Bloomberg Super Pac Gun Ads Buy Jesse Jackson Jr Special Election For Robin Kelly

Bloomberg Super Pac Gun Ads Buy Jesse Jackson Jr Special Election For Robin Kelly
Robin "Bought and Pad For" Kelly

The State of Illinois sunk to new political lows on Wednesday, February 26th as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA Super Pac bought the Democratic Special Election Primary (and most likely the General Election) to replace disgraced former U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. for Robin Kelly. Michael “Sugar Daddy” Bloomberg and his Super-Pac spent well over $2 million dollars to ensure an easy victory for the former Illinois State Representative (and um New York Native) Robin Kelly.

Of course buying an election in Illinois isn’t anything new or newsworthy given its history of corruption. However, when an outsider (and a sitting elected official with a Super Pac) from New York starts meddling in Illinois Politics, well then that becomes quite another story doesn’t it? Especially given Michael Bloomberg’s strange relationship with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

What isn’t strange, though, is the agenda of Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg which is to ban all gun ownership. Naturally their views are misguided given the animal mentality of gang-bangers and their total disregard for human life and/or prevailing gun laws. Gun Ban or not – politicians will never eliminate the flow of guns to street gangs no matter what sort of political stunts are used. Besides, the courts have already determined that the State of Illinois is in violation of the U.S. Constitution when it comes to gun ownership and/or the right to carry concealed weapons. Quite frankly, Illinois would just be wasting taxpayer dollars they don’t have trying to usurp those constitutional rights.

So what is the real agenda then? Well it is pretty clear to me that the real agenda is to take away the constitutional rights of the people. And when you consider the fact that our elected officials have all but ignored the will of the people it makes perfect sense. America as a Democratic Republic is all but dead anyhow because she has slipped into an oligarchy. No longer do elected officials listen to the people, rather they arrogantly ignore them. And anyone living in Illinois for the past forty years would understand that.

Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan has run the Illinois Legislature similar to that of a despot. Hell, I don’t think that Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler had anything over on Michael Madigan and his cohorts when it comes to the total domination and/or suppression of the legislative process. And all of them have thought nothing of the rights of the people. It may sound harsh but from a historical perspective that is exactly how those despots deceived the people of Europe before unleashing their sinister agendas upon them.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and that is what we have right here in Illinois. If Michael Madigan and his cadre of Madigoons do not want to pass legislation which is beneficial to the people, commit to Real Pension Reform or enact Real Ethics Reform it just won’t happen without the express approval of the Speaker of the House. Period!

And that folks, is exactly how Europe fell to the above-mentioned tyrants. People blindly embraced an ideology that didn’t exist all the while refusing to pay attention to what they were doing until it was too late. And if you look at the same blind allegiance Illinois Voters bestow upon yet another empty ideology, well what do you think the eventual outcome will be as it relates to our rights and liberties?

Yet the people of Illinois continue to play their part in all of this ever so brilliantly. They continue to ignore the motives behind the deeds of their Democratic Saviors while also ignoring the obvious that the true cost of corruption allows lawmakers to take away essential government and human services from them. This despite the fact that Illinois Lawmakers passed the largest income tax increase in the history of the state upon them.

And guess what? It continues to get worse as Illinois’ bills remain unpaid while Michael Madigan rewards campaign donors like the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) that, err, strangely resembles the now defunct Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO). It just goes on and on in this Den of Corruption. Monies that should have been used to pay the original backlog of bills have remained unpaid yet all the political insiders and cronies of the Democratic Party are still getting their cut off the top.

So what happens when the Certified Pension Payment comes due? That payment must be made and as a result that bullshit line we were all given about this tax increase being necessary to pay what again hasn’t been paid or a pension system fiasco that Illinois Lawmakers just refuse to address let alone reform. Hmm seems to me that the Boogle of Weasels in Springfield will soon be asking for yet another tax increase while wiping out even more essential budget items that taxpayers have already paid for multiple times.

Strange creatures these Illinois Voters are. They have become so secure in the havoc their elected lawmakers wreak upon them that they now even forgo going out to vote altogether ensuring a low turnout victory for their dedicated and corrupt officials. Sadly, yesterday’s primary attracted a paltry 12% of the registered voters in what was an important special election. The 2nd Congressional District, though, seems to be very content with their revolving door of corrupt officials which have left most of the district in the sad state it has been in for decades. But hey, if they don’t care then they don’t care and there isn’t anything that can be done about it. They are, after all, getting exactly what they pay for.

