would prefer someone who doesn’t want them to actually do the right thing from time to time. After all, Illinois has been a very profitable place for Illinois Democrats loyal to Michael Madigan.

Besides, elevating his step-daughter has been something of a preoccupation with Michael Madigan. I mean how can the man retire from politics without achieving his fait accompli? Think about it folks – we will never be free of the Madiganistan Regime or this little Napoleonic wannabe until he installs Lisa Madigan as Queen of the Realm.

But B-E-W-A-R-E!

Installation of Lisa Madigan as Governor of Illinois would just perpetuate the bad politics and further destroy this state. Why? Because this is the same woman who has refused to use her legal authority to quash the rampant political corruption, especially if it involves her step-father or his colleagues. But even if you were to give her a pass on daddy and friends – let’s not forget Lisa Madigan is just as responsible for the Pension Mess as her father. After all she was more than a willing participant in the current pension mess after her legal opinion permitted a Madigan controlled Illinois Legislature to forgo their obligation to fully fund them in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 when they passed state budgets that shifted more money to schools, public transportation and health care.

In short, Lisa Madigan’s legal opinion shorted the Illinois pension System $2.3 billion. Period! So is it any wonder then that the Speaker of the House wants to elevate his step-daughter to the Governor’s Mansion so badly? I mean Lisa Madigan already knows how to play the game so darn good thanks to her Daddy. She’d be a natural right?

But I don’t know folks. I have been asking you something very important for a long time now and that is this: “when in the hell are you going to wake up and realize that your party of choice have screwed you royally in exchange for your loyal vote? Does it really make any sense to keep allowing State Democrats to screw the Democrats voting for them year after year, decade after decade?”

Look I used to be a staunch Democrat, but I made a decision to make better political choices and only vote for those who looked out for the best interests of the state as a matter of sanity. I just couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for those running with a pack of thieves and/or the hypocrites in sheep’s clothing.

Perhaps some of you will finally do the same. I mean I am hoping you will because unless you do then nothing changes here in Illinois.

As for Tom Cross? Well, his Madigan Cullerton Pension Reform Conspiracy Theory is more spot on than you think!


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  • i think there is a conspiracy between Madigan , Cullerton and perhaps Quinn but the object of the conspiracy is not to elevate Lisa Madigan politically. Instead the purpose of the conspiracy is to provide political cover for the Democrats in Illinois to extend the recent tax increase. Both madigan and cullerton have proposed pension reform plans that are very likely unconstitutional. it is very likely that either one r both would be declared invalid by the Illinois Supreme court and/or SCOTUS. Quinn's part in this political kabuki theatre is to play the roleof the well meaning and earnest cheerleader not favoring either side but "just willing to sign a deal". To the public it looks like . "everyone is trying". however look at what they are NOT talking about: the role the both parties played in creating this train wreck, real drastic cuts in spending, elimination of the pension clause in the constitution.

    after madigan, cullerton and quinn have put on a good show, they will say: "we tried everything we could but have failed. the only other choice we have is to raise taxes" a few negative court decisions will help them out with this charade. the only thing that could throw a monkey wrench in this plan , would be too drastic credit rating downgrades for Illinois or rapidly rising interest rates which would drive Illinois' borrowing costs much higher in 2013 and 2014. the ultimate goal here is to switch Illinois to a progressive tax system with rates as high as California's. I don't care much for Lisa Madigan, but why she would want to step into this mess until after that progressive tax goal is achieved, is beyond me. for better or worse , that's my "conspiracy" theory

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    Well EJ your conspiracy theory is well-reasoned out and I can accept it at face value. About the only thing I would maybe debate is the Illinois State Supreme Court declaring anything unconstitutional given the permanent 4-3 Democratic Majority of that court. SCOTUS, though, will probably have to weigh in and be the final voice but not until further damage is done to the citizens of this state.

    Again, though, your comment is very well reasoned and really appreciate your input. Thanks.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    thanks for the reply mike. i think there is a good chance the Ill Sp CT will declare either madigan's or cullerton's plan unconstitutional even though all parties are democrats. with a ISC decision finding that either or both plans are invalid, Madigan, Cullerton and Quinn could more easily say: "We tried, but the courts are against us. nothing to do now but raise taxes." however to "save the day" they will suggest a progressive income tax similar to califonia's. the only problem might be the state's finances collapse before such a change can be put in place. on th other hand , i might be all wrong and there is no conspiracy because none of the have the capacity to think that far ahead. should be interesting to watch it play out

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    Thank you EJ. Naturally I hope you are wrong on the progressive tax per the California model, I mean we are already being squeezed in a vise, but I get the reasoning. Your last sentence is something I have oft thought, but I have come to the conclusion that we don't give our scheisters enough credit but they have perfected this smoke and mirrors game to such a degree since the Paddy Bauler days that they flaunt their corruption in our faces as if we weren't enough to recognize the con - so, so far as diminished capacity goes I would think that that arrogance is it. But don't think for a minute they aren't slick as they have stacked the game pretty darn good over the decades at our expense.

    Again thanks for you comment. Much food for thought.

  • I tend to go with a conspiracy theory, but a shorter term one that I mentioned Roe Conn proposed, rather than the cut off Quinn at his lack of nuts, since Quinn is probably gone, anyway.

    Some conspiracy is obvious given Cullerton's double face of "I voted for all the bills, even though Madigan's is unconstitutional and will save nothing. But I can't get 20 more votes for Madigan's bill." I wonder why????

    I'm not so convinced that the bill is unconstitutional, but I'll bet that the reason Governor Amoeba says "pass both and see which flies in court" is because it is like the medical malpractice bills--instead of having a severability clause (if one part is unconstitutional the constitutional parts survive), it probably has the opposite.

    But as far as the tax hike and proposed constitutional amendment for a progressive tax--EJ is correct; loud mouth state senators are already mentioning that. Somehow, public employees have an inalienable constitutional right to bankrupt the state, but the constitution can easily be amended to screw the taxpayers. Again, the Roe Conn explanation applies.

  • BTW, even Achimenanutjob was subject to term limits, but politicians in Illinois are not. That has to tell you something. Next you will be hearing that Cullerton didn't steal Rocky Wirtz's Coupe Stanley ring.

  • To throw another M80 on the fire, this Sun-Times article (or blog, does it matter?) has Bill Daley citing the opinion given by Lisa before and points out why doesn't stepdaddy ask for an opinion on his bill?

    But if anyone really believes that the two royal families of Chicago (Daley and Madigan) are feuding, I have some swamp land at 63rd and Ingleside to sell Not like the Republicans last time, who cannibalized themselves.

  • In reply to all three comments Jack - yeah you and EJ are definitely on to something; the progressive tax. Illinois lawmakers have some gall anyhow though. They have flaunted their power for so long that they think their shit don't stink. Of course the people aren't helping matters because if they really wanted to get rid of them they could ala Iran's election. At least the Iranians are smart enough to figure out when they are getting royally screwed and actually do something about whereas we live in a nation where we have even more power as a peoples. Go figure.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I'm not so sure about the Iranians other than term limits worked. "Natural causes" finally worked for Hugo Chavez. No indication that anything works in Illinois, at least with respect to the General Assembly.

    As far as the progressive tax, they probably figure that there are enough voters who don't pay taxes to begin with, or would get a cut if the state sticks it to someone else. But you wonder the shape of the Illinois economy if CTA can hire part time workers at minimum wage (see the article cited today in the CTA Tattler).

    With regard to the "don't stink" comment, my girlfriend used it a lot, but my response was that the limoncello she gave me sure made my farts fragrant.

  • In reply to jack:

    I see you still have a wonderful sense of humor Jack. Yeah I see your point on the progressive tax but I have to believe the State of Illinois is in serious financial now that one must wonder if anything can avert total collapse. They have just ignored it and ignored it for far too long.

    As for the Iranians, the one thing that impresses me is that for whatever they are or stand for, this is an educated society and they don't like being jerked around and of they are, their protests become quite effective. At least they exercise their disgust and when you consider the regime, well that pretty damn impressive when you compare it to the numbnuts here too lazy to get off the couch and vote. Just an observation but I find it ironic as hell.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Took me a while to think this through.

    The reports are that Iran got the least worse mullah, but a mullah nonetheless, and the supreme mullahs are still in charge and dictated who could stay on the ballot.

    Likewise, Quinn might be a sitting duck, but are Lisa and Bill alternatives? And who is behind them?

    I also figure that with the legislature gerrymandered, it would take something like Todd Stroger bad to get a legislator out. George Ryan got that bad, but we know who the replacement was.

    The only difference now is that Cullerton doesn't have his "if the Republicans would only join us" excuse, although it morphed into "some Republicans voted no, too."

    But the Tribune lists confirm that reps and senators from the same areas voted in opposite ways, indicating that there was a setup.

  • In reply to jack:

    I believe you have summed it up correctly for the Illinois chicanery. As for my point on Iran (and the only point) is that at the very least the people will rise up in anger and let their voices be heard, which of course, we don't ever seem to see here.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Fatigue vs. Bill Daley opportunism.

  • Talking about Madigan scams, how about the Metra one? I was about to write my rep. and sen. about this is another time to abolish the 4 transit boards, but supposedly they are too busy with the pension mess.

  • In reply to jack:

    Too busy? Right. Getting ready to come out of my hiatus to write about this latest Madigan Metra and Mell's Joliet Landfill scams. Again I have to ask - where's Lisa Baby?

  • As the Sun-Times put it:

    “If the inspector general is investigating, the attorney general has indicated he should do it quickly and thoroughly and get it to a law enforcement agency, including the attorney general if that’s the appropriate agency, as soon as possible,” said Natalie Bauer, a spokeswoman for the attorney general.

    In short, as far away as possible. Note also that all the players have hidden behind PR spokespersons, since the disclosed memo exposed them as liars. This was in an article in which the S-T said that this might negatively affect her run for governor, but I wonder if the Tribune (especially Zorn) has overcome its infatuation over her, now slightly conditioned by "if stepdaddy would only agree to retire."

    The only question would be whether Illinois voters would rise up against the choice of a Madigan, Daley, or Mell that is trying to rehabilitate herself before taking over what Daddy thinks is a hereditary right, as well as Gov Amoeba and whomever Burke is thrown in there.

    The other question is whether one believes that the legislature eventually will be called back to override the veto of their pay.

  • In reply to jack:

    I think Illinois voters are too stupid to rise up. I mean this shit is hardly new. Besides those 33% who do vote rain or shine appear to have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and the 7% like us have no say. If, however, the other 60% would get past their apathetic bullshit - yeah Illinois could change. But history being what it is? Well I highly doubt it my friend.

  • I mentioned before about Shoe being nothing but puns, but today's seems to go well with my spokespersons comment.

  • In reply to jack:

    Deceptionists indeed. Love it.

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