Sharon Starzyk For Cicero Township Collector A Good Choice

Sharon Starzyk For Cicero Township Collector A Good Choice
Sharon Starzyk For Cicero Town Collector

Sharon Starzyk is running for Cicero Township Collector. Although that position may not seem as important as the one involving Town President Larry Dominick – BUT IT IS! Why? Because the election of Starzyk, regardless of who wins the Town President contest would send a strong message to the corrupt political apparatus now operating in Cicero.

In my opinion, the level of political corruption in Cicero, Illinois is second only to the City of Chicago. And much of that corruption is predicated on how Cicero Tax Monies are divvied-up amongst the many political supporters and insiders.

Of course it also appears that Cicero’s Tax Money can wind up in the strangest of places given this latest tidbit found in the February 6th edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. Of course, Cicero Spokesman Ray Hanania had this to say about his buddy Larry Dominick – “he’s not involved in this”

Naturally I wouldn’t put too much stock in what Ray Hanania had to say about Larry Dominick or the many doings-on Cicero. The way I see it, Hanania makes Saddam Hussein’s former Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf look like a master of conveying credible information.

Now I don’t know who is going to win the election for Town President of Cicero but if the voters were remotely concerned about preserving their tax dollars then they should look at electing anyone but Larry Dominick because only Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios has done more to redefine the definition of what nepotism means.

However, should Larry Dominick win re-election as Cicero Town President having Sharon Starzyk on-board as Township Collector could still serve the better interests of the people of Cicero, Illinoi. After all, Starzyk has already shown that she is not afraid to stand up to Larry Dominick and would be in a prime position to ensure some much needed transparency.

And believe me folks – Cicero, Illinois is in dire need of that!

Larry Dominick and he cadre of political insiders have had a damn good thing going for quite some time and have made Cicero’s historical connection to Al Capone look like a real bargain. And that is saying a hell of lot because Cicero has always been a corrupt town.

Unfortunately, Larry Dominick has taken Cicero to a completely new level and if the residents there keep buying into the garbage they have been sold, well, things are only going to get that much worse.

Especially for the large Hispanic base which have been sold out by many of their own who blindly support Dominick. And that is something that has always confounded political observers like me. Although I suppose what we are seeing in Cicero is not much different than what occurs in certain parts of Cook County – I still can’t get over how people can’t figure out that they have been sold out by their own.

Illinois politics is a strange bird for sure, but the fact remains – if people want real change then they must be willing to fight for it and buck the trend that has prevented them from achieving something better.

In fact that is the dilemma Cicero is facing this election. Do they want more of the same old, same old or do they want real change? Naturally the choice is theirs but watching a handful of people manipulate the system and/or the will of the people is not only inherently evil but un-American.

Exactly why voters choose to ignore candidates who are willing to put the people’s interests ahead of their own has always been something of a mystery to me but I would caution people that the time to wake up only comes so many times before the whole thing goes down the drain.

Sharon Starzyk, for instance, has tried to illuminate the systemic problems that plague the town of Cicero for quite some time now. Sometimes I don’t know why this lifelong resident even bothers, but one must admire her tenacity despite every attempt by the current regime to discredit her.

I have to wonder, though. Why are political operatives in Cicero so afraid of Sharon Starzyk? Is it because of that “legal settlement without admitting any guilt thing” that stung Larry Dominick or is it something bigger like her refusal to play the political game under the rules established by him?

And what’s the deal behind “cold-cocking” the woman while she was out campaigning in January? I don’t think that that was no random act by some punk begging for a cigarette. Let’s face it – there are no accidents in Cicero when it comes to politics.

Then again, Cicero Politics have reeked for a long, long time. And whenever a legitimate challenger that is perceived as a threat to the “business as usual” they get intimidated by “unknowns.” Yeah right.

Sharon Starzyk, though, won’t be intimidated by these powers that be and if elected will certainly do right by the people of Cicero. And they deserve nothing less after decades of bad government.

As such, I encourage Cicero voters to start the process of change by electing people who will actually represent them unconditionally. And if that means by electing those seeking office in the lower positions of city government – then so be it.

But kid yourselves not – the Cicero Township Collector is not dealing with chump change!

So Please Cicero – Do Yourselves A Favor Punch Ballot Number 222!


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  • A bunch of Cowards hitting a woman, don't worry Sharon you have our votes honey-keep going!

    Mike O'leary

  • You also have our vote Sharon its time reitz goes shes done nothing to help our parking problems. She had her chance its now time for Change Ochoa and sharon will serve us well!

  • Sharon this Mexican is behind you all the way girl! Dominicks people are a bunch of sissy's they have to beat up a girl, fricking chickens shits!