So really, is it really any wonder as to how Michael Madigan and his Madigoons are able to control this State and the entire legislative process?

Illinois Voters – You Are To Blame First and Foremost For The Mess We Are In!

And your latest stamp of approval was when you let an outsider get someone elected to the U.S. Congress which, by the way, is now bought and paid for by another special interest. Well I guess the only thing left to do now is anoint Robin Kelly, the presumptive General Election winner with an apropos nickname for any future blog posts.

Hmm how about Robin “Bought and Paid For” Kelly?


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  • The only fact I know (which the phony Muckrakers would not face, so they took the comment down) was that the turnout here was 20% of that in the Nov. 2012 election; Kelly got about 30,000 votes, while an admitted mental patient who had by then acknowledged he was under federal investigation got 169,000 in Nov. So, as I implied earlier, if anyone else had organized their voters, they could have won, and the Will and Kankakee portions of the district could have outvoted what Kelly got. I don't buy the snow as an excuse.

    And, of course, the 3 Republicans getting approx. 900 votes each, and the apparent winner by 30 being an ex-con, shows that they aren't a force. With the low of a turnout in the Democratic primary, I doubt that very many Republicans crossed over to affect that result.

    And, as far as pension reform, apparently there was a clown show in the House today. I figure that if the Democrats gerrymandered themselves into veto proof majorities, they may as well wear the collar on that one.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well hello stranger glad you commented. I, unlike others, would not pull down one of your comments Jack. I have always felt your logic and the understanding of the issues valuable. Besides, if I err, I can be assured you will tell me so - but that is what dialogue is all about.

    As for your comments above, I can't disagree much with your view of the situation and reasons for the outcome. The GOP as I have told you before are losing steam here in Will County (at least in my neck of the woods). I sense the change in demographics is largely due to a population shift due to the boom years. Plus the GOP just keep shooting themselves with their inflexibility. Robin Kelly did benefit from Bloomberg's Ads' which amounted close to $80 per vote cast (one of the highest totals in recent elections nationwide). So I hardheartedly agree with you that she could have been beaten had there been a "real effort." Unfortunately, even Debbie Halvorson (who could have had it good here had she not alienated so many with her "backroom" conferences) could have won irregardless of the pro NRA crap. Her reputation, though, has been reduced to marshmallow around here. Still, any sort of turnout could have aided her as her totals were all basically Will and Kankakee. People just were not satisfied, nor convinced, to go out and seize the moment. So much for Carpe Diem.

    Glad you commented Jack - you are always welcome here and will never be blocked or censored.

  • Any comment on Bill Beavers? Before I go too far into analyzing the case, I wonder if you are interested.

    Anyway, South Shore should be proud--3 of its politicians convicted for essentially the same thing. Which brings us back to this post.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well not too much to comment on as it is just more of the same old same old. A big mouth with big balls will defend himself and sit mute in the end after his expert witness was trying to pull a flim-flam. I think the media exposed the fool for what he is.

    The one thing in all this that frosts me is how politicians can lay claim to campaign funds for personal use. I think it vile and wrong. If you don;t want to use it for its intent then it should be refunded or donated to a charity. These part-time slugs get enough bennies.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    "big mouth with big balls."

    That especially came out when he said he paid it all back, then 67% back, and then "intended to pay it back." And, then after being convicted, saying the same garbage at a press conference. Not even Blago did that.

    But I figure:
    1. Campaign funds for personal use. Apparently illegal for federal officeholders (c.f. the other two) but apparently never illegal for the state. As in the case of Alphonse Capone, this was simply a tax evasion case. The gambling was just an explanation where the money went, and maybe how the IRS was tipped off.

    2. Irrespective of the evidence, I figure that if he really had all the paperwork, he would have given it to the IRS, or dug up one of those lawyers who advertise that they can get your tax debt settled for pennies on the dollar, not be a loudmouth with the Adam family behind him.

    3. If he had done #2, there would not have been a need for him to take the stand to enter the reimbursement checks,amended returns, etc. into evidence. Thus, I doubt he had them.

