Rahm Emanuel Proposes Handgun Registry and Police State With It

Rahm Emanuel Proposes Handgun Registry and Police State With It

First he wants cameras to blanket every corner of the city and now he is proposing a statewide handgun registry. Both, of course, involve the collection of fees and continuing his insatiable appetite for tapping the average citizen of every last nickel and dime. However, I think it goes beyond the money with this guy. I think Rahmbo and the Democrats of this state want to systematically deny average citizens of their rights and freedoms.

Mister Mayor not to be disrespectful or anything but I have two words for you – I refuse!

Don’t blame law-abiding citizens for your police department’s inability and impotency to control the gang-bangers. And just to make you aware of something you probably already know – adding restrictions onto those who play by the rules only gives the law-breakers more of an advantage. Besides, does any politician really believe that criminals will comply with the new rules and regulations?

If they do – then they are clinically insane and unfit to govern.

The laws are fine just as they are. I would suggest that politicians instruct their their police chiefs to go out and enforce the laws already on the books. Oh yeah I forgot all you politicians have misspent all that taxpayer money over the years like drunks at a bar so now you can’t afford to hire the necessary manpower to protect the citizens. Well Rahm, that isn’t the people’s fault as we have paid you all along! Matter of fact many times over for the same thing. So, if you need money that bad then take it out of every politicians campaign coffer or start a super Pac! That outta cover it.

You know, it is a real pity that you elected thieves are too damn interested in only doing right by yourselves as opposed to doing right by the very people who have entrusted you to do the right thing. Unfortunately doing the right thing always comes with another bogus demand or scheme to lighten our wallets. Well, I for one, am sick and tired of this game and as such will vote against politician dumb enough to back this latest plan to rip us off yet once again and limit our liberties.

And I will be honest here folks, I don’t see anything different in what Rahm Emanuel is proposing with what Nazi Germany and other dictators have imposed upon its’ peoples. And no, I am not being insensitive as my family lived through it and am fully aware of its implication. Now, if the people of Illinois want to stand idly by as they did in Nazi Germany than they deserve the high price and consequences that come with it. After all, Illinois’ corrupt political culture has already been stripped away of every vestige of what a normal Democracy looks or acts like. But hey – who let them do it?

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here and in other places. Once you give government more power than they deserve you will never get it back. Quite frankly I do not relish the thought of living in a Fascist state, although it already kind of resembles that here in good ole Illinois. Then again, I still don’t know how so many people could have been duped into accepting the back room deal over legitimate representation – but it happened just the same. As a result, Illinois residents have been forced to pay for the same things over and over without ever questioning why the monies were passed to cronies and bogus or inflated contracts. Go figure. But they remain oblivious to the fact that that is exactly what we have been doing.

Is that really what the people need or deserve? Only if you let them!
Just in case there are people who have light-bulbs that are a little slow to click on – this is more than the unusual money grab folks.

Charlton Heston once said “from my cold dead hands” when it came to those who wanted to strip away his right to bear arms. Well, not only do I feel the same way, but it is my hope that every law-abiding citizen feels the same way. Especially so if the law-abiding citizen is one who fought to protect those very right and liberties. Personally, I will never dishonor those who gave their last full measure of devotion to protect our way of life.

This is where I take a stand Rahmbo!

I refuse to live in a Police State!

Hopefully you feel the same.

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