Obama's Illegal Immigrant Policy Shift Nothing More Than Pandering

Obama's Illegal Immigrant Policy Shift Nothing More Than Pandering

President Barack Obama has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to no longer seek deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children. The illegals will now have the ability to apply for work permits if they meet certain criteria. Of course this move must be considered a major policy shift, especially given the fact that the Obama Administration has deported more illegals than any previous administration. Bear in mind, not even the Big Bad Bush Administration, which President Obama and his political operatives love to blame for all his policy failures, comes close to the numbers of deportations thus far in his entire eight year term.

So why the policy shift now?

Well there is no doubt in my mind that the president is doing nothing more than pandering to Hispanic voters. Look, it is no secret that Hispanic Activists have been upset with President Obama’s refusal to address a major campaign promise. Now that Obama is in trouble at the polls, well, a new game plan is required.

Obviously what he decided to do today could have been invoked from the get go. That, at least, would have brought the issue of Illegal Immigration Reform to the forefront and promoted debate in Congress. President Obama, though, has not really wanted to address the issue until it became convenient for him to do so.

Naturally, being a by-product of the Chicago Machine, Barack Obama learned long ago from his fellow legislators from Illinois that it is always better to lob smoke bombs at issues they would rather not deal with. Besides, Illinois has already placated most Hispanic voters by declaring the state a sanctuary for illegals. That, in addition to allowing those associated with the defunct Hispanic Democratic Organization to fill certain political offices has worked well to date. At least everyone seems to be happy with that arrangement.

But Illinois is not the National persona. And as such, I think President Obama will only rally those who were fence-sitting with Mitt Romney to now go ahead and support him. All in all, I think it is a little late in the game for these sort of antics – but that is just my opinion. But I would be curious to see next week’s Rasmussen Poll just the same to see if Romney’s 4% lead expands.

Now don’t get me wrong here because I have consistently advocated for sensible reform measures when it comes to the “Illegal Problem.” I am not in favor of any amnesties though and this latest action sounds to be exactly that. It is just a matter of political expediency and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. President Obama, for better or worse, has shown a propensity to play political games – but he has no moral compass when it comes the issues he plays games with.

Basically, I don’t believe for one second that President Obama gives a damn about illegals outside of what it could generate in the final vote tallies. And that, my friends, doesn’t show much honor or conviction. To this day we really don’t know what in the hell the president truly believes in on a wide variety of general issues let alone illegals.

He talks a good game though and I suppose that has been his allure. But just like the other politicians from Illinois – the Illegal Problem is a matter of tightrope walking. The state has graciously accepted the additional burdens placed upon its nearly bankrupt State Treasury and even as huge cuts loom for the legitimate residents who happen to be poor or old, Governor Pat Quinn and his Legislative Weasels refuse to address the cost burdens of sanctuary. For instance, why didn’t Quinn cut out All Kids which has a 75% Illegal Enrollment?

No he chose to cut the legal poor and the aged benefits instead.

Democrats, it seems have a perverse sense about them when it comes to illegals whereas the GOP typically remain united on the idea that following the laws of the land are more conducive to a sound society than not. You see, it really is a matter of fairness. Placating, and even encouraging, those who willfully break our laws can never allow for that to happen.

Oh well, I guess it good to see that the non-principled attitudes of Illinois has remained a big part of President Obama.

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  • So you can see into Obama's heart?

    Political expediency is something the Republicans are also adept at.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well Aquinas me thinks his actions to date have given us all a view into what lies in his heart. But I will say this - he thoroughly enjoys the gig of POTUS and its many perks. I will agree with you completely that both political parties are mighty adept at political expediency.

    p.s. if you are in favor of Illegal Immigration or not, one thing is clear, what Obama did today isn't exactly what I call keeping his campaign promise of achieving a real solution to a problem that needs serious debate and fixing. Granting work permits to illegals does not stop their exploitation - it will just increase it.

  • The headline is a tautology.

    However, what I couldn't figure out was Bill Kristol saying on Fox News Sundary that this was the correct policy.

  • In reply to jack:

    I figure since the Administration hits us up unmercifully with their rhetoric that I will give it back....

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