    4. As usual, at least Beavers and probably Adam wanted to BS people about the law.After all this time, I assume Zagel knows the rules of evidence. Apparently the same thing about the jury pool.

    5. I wonder if he is going to show so much bravado one he gets 18 months in club fed, an order to pay the back taxes, and maybe a $100,000 fine.I'm just guessing about the penalties, but that sounds about right.

    And irrespective of the federal charges, we knew he was a hypocrite when he said he bought gas in Indiana because it was cheaper, even though he voted to raise taxes in Cook County. But it turns out why he was in Indiana. It wasn't just that he was driving from South Shore to get gas.

  • In reply to jack:

    As always Jack - pure eloquence in your summation.

    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but have been busy trying to do my due diligence; i.e. taxes, figuring out best college offers for the kid, etc.. it has been hectic to say the least. Back to normal soon though.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I used Turbo Tax and hence got it done a month ago, although all the balance dues are queued up for April 15.

    But on a similar subject, even with an HD TV, all the disclaimers at the bottom of an H&R Block commercial (when they claim they are giving you something free) are too small to read.

  • In reply to jack:

    I use Turbo Tax too (have done so for at least a dozen years) but I have learned that their "final updates" aren't done until the end of March. Matter of fact there was another update yesterday that affects those of us who itemize - so now I just wait to do it closer to the end of March. p.s. make sure you click update to make sure nothing has changed on your return.

    As for the other part, I don't know if you follow me on Facebook but my son has been accepted at like 18 Universities and sifting thru the offers after filing our FAFSA (and of course the college trips we had to make for special interviews) it has been nuts the last 2 months. Even with all his scholarships and grants there looks to be quite of bit of debt to figure out too so blogging hasn't been on my mind. Things are finally getting back to normal although we are still waiting on the last two university packages to evaluate before the family pow-wow. So yeah I try to keep on top of things and que them up like you but much too much has been going on. I apologize to all my readers.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Well, you said you weren't paid for this.

    Also, with TurboTax, they said the government accepted my return, so if it has a problem, I'm sure they'll contact me. Nothing that I deduct is ever much affected by new tax laws. I remember a couple of years ago that the pdf had stamped on it "don't file yet," but not this year.

    I mentioned that I disclaimed Facebook before, but I wouldn't have the stamina to go to 18 colleges. I limited applications to 3, and told one to f.o. without telling my father than I had done so.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yessiree that's for sure - I have yet to make penny officially although Google Ad Sense says I have made money but because I haven't hit their minimum distribution level it is in limbo - oh well.

    The 18 University apps weren't by purpose as my kid had a list of about 4 or 5; I guess his Advanced Placements, strong academic GPA and National Honor Society membership had others looking at him and invited him to apply fee free. So I said what the hell let's see if anything pans out as the wife and I are on fixed incomes and financial aid becomes a very important factor - schools are just way more expensive today than when I went.

    We visited about half, received offers from all after he was accepted coast to coast but his preference is and always has been Valpo. Coe College (Iowa), Lewis and North Central are a close second though. I don't mind him taking out the necessary student loans but I really can't help much and taking a parents Direct Plus would stretch me thin. It seems FAFSA doesn't really look at what the reality of life and its expenses are when making their determinations. Plus this sequestration has loan rates going up - a very slippery slope to say the least.

    I feel bad because he had done everything right and we are most grateful for all the scholarships and grants as most are sizable but we are still talking serious money here. If I had not become prematurely disabled and then getting double whammied with our property values well we wouldn't even be worrying. But the economy hurt us all. I thank my maker that we put a huge down payment on our home when we bought it but still the equity has taken too large a loss. I am sure the kid is heartbroken but his 2nd choices are all good too.

  • Back in my day (and probably about your day), the only thing I received was that all National Merit Scholars got solicitations from Michigan State. Not being interested, that was the forerunner to having the recycling bin next to the mailbox.

    Coe College I heard of only because Marv Levy coached there before he coached Montreal, before he coached the Buffalo Bills, where I first heard of him.

