Chicago Tribune WGN-TV Poll: Governor Quinn More Unpopular. No Kidding?

Chicago Tribune WGN-TV Poll: Governor Quinn More Unpopular. No Kidding?

The Chicago Tribune and WGN-TV conducted a poll of 600 registered voters and apparently 54% of those surveyed disapproved of Governor Pat Quinn’s job performance. Okay – