Illinois Democrats: Sticking It To The People Emblematic

Illinois Democrats: Sticking It To The People Emblematic

Illinois, like other states, have welcome signs at their borders to give visitors hope they have entered a friendly environment. However, to those who would like to relocate there and call it home or to those business entrepreneurs who would like to tap into a top-notch labor force, well, that friendly environment would be hard to find given the toxic political climate there.

Illinois is a barren place because of a spineless Illinois Legislature that takes its marching orders from its shameless leaders in the State Senate and House. As a result John Cullerton and Michael Madigan have been able to destroy the state’s creditworthiness, which is ranked worst in the nation even as Moody’s is now considering slapping Illinois with another downgrade as both leaders failed to deliver pension reform once again.

And all one has to do to put this monumental failure into proper perspective is to consider that John Cullerton and Michael Madigan are the leaders of a political party with a super majority in their respective branches of government. Thus, the failure to move forward and pass any legislation on THE most important issue facing the state today is a near impossibility given the iron-fisted control these men have been able to wield.

But that is what the real problem is – isn’t it? Illinois is led by two con men whose greatest joy is sticking it to the people. They hit them up with as many tax-payer funded money pits as they can without ever taking responsibility for their actions. And this latest legislative plum for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and De Paul University is just the latest example of a taxpayer funded money pit that will put them on the hook for decades. But you know what? This “stick it to the people” mentality is emblematic among all Illinois Democrats.

They simply do not give a shit about anything except the rape of their taxpayers. Ethics in Illinois is non-existent as the rank and file legislators serving under John Cullerton and Michael Madigan have seen fit to enact legislation on the matter that has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. And all, it seems, have profited outside of their government jobs because of it. Law practices specializing in tax abatement’s for political insiders and preferential campaign contributors is so commonplace that you may as well rubber-stamp the heads of our politicians with an “open for business sign.”

When it comes to political corruption, insider dealing and nepotism Illinois ranks as one of the most shameful state’s in the union. You see the only badge of honor for an Illinois Democrat is the level of corruption they engage in. And even though some eventually get caught by the Feds, they know that time is on their side before any judgement day comes around because the corruption is so blatant and rigged at every level of state government that there aren’t enough resources in the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District to prosecute them all.

Meanwhile, the Cook County and Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office refuse to bring cases unless there is a groundswell of negative publicity surrounding “one of their own.” Judges, at every level in the State, are stacked and rigged with political hacks indebted to the machine politics that appointed them. Even the Illinois State Supreme Court is unfairly stacked to maintain a perpetual 4-3 Democratic Majority because, as Russ Stewart points out “Illinois elects justices by districts, not statewide. This ensures Democratic dominance of the court, and it clearly violates federal one person/one vote mandates.”

And this folks is the very reason why Illinois Lawmakers do what they do and are in no hurry to change. To do so would mean meaningful political reform and meaningful political reform means our politicians would have to start acting like public servants are intended to act.

As the Spring Legislative Session came to a close yesterday, there were many disappointed people in the gallery hoping that their important issues be called and voted upon but for most that didn’t happen. Even Gay Rights, an area Illinois Democrats seem to be united in, was unable to muster a vote and the only reason I can see for that is that there wasn’t enough money to be made from such an issue.

The State Legislature did, however, Hee and Haw as they got the concealed carry restrictions they wanted on the table before losing out to a court imposed deadline. Of course anything that has to do with stifling the leveling of the playing field between crooks and law-abiding citizens with the right to protect themselves will temporarily unite our hypocritical lawmakers. But when it comes to raping the taxpayer and protecting their stacked and trumped-up pension system, well that will keep them in the backroom scheming forever.

The facts are real simple when it comes to Illinois –

Democrats do not want to do the right thing unless the right thing means putting more Shekels in their pockets.

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