Michael Madigan: Much More Than An Ethically Challenged Leprechaun

Michael Madigan: Much More Than An Ethically Challenged Leprechaun
Madigan One of Many?

Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady has been quoted as saying “We are under the thumb of a controlling, vindictive, ethically challenged, self-serving leprechaun, and I mean no disrespect to leprechauns, Speaker Mike Madigan.”  Brady also said “He has spent the last 40 years in Springfield, making himself rich, trading on his position of trust” and compared the State of Illinois to being a “third-world republic like Venezuela.”

Well Mr. Brady – I don’t think that you are all that far off here. Yes it is true that Michael Madigan appears to possess every single trait you have described, except of maybe the “third world republic” part. Now, I must assume that the inclusion of Venezuela would indicate that Mr. Brady believes that Michael Madigan compares favorably with Hugo Chavez – but I think he is far worse than Chavez. In my mind, Madigan is nothing short of a genuine throwback to any number of evil and despicable dictators in world history.

But I suppose from a modern day standpoint, using Hugo Chavez for comparison is doable. Both men have been able to consolidate power and surround themselves with scared shitless loyalists. Madigan’s loyalists, of course, have been aptly named the Madigoons. Bear in mind, these Madigoons are all products of the Chicago Democratic Machine and its pecking order. Of course since Michael Madigan is the leader of the Illinois Democratic Party these mindless and ethically corrupt politicians must obey him for fear their political careers would evaporate if they dared cross him.

Let’s face it, Michael “Mad Dog” Madigan has way too much power and influence over our politics and it has been that way for far too long. About the only saving grace is the fact that the man is 70 years old and maybe, just maybe his time is numbered. Then again, all that really means is that the torch will be passed on to someone else. It is a vicious cycle to say the least, still, we cannot underestimate the damage that has already been done during Madigan’s long tenure.

For what it’s worth, I believe Michael Madigan is a shining example of what “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” means.

Illinois, meanwhile, has suffered greatly because of him. The Illinois Democrats, and handful of turncoat Republicans who make up the Combine, have managed to turn this state into something other than the Democracy we are supposed to be. Democracies, at least in theory, are not intended to permit one man or one political party to hold complete political control over the people. Yet, that is exactly what we have right here in Illinois.

We also can’t forget that during Michael Madigan’s tenure, there has been a willful and systematic dismantling of our State Constitution by the Illinois General Assembly. Additionally, if there are any proposals for legislation that Michael Madigan doesn’t like or wants to compromise on, well it just isn’t going to happen, period! Instead he has them routinely buried in a committee chaired by one of the Madigoons. His favorite line to those he refuses to deal with is “Go Pound Sand.” And trust me, that tidbit was given me by more than one state representative familiar with his antics.

The most maddening aspect of Madigan’s long tenure, though, has been the actions of those in the majority who have had no qualms about passing legislation that has protected their numerous conflicts of interest and sheltered themselves from reprisal and prosecution. Of course, having Lisa Madigan installed as our Illinois Attorney General hasn’t helped the people either. After all, there is no way she will go after her daddy after he has positioned her so nicely in the political hierarchy. I mean she probably becomes Governor of Illinois someday, right?

However, in order to understand how Michael Madigan and the Democrats achieved their stranglehold over us, we must go back to 1980. Ironically, much of what is wrong today was helped along by our so-called, reform-minded Governor Pat Quinn. His support for the “Cutback Amendment” permanently altered our politics and shifted the Democrats into the unbeatable majority they have become. The greatest damage resulting from that cutback amendment was the rigging of our state’s judiciary. As it stands now, Illinois Democrats enjoy a 4-3 majority on the Illinois Supreme Court. And by the way, Illinois is the only State in the Union where justices are elected by districts, and not statewide. That alone assures a Democratic dominance of the court.

It also clearly violates the Federal One Person / One Vote Law!

Of course that 4-3 majority could improve given that the last two legislative remaps were gerrymandered by the Democrats to give them even more power and control. Naturally the Illinois Supreme Court rejected an appeal by an, duh – 4-3 vote. And that my friends is why this cutback amendment put us into the dangerous place we are in. When one political party controls both the General Assembly and the State Supreme Court, the common man’s rights and liberties are sure to be further diminished. And that was pretty much affirmed by our  Supreme Court when they sided with the Democrats on the remaps.

Now I understand that there will be those who believe that our judiciary is above reproach, but that just isn’t how it works here in Illinois. Let’s face it, many of our judges begin their careers as politicians and are seated on the bench whenever it is convenient for the party. Anyone needing an example of that should refer themselves to how the Cullerton Family was able to retain control over their longtime Chicago Ward. So really then, where do loyalties lie in the long run? Is it to the people or to the party?

I’ll give you three guess with the first two not counting okay?

Look, this is just the reality of how the Democrats have manipulated the system and have kept control over an entire state. This should concern people deeply, but I sometimes think that most don’t give a damn. But what is more important than our rights and liberties? Allowing one party to do whatever it wants just doesn’t sit well with me, nor should it with you. That is not what America was meant to be.

On the other hand, if the people of Illinois really don’t give a damn then I would have to remind them to go back to their history books. There are plenty of examples therein where one man, or one party, has been able to create havoc and despair. Whether it be the World War II era or Hugo Chavez, the fact remains – people who don’t safeguard their rights and liberties wind up not having any.

Really folks, it is time to wake up and heed what Pat Brady had to say.

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  • 1. Chavez probably learned it from here. The first thing he tried to do, and kept doing until it finally succeeded, was to have the constitution amended to eliminate term limits. Then he really went off the deep end.

    2. As I mentioned yesterday, the "scared shitless" crew includes the North Shore Dems., who theoretically are not in the Chicago Machine, but apparently figure (a) Madigan pays for their campaigns, and (b) otherwise there would be Republicans in their seats. So, they say they are "independent" when they are not. But I noted yesterday that if something gets to the floor, they are the necessary votes on the margin.

    3. When it gets down to Kass realizing that "of course Lisa isn't going to fight corruption," you know that's bad.

    4. The Cutback Amendment was the first proof that Quinn was the master of the unintended consequence.


    1. Cullerton, only after a couple of years, is just as big of a jerk as Madigan. The only thing not documented is if he has as many conflicts of interest, but he is a similar pro when it comes to keeping a bill off the floor. Last year he wasn't even willing to send the passed gambling bill to the Governor, because that would start the veto clock. Apparently he is willing this year.

    2. Cook County Republicans brought a federal lawsuit claiming that having 3 Supreme Court justices elected in the county at large violated voting rights or equal protection--but lost. So that assertion isn't supported.

    3. Usually one shouldn't support electing judges, and there are numerous instances of incompetent ones on the circuit and appellate courts. Nonetheless, consider how the Illinois Supreme Court would be if it were appointed by Blago with the advice and consent of the Senate headed by Emil Jones or Cullerton. At least it is willing to declare some of the legislative stunts unconstitutional, including the Malpractice Reform Act that contained a poison pill, and the wording of the Con Con resolution, as well as standing up to Burke [including Burke's wife] on the Emanuel residency challenge. And being in the Third District, you at least had a contested race the last time.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well Jack, as always, you have the right perspective on it all. The question of Cullerton's conflicts has been documented somewhat as he too has a law practice that provides tax breaks to political clients and contributors. Seems to be the best game in town, eh?

    All in all - I couldn't agree more with you. Thanks.


  • In reply to GOV SUX:

    Couldn't have said it better. Thanks for commenting.

  • fb_avatar

    I guess you could say that Madigan and Cullerton don;t know Jack. Eh???

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