  • If anyone in this election deserves to win its you !

  • This article is spot on! I've lived here for 18 years and its just getting worse by the day. Sharon has our vote and although Ochoa has his baggage just for the sake of getting Dominick out we'll cast that vote for Ochoa as well. Time to get that fat raciest pig out of office!

  • The hell with you joey you bum anytime you're man enough come see me on 35th pal!

  • In reply to Larry’s our guy:

    Vince Manno

  • Let's not get in Larry and chest pumping boys no matter what team you are on that was a low blow hitting a woman in the back of the head. Major fail politicially and this will only turn into votes FOR Sharon, larry's guy are you saying your name is Vince Manno? Not smart making a threath on the internet . what a tool!

  • Another thing its just a matter of time before Larry and his crew get's locked up!

  • I agree - all of the mudsligging going back and forth between the two candidates is a turn off I'm not sure who to vote for? But In this collectors race Ms. Starzyk is the easy choice. Kudos girl ! way to fight the bullies!

  • I already voted by mail Sharon. I'm so proud of you! Remember you'll always be in the arms of an angel. :)

  • SI SE PUEDE!!!!!!!!

  • I am only one person and I will never vote again for CVA Sharon Starzyk is a brave woman and I stand behind her and anyone else she supports!

  • ‎1. Cicero has the highest property tax rates in the region. The index is 9.75. Some of the highest of any municipality in the state.
    2. Cicero has corresponding low and decreasing home values. There is an inverse relationship with property taxes and home values. Property taxes are high but home values are low.
    3. Cicero has the 5th highest foreclosure rates in Cook County (out of all the cities, municipalities and villages)
    4. There is no program(s) to deal with the high rate of foreclosures. There are no seminars, education of homeowners of their rights, law suits. There are obligations under TARP and the HAMP program in addition to Illinois Hardest Hit state program etc.
    5. Cicero has an estimated 330,000,000 in debt for a town that is 83,000 people.
    6. Cicero has lost 2000 to 3000 people since Larry Dominick took office--some of this is by normal emigration patterns and some of this is because of the high rate of foreclosures, the building inspectors, the high taxes and corruption that makes life unbearable. The high rate of foreclosures has forced many people to leave Cicero.
    7. Cicero public schools are rated 765 out of 779--the worst 1% in the State. Larry Dominick Team members including his son and Dominick capo Jeff Pesek run the school boards. Jeff Pesek is connected to Cocaine cartels and the Mafia. Cicero schools do not even give books to their students. Cicero has higher property taxes than Oak Park but not the commensurate services and specifically not the type of school system that would justified with the high rate of taxation on property.

  • In reply to Charlie Smith:

    Charlie - Thanks for illuminating the issue with real numbers. If this data doesn't get the people's dander up, then nothing will. Throw the bums out!

  • Some interesting comments here for sure and I thank all of you for taking the time to read this post. Although I do not live in Cicero, I have long watched this town since the first time I passed through it on the way to Sportsman Park for a night of Harness Racing. That was 40+ years ago and I have to tell you, I am amazed that the people haven't risen up against the scum that have bled the town dry. The overt connection to the Chicago machine has enriched quite a few greedy s.o.b.'s over the years while the good people of Cicero have been bled dry and left without any real representation from their city government.

    Well folks, you have a real chance to show these pigs feeding from the trough that you have had enough. Even though I am unsure of Ochoa, a vote for him is still better than a vote for Dominick. And if Ochoa doesn't turn things around - then get rid of him too until you get the kind of people that will do right by you.

    As for the Cicero School District - you have to dump them all!

    Again thanks for reading the post and there will be more to come. So please keep coming back and Like The Site and/or Subscribe. I appreciate you all and no one will ever be censored here so long as it doesn't get over the top nasty. People can agree to disagree if they choose - all I ask is that if you don't agree then make your case. No one is discouraged from voicing their opinion here.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Michael you hit it right on the head! I feel the same way have been living in Cicero over 27yrs. Why should we leave? We have the power to make them leave! Get them out of office. I am tired of being made a fool of I don't know about them. stuff for example Oh it just makes me so angry how people can or will not open their eyes and see what is happening here. That school board is a JOKE. like Mr Ochoa said " The only reason they are there is because of giving out jobs" they don't care about our kids education. And he is right! Here we are struggling to keep our homes and they are ALL getting their pockets full of our $. Fix our flooding problem ( I don't need free stuff ). My house always flooding is a big problem to me. All the money the Sun-times is reporting they spent ( some of that could have been used to repair some old old old pipes) . I just hope and pray that we have had enough of this crap and try to move forward. I hope if other that Larry Dominick wins the election. Knows that we are going to have our eyes and ears watching and listening what is going on this time. And like you said if we don't get right this time, lets keep going until we do get it right.... The way they got in is the way we can get them out. And I mean all of those crooks I love this site!!

  • In reply to From Cicero:

    Thank You, I am glad you love the site. You know when I started this thing it was done without regard to political ideology. The way I see it people will vote for whichever one suits their personal beliefs. But I have always said that here in Illinois ideology isn't as important as in other places because the Machine has controlled our lives with an iron fist. Republicans here have gotten into bed with the Dems for the express purpose of enriching themselves. So what do we do? Well all I try to convey is that people do their homework on the candidates and hold them accountable. Naturally that means people have to participate and the more the better because low turnouts favor the Machine Incumbents. Cicero's ties to Chicago are legendary and as such have created their own "fiefdom on the side." Meanwhile the good people of Cicero (and I have known many over the years get shafted. But Cicero is at a precipice and it is time the people come out in droves to take down these scumbags. And that includes that joke of a school board. Encourage your friends to get on out and vote against the status quo - the power is in numbers.

    Again thanks for the compliment and keep coming back because no scumbag is safe - if they are corrupt I'll call them out regardless of party. And by the way the way most here feel about Dominick is the way they should feel about Madigan and his cronies time to clean up Springfield too when that comes around.

  • Just one word for Dominick and his ilk, "SCUM"!

  • In reply to Joe Badafucco:

    Joe that is a nice word for Larry! I wish I could write the words I have to describe him!

  • I agree with most of these comments. I saw the commericals on cable and I nearly fell off my chair in shock! In 40 plus years here I have never seen a more lazy, corrupt bunch of fat ass town workers like we have now. I mean come on now has you seen dominicks kids they are too fat and out of shape to run an election let alone a town! Must be eating good while the rest of teh town starves! And if any of those thugs at the school try and stifle my right to a private vote I'll kick them where the sun don't shine. Semper fi ! hooah!

  • In reply to Mike Kotpish:

    Semper Fi Fidelis! People have the power if they come out in numbers. Don't - Don't - Don't let a low turnout give these bums an edge in any election!

  • I agree Michael. I'm going to vote Monday. Why would anyone waste a vote for Dominick? He's going to be arrested soon and sent to jail just like Betty was. I sure how Starzyk wins at least we'll have someone in honest for a change. I remember Allision R. she was an honest one too. Good Luck Sharon!

  • .i worked on all ramiro gonzalez elections and cicero a town that is mostly hispanic voted him out and in the last election when another hispanic ROBERTO GARCIA ran he also lost.please stop making it about race.we need someone who is right for the family has lived in cicero for 26 years and i can honestly say this town has gone to shit.i live in between larry and one of his neighbors are gangbangers who have had gang shootings grafiti under age drinking and much more.but because of corrupt cops they get away with everything.and when these signs says report crime its anonomous is full of lies.i was taking to court for harrasement due to cops telling my gang banging neighbors who call on them.cost my husband $2000 for a lawyer for one day in court.just for case to get thrown out.i have lots of stories.we need a change in cicero.WE NEED A PERSON THAT WILL CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE NOT SOMEONE WHO JUST WANTS TO FILL THE POCKETS OF THERE FAMILY AND FRIENDS

  • Liz thanks for your comment. You are somewhat right here regarding race. Yes it shouldn't be about race but one must bring it up because Cicero was built on an influx of Hispanics who came there when there were plenty of jobs. Unfortunately, most of those jobs are long gone but Cicero has maintained a solid Hispanic base and they must be active in Cicero's Politics and be careful to not fall into the same trap that has occurred in say the 2nd Congressional District where African-Americans blindly vote for one charlatan after another. As they say, just because someone is one of your own doesn't mean they have your best interests at heart right?

    Now Ms. Starzyk is not Hispanic and I think she would do a good job for EVERYONE. However as you pointed out - there have been Hispanic candidates in the past who did the same old corrupt things others have. So that's not helping anyone. There has to be some common ground that will get more Hispanics involved and interested in the politics but without having any of the ties to a political apparatus of the State and/or Chicago. Cicero needs new blood and given its' demographics there is a genuine need for longtime residents of all ethnicity's to be fairly represented across the board. But let's not kid ourselves, things have gone against the Latino community for quite a while now. That only leaves them under represented. So that's really the point I am trying to make regarding race.

    The bottom line is that Cicero needs some serious new blood but without the hidden agendas from the outside (which we know has been the case) People in Cicero must band together regardless of their ethnic backgrounds and install good and willing people to represent them instead of just another charlatan.