    The real problem with colleges is that they have been raising tuition and room and board by 8% a year regardless of the inflation rate, which hasn't been that since about 1982. Then, at least the private ones said that they had to raise those who could pay twice as much so they had scholarship funds for those who couldn't. And now. like most "nonprofits," they figure that with the outrageous rates they can't compete on academic merit, so they compete on dorm suites, fitness clubs, and the like, instead of eating the beef "tenderloin" "hockey puck" formerly served on Wednesdays.* For a certain amount of time the government supported that, through the loan programs and the like, but apparently no longer does. So, that's the real source of the problem. Most middle class families have, for probably the last 10 years, relied on the state schools or places like Case Western that had sufficient scholarship funds to give free rides to engineering students. One of my nephews started on that, but couldn't deal with engineering so transferred to business school and had to pay. Fortunately he still somehow has a job in the financial engineering business (a division of Standard and Poors that does mathematical calculation of derivatives).

    *One time they had a drive that if you missed the dorm cafeteria meal, they would send the money to starving children in Africa. I said only if you sent the meal.

  • In reply to jack:

    I hear you Jack. Seems that the Room and Board, Meals, etc are the real profit centers ans as such can afford to give out generous scholarships. A little bit of smoke and mirrors.

    Here's the part that gets me though. My kid's first choice has been Valpo and he got their top scholarship and handful of grants, then they offered him a chance to compete for an MSEED scholarship which leaves him with a teachers certificate (good in any state) on top of the Math / Science Major. The NSF is fully funding that one and my boy did the interview along with some 150 other kids for a handful of those and won it. They originally said anyone getting the MSEED would be able to piggy-back the previous scholarship so long as it didn't exceed the full tuition. Natch the boy was over the moon until we saw they took back their Presidential Scholarship and replaced it with the NSF's one. Valpo is a private institution but does lots and lots of research (as does Coe, by the way) which is what my kid wants to do so needless to say we though that a bit cheesy. And even though he has all these prestigious scholarships and grants Valpo expects him to take out some $60k over 4 years as well as the parents taking out a Direct Plus Loan for another $40K - well our hearts sank.

    Coe meanwhile has just sent their proposal and that is manageable but loans are still a part of it and that's okay so long as I don't get clobbered too. Of course North Central and Lewis is most cost effective since he can drive there instead of adding the room and board and he is leaning but Coe did a nice job and we might have him in Iowa because of the research and intern opps.

    It just breaks us up though about Valpo - I am actually kind of upset about it because the kid did everything right and because of my early disabilty I feel like I let him down big time. I haven't written much of late because I am really bummed out - feel like a failure you know?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    What would be the ultimate con is if the switcheroo also meant that the MSEED meant he had to teach, in which case there would be no way he could pay back the loans.

    Also the "our money is after everyone else's money" is an old college trick. However, in my day, the value of that was something like $600/year.

    And again, from what I hear from my nephews and niece, the only way a Math Science major works is if it is someway converted into financial engineering. Another nephew, who went to the Illinois Math and Science Academy and Cal Tech, was sent to London to "do something with computers" at "some hedge fund," but not J.P. Morgan Chase.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes my friend, I suspect that would be the ultimate. It isn't required but they do have substantial networks in Indiana (and other states) if the kid want to pursue it. I heard that if one does accept the teaching aspect that after 60 consecutive loan payments teachers are then permitted to apply for an abeyance on the rest of their loans (and some of my boy's teachers have taken advantage of that - so? An option I guess).

    But I suspect you are right about the "Our Money Their Money" analogy. Hopefully it will all work out but after finishing the taxes today I see FAFSA upped our EFS code so it looks like they think we can afford even more. Go figure. I talked with Wittenberg College in Ohio and they understand that FAFSA isn't always real world and have already emailed me a hardship app due to our Medical Expenses so we'll see. They also told me no matter what school the boy picks to bring up the Medical Expenses because that is a factor they must consider.

    But like I said earlier, I don't mind that he has to take out loans and ultimately pay them back as that is the price one pays for an education but I don't think his parents need to add that much more either. It is expensive enough and quite frankly involve profit centers like room and board as well cafeteria expenses which they have boosted to outrageous levels. Plus I still don't like the flim flam between university and government loans. Some commitment to everyone getting a quality education. And now the sequestration has prompted universities and FAFSA to issue warnings. Geez already!

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