Alderman Ed Burke A Private Dick? We Must Be Feckin' Eegits!

Alderman Ed Burke A Private Dick? We Must Be Feckin' Eegits!
Edward Burke Image: Chicago Tribune Files

Chicago Alderman Edward Burke is a guy who has tried to keep law-abiding citizens from owning guns, yet this extravagant spender of taxpayer monies not only has a staff of citizen paid body guards but has registered himself as a private “dick” and is permitted to carry semi-automatic weapons to and from work. Curiously, though, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Ed Burke’s mandatory financial disclosures do not list him as owning a detective agency as he claims and as required by Chicago Law.

I guess this man just loves flaunting his power whenever and wherever he likes. But let’s not kid ourselves about his ego thing because it is much much more than that because what he is actually doing is also telling each and everyone one of his constituents that they are feckin’ eegits and that he is above the law.

Naturally this is nothing new for Edward Burke or his State Supreme Court Chief Justice wife given the many stories written about them over the years. So I guess it just makes sense to call an ace an ace – the Burke’s are power freaks and I suppose their lives would be miserable and useless if they couldn’t thumb their noses at everyone else around them.

Of course it isn’t just the Burke’s who believe in this sort of double standard. Although the aging dinosaurs of a once powerful Chicago Machine have been able to maintain a powerful grip upon the Status Quo they have also permitted the Political Young Turks to chip away and create their own fiefdoms while eating littler slices of the taxpayer pie. And to think some people have concluded that the Chicago Machine doesn’t exist anymore.

Well, the Chicago Democratic Machine may not resemble the same one that the BOSS Richard J. Daley once controlled but to call it dead would be premature considering the iron grip Illinois Democrats have over state politics. And let’s not forget that Michael Madigan and his 30 year reign of terror have left Illinois taxpayers paying far more than fair share (and sometimes more than once) into a bankrupt Illinois State Treasury.

Yet it is the people who continue to gladly re-elect their favorite machine politician who must shoulder the bulk of blame here because they have not only been given definitive proof of one shenanigan after another but they have ignored them as well. So I guess we must conclude that they are content knowing that their elected representatives have taken away nearly everything from them while continuing to feed their greed from the public trough.

I am convinced that these people just can’t comprehend the bigger picture but at the same token it is their choice. So there should be no complaints from them whenever another one of their services or lifelines are shut down as budgets as sliced and diced. And they should have no expectation for neighborhoods to turn around the decades of economic decline either because let’s face it they must already know that there just isn’t any money left over for them after the thieves have padded an ever-expanding pension debt that only rewards politicians and political insiders.

While we are at it, citizens of Chicago should have zero expectation that their lives are worth a plug nickel because so far as the City of Chicago (and apparently Ed Burke) is concerned they would rather see the multitudes of gang-bangers take over large parcels of their communities and let them shoot it up with ill-gotten and unregistered guns than to allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves or their families from harm.

Then again perhaps these people are comfortable with the fact that alderman could care less about hiring enough cops since Edward Burke, Donne Trotter and others like them are already in the security business and will protect them from atop their trusty white steeds since they evidently now have an expanded public role as peace officers.

Who woulda thunk it?

But hey if that is really the case then maybe the time has come for taxpayers to get some full disclosure as to who each and every alderman or government official is that is packing heat on their behalf. After all I have no doubt that there must also be some financial burden attached to that somewhere either as a handy dandy city contract or at the very least a stipend.

But I wouldn’t hold your breathe when it comes to transparency in Chicago because at the end of the day that is nothing more than a cruel feckin’ joke played upon the residents of the city (and the state for that matter).

Besides the Burke’s and Trotter’s prefer you just fuhgettabout it anyhow.


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  • No, he's a public one.

    The other similarity to the Trotter case was that he had a defense on the basis that the law requires that the act be intentional, and Trotter forgot that he had the gun in the carry on. However, that then went into a newspaper investigation whether the employment by the detective agency was bona fide and reported as required. Apparently, the same as Burke.

    Also, if TSA pulled Trotter over, I'm not sure why this is a state prosecution, instead of a federal one.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hello Jack Happy Holidays.
    Yeah I agree about him being a public one given the many things he has done over a less than stellar career. Like I said we must all be feckin' eegits for buying it.

    As for Trotter, I seriously doubt he just forgot it but that's his story. As for the TSA / Federal thing - I would agree with you that it is no longer a local or state issue. The only thing I can surmise is that he was extended a courtesy of some sort?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Don't know. The only thing in the media was that TSA called Chicago Police.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well doesn't that tell you something?

  • Burke and his ilk are such douchebags. They parade around the city as if they are kings. Hey Eddie, you're a freakin' alderman! His constituents need to get a bit smarter and get rid of this pimple on their ass. Big deal, they won't get new garbage cans!

  • In reply to kevwal:

    Couldn't have said it better myself "kevwal." Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  • In reply to kevwal:

    I've continually maintained that if the eligible voters were of the same national origin as most of the people in his ward (centered at about 51st and Pulaski) counted in the census, he would have been long gone.

  • more thing, Ed Burke isn't a Private Dick, he's a Public Dick. Thanks.I needed that.

  • The scarey thing is Obama comes from
    this ILECK!!!

  • In reply to Larry:

    Yes it is! Thanks Larry.

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