    Hope that clarifies things. Thanks for commenting.

  • Ochoa and his field of candidates is done, one of the most piss poor campaigns I've ever seen run in this town in more than 20 years! I think Starzyk is the only one with a shot to win because she's a lifer and the ethnic last name helps other than that Dominick will cruise to victory because Ochoa's campaign hands him a reelection. Dominick will get 56% for a straight out victory. mexicans will sit on their asses again while the white vote goes a strong 90% for Larry.. The Dominick media buy ensures his win seems like the Betty/ Donahue connection will sink another challengers campaign. I'm move out after this election if someone just buys my dam house!

  • In reply to Gery Langoic:

    I can sympathize with you but wouldn't understand why the Hispanic vote wouldn't come out unless, of course, Cicero is still the haven for the undocumented (and as a result unable to vote) it was during its heyday of good jobs. Latinos, though, should have a big stake in this race because they have been given the short end of the stick so far as Dominick is concerned. As for the 90% - if the so-called white vote can't see that the corruption is far worse per capita than even Chicago - then they are fu$king nuts. They should come out in force and do something novel - like vote against Dominick and the feeding frenzy at their tax trough.

    I know some don't like Ochoa because he too has some baggage, but if he is elected he would be put to a higher standard right away and if valued his political career then he would have to strip as much of that baggage as possible right away if there is any expectation for another term.

    If the good people of Cicero aren't mad as hell right now to evict the scum then there is no hope for them beyond this election. They have an opportunity and Ochoa would be a fool if his campaign can't convey that. Thanks for the comment Gery.

  • Gery really! Talk about a piss poor campaign. Larry and his crooks couldn't keep his stuff of the the News after the election. Which he was hoping it would so the mexicans that sit on their assess again and the while votes go strong for him. " It'sGood for Sharon that she is the only one with a shot to win. Its Good think she has that ethnic last name. Oh yes he should win because of all the good he has done. Right I hope your white which doesn't make a difference to me. That don't mean nothing. But am one smart mexican homeowner for over 27 yrs, I can assure you that this time we are not going to sit our asses again . Not for larry & that so called CVA and not even for you Sir. You people I think will very surprise when 2/26/13 comes. You need to realize that ppl like you that say those things we are of tired of that. Its always the mexicans. Not this time! You really think that Betty /Donahue has something with him not to win? Well NO the Newspapers, the News ( spanish and english) etc thats what will NOT keep our asses sit no longer.Taxes , Home Value, Forclosures, Town Debt, Cicero schools, Lawsuits. Sex lawsuits, ghost payroll, hiring of family friends mama's gang bangers, come on you must not read or have a TV . Now you know Sandoval does get monthy $ for translation to spanish. But I really don't think he would write about that. But others will and will not charge. See Let me explain easier for you. And I really don't want to go there but you made me first know you facts! We are tired of the white ppl puting us down or talking beneath us. Like the blacks we are going to show you how we can roll now. Silly question did you ever see the movie the HELP if not watch it. but that is your opion and I respect it. Yes please move out The town can do with out you. I hope you don't sell to a mexican or you probably will. I think after 20 yrs you would have sold you dam house!! Lol ppl like you make me laugh so igorant " means lacking knowledge".

  • In reply to From Cicero:

    Gery ppl like you say that the Hispancis are making this a race card. You think. WINK WINK.

  • I would like to know what the hell the town has done to fix the flooding? Nothing! They spend money on hiring stupid incompetent sons of Dominick but can't fix the damn sewers. Hey Larry take them f'ning free turkeys and shove it up your ass! You think we're stupid we know you used our tax money to buy the turkeys! I'll be voting straight against all incumbents!

  • Flooded Basement! you are so right He thinks because he's giving something to certain ppl for free we should say he is doing something good. I don't get no free dam turkey. Thank God am able to buy my own. And as far feeding the people in Cicero, those are govenment programs.. Not from Lard Ass... From the Goverment. free lunches, Senior free meals. Do the people in Cicero know the some of our sewers are still made out of wood?

  • From Cicero and Flooded,
    I totally agree this sorry excuse of a human being and all ofthem running with him should be given their walking papers!
    When can I vote? and where do I vote I heard they changed polling places again. I live off of 38th and Central

  • around the corner from the college


    Just go to this site and type your address in , early voting starts on the 11th. and the election is o the 26th.

