Cicero The Time Has Come To Throw The Bums Out

Cicero The Time Has Come To Throw The Bums Out
Time To Change The Sign

One of the most watched elections will soon be upon us and it involves a town that has had a very cozy relationship with not only the Chicago Democratic Machine but the Illinois Combine and the Mob. Now some would think that these three entities are separate from one another but in reality they are the net effect of what has made Illinois Politics what it is – one of the most dysfunctional and corrupt governments in the entire United States.

Machine Politicians have long used Cicero Illinois as their piggy bank outpost and as such there should be no surprise that that history of sleaze politics has included everyone from Fast Eddie Vrdolyak to Dan Proft. The players have been many and they have all shared in the booty that has left Cicero in decay. Cicero residents have been forced to pay higher property taxes to support this political oasis but now that most property values have declined residents see nothing but an upside-down trap they can’t sell.

Yeah these sleaze ball politicians and insiders have used Cicero as their personal piggy-bank for so long that the residents, I think, don’t even know the difference anymore. Sadly, the majority of politicians benefiting from Cicero don’t even live there. Dan Proft, for instance, has made a fortune as a spokesman for Larry Dominick and his band of thieves while turning his back on the very GOP he represents.

Cicero’s School and Library Boards, meanwhile, are controlled by Jeff and Craig Pesek whose ties to organized crime and drugs  and their presence on those boards should be an affront to every parent and child living within their jurisdiction. But hey – these are Larry Dominick’s boys and so long as this master of nepotism is allowed to run Cicero the people are screwed.

But Larry Dominick and his people don’t give a damn what their greed does to the people of Cicero so long as they are kept flush. The fact that these people haven’t been convicted and serving long prison terms is baffling, but I have no doubt that the United States  Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Illinois will eventually get around to some serious convictions.

So, to the good people of Cicero, I really only have one thing to say to you – it is high time you throw the bums out. Larry Dominick does not deserve your trust and you can no longer afford to have him or his political parasites in your lives. Hell, you got nothing left as it is! I mean, do you really think that businesses want to invest in a town that is going to kneecap them if they don’t pay up to play?

Not on your life!

So Cicero the time has come to do yourselves all a favor and vote for Juan Ochoa and his entire slate. Not only would that send a message that would reverberate all over the State of Illinois – but it would mark Cicero’s emancipation from Chicago Machine Politics!

The Question, though, does Cicero have the guts to take down those who keep them down?

I think so!


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  • You bet your ass them BUMS got to go! Ochoa slate all the way baby!

  • On February 26th Cicero will finally be liberated and Larry and his criminals will be behind bars where they belong! Good Luck Ochoa slate!

  • So true!

  • Time to get rid of that fat ass he has destroyed our town and has felons running our schools, why the hell is he still in office send him to the clinker!

  • Michael another spot on op.ed., wish we had more of you in the mainstream media. Keep the articles coming its refreshing to have someone like you that refuses to drink the corruption kool-aid.

  • Thank you I appreciate that. One thing is for sure, I am now too old to drink the corruption Kool-Aid. I suppose with age comes a measure of wisdom or something like it. But as I have said from the beginning, I don't concern myself so much with what a person's ideology is - I just want people to make their vote an informed one. Naturally Illinois Politics makes the job harder, but I do believe there still people willing to enter politics for the right and honorable reasons - it is just up to us to find them.

    Again - thanks.

  • I truly hope the day has come. Please turn out to vote. If we can get the Town of Cicero cleaned up, then maybe we can start on the schools. We have got to get rid of Pesek and his crew. Then we can get rid of the the Superintendent Dr. Kusnewski who is Pesek's, best friend!!!!! Let's clean this town up and help our children too!!!!! VOTE!!!!!

  • In reply to ciceromama:

    I agree with the school issue. A grammar and high school district run by felons and a Town run by soon to be jailbirds! LArry Dominick you destroyed enough lives enjoy the ride done you corrupt SOB!

  • I hope to God every person in Cicero get's off their rumps and votes in this election. I mean come on, how the hell can anyone in their right mind vote for that piece of crap.

  • I'm voting for Juan Ochoa and Sharon Starzyk!

  • Me TOO Larry! You have pilaged my TOwn for way to long and we are going to fire your lazy family on Febuary 26th and all the gangbannger 12st players you have working for the town and paying them with my tax money!

  • The key issue in the election: Cicero is NOT a SAFER COMMUNITY TODAY . And crime builds on everything else and stiffles work with expanded violance on seniors, youth, and the Hispanic community. TERRIBLE JOB LARRY!

  • Voted Today for the entire Ochoa slate. Good luck!

  • I urge everone in Cicero to vote early... Thanks Buddies.

  • Don't see Ochoa winning this at all. No chance! Betty go back under that rock you crawled out from.

  • Berwyn Bob worry about Berwyn you have enough problems over there. We'll take care of Cicero by voting that fat slob out of office!

  • I sure hope you guy topple the fatass. I'm so sick of seeing he name plastered all over town. That asswipes goons kept putting a sign on my lawn without my permission. I called the police and they told me Ochoa people were doing it to make the voters mad at Larry. I believed them until I caught one of his slob kids putting another one on the lawn I came out told him to take it down and he said I was on the list I told him take it down or I'll throw it in the garbage he laughed at me and said "I'll throw your ass in the garbage" I went inside called police told them what happened and they did NOTHING! Get those asses out of office now! I'm so sick of this town we have nothing left !

  • In reply to D Holmes:

    Hey DH I wouldn't take that lying down; good thing you called the "in the pocket cops" though because there is now a record of those calls that the US Attorney could use. I suggest you call two places - (1) David Orr's Office because that is election tampering and (2) the US Attorney's Office for the Northern District because not only was that scumbag election tampering he threatened you and that is now a Federal Offense because it involves an election and can be viewed as trying to disenfranchise you. FILE A COMPLAINT!

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    p.s. if Cicero Police will not do their sworn duty then call Tom Dart's Office and file a complaint via the Cook County Sheriff. And I encourage anyone who is being victimized by someone associated with Larry Dominick's Election to do the same. The way I see it, just more fodder to get him and his associates indicted.

  • Voted for the whole Juan Ochoa slate today!. EVERYONE in Cicero VOTE VOTE VOTE . Lets take back OUR TOWN from Larry and his gang bangers. We VOTED for him and WE can VOTE him OUT.

  • I'm disappointed that Lizveth did not endorse Mr. Ochoa, in other words she wants another 4 years of corruption in Cicero. Mr. Ochoa is our only chance to clean up our town before its too late. Our children do not get another chance once they go through the school system, please people of Cicero the time is now! Get out the vote for Ochoa and his team!

  • Last night.another poor child gunned down in the streets of Cicero. How much more can we take of this!

  • Word on the street is Larry is crushing Ochoa in early voters, a telling sign of what's to come. Ochoa is poised to be crushed election day unless he starts slapping around his inept campaign chairs. One week left and I believe its too late.

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