  • From Cicero go take your rac baiting shit and go back to mexico. Every freaking neighborhood you guys touch you destroy. Look at pilsen, look at Melrose, Look at all western suburbs you guys turn into slums, its called white flight when you gangbangers ghetto slum move in. I have never seen a neighborhood turn better when an infux of illegals move in. You people are trying to colonize and yet want free shit like we fucking owe you something. YOu see how easy your people are bought Larry Dominick has most mexican officals supporting him and not the mexican candidate. Why? Because they have no scrupples and talking about the other guy selling his home I don't blame him you people have run our once clean town into the ground. Look at all the houses of people that think they are still in Mexico they look like shit slum homes!

  • The key to this election is EVERYONE getting out to vote. We all have to stand up against Larry Dominick and his minions. Since he has been in office our property taxes have soared, our schools are the worst in Illinois, waterbills are through the roof, corruption has done all of this to us. A $60 million dollar Town Hall and we still have wooden sewers???!!!!! I don't care if your white, black, latino, italian, young or old, VOTE!!!! Show him that we are not waiting for the Feds to haul his fat ass out of town, we are VOTING his ass out of town. Take your family and corruption and move along. More like crawl along.... Come on, we in Cicero have to take a stand. Enough is enough!!!!! Yes, we need to vote for Sharon, but we need a new President. Juan Ochoa has a proven business background. He cares about this Town and the people that live here. He doesn't care what race you are, he just wants to clean the place up. Stand up a VOTE Larry and his corrupt cronies out of office and let's clean up Cicero!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to ciceromama:

    Ciceromama you are so right it is for everyone. Larry Dominick and all his crew, family members, board members and all his crooked campaign workers know all the wrong they have done and are doing. In other words its all coming out in the wash. And I hear more to come. Did they think it would never be known. Cicero is called GREED I have never never heard of this kind of under handed things like Cicero I knew if was corrupt but not has bad as the things we read and see on TV. Yes enough is enough!!! Vote for the whole Juan Ochoa slate and don't be scared. It has to get better only us can make it better. LETS US HELP JUAN OCHOA AND HIS SLATE CLEAN UP CICERO!!!! WE NEED TO TAKE OUR TOWN BACK ON 2/26/13.. See you at the polls if they try to give you a hard time. David Orr office will be interested.

  • Tom Darthy first of all I am not from MEXICO. I am an American Mexican born right here in the USA. Never'd live in Pilsen Melrose Park. Came from Taylor St neighborhood. Been in Cicero for over 27yrs. Own my home, pay taxes, keep my property up because I have work"d very hard for what I have. I have work since I been 16yrs old ( pay taxes ). Retired from a job after 35yrs. I work hard nobody nobody owes me nothing. I was raised If I want It need to work for it ( smile) nobody gets nothing for free. Your igoranance makes you look very dumb! No all of us full in that Larry's mix. but I tell you what the ones that did have open their eyes now. NO more mexicans sitting on their asses. Did you every see the senior ( mostly white ) sitting there for free lunches and have their plastic bags to take home) Look at picture they put in their montly Newsletter all white ppl so maybe you guys should make sure your seniors parents have food to eat. And if they forget to get a turkey believe they speak up they are not ashame. So don't blame the mexicans. Nobody is better than anybody. They feel they are owed something and not the mexicans. Ok on 2/26/13 we will see what happens. Not playing a card game at all. My parents taught me respect, and treat the next person the way I would like to be treated and that means the right way. I truely would hate to be your neighbor especially at night!

  • Wait I'm confused, I will vote probably for this Sharon person but who is she running with ? Or is she just running on her own?

  • In reply to Confused voter:

    Dear Confused, let me clarify. I believe Sharon Starzyk brings the "right stuff" to the table in Cicero Politics, however even though she is on the Ochoa Slate I am not completely impressed with him because he some baggage (especially with regard to McPier). So I purposely went out of my way to NOT endorse someone for Town President (although I think anyone but Dominick would be an improvement). Should Ochoa win, I also said he must be held accountable so that some of the same-old, same old way of doing things in Cicero aren't repeated. And if he were to - then he too should be voted out. Cicero should not tolerate any shenanigans any longer and purge their town of the Machine Influence that has destroyed it. Hopefully that clarifies the point of the post. But again, I am only endorsing Starzyk. And if I am not mistaken a vote for her isn't tied to anyone elses totals. Have a great day.

  • Confused Voter you also can goonline to the Cook County Clerk Office Election they have additional information if you need. And If I can help you she is running with the following
    Juan A Ochoa for Cicero town President
    Robert " Bobby" Garcia for Town Supervisor
    Sharon Starzuk for Town Collector
    Blanca M Vargas for Trustee
    Robert Canas for Trustee
    2/26/13 is the date to vote. But early voting started today in the town. Hope this was helpful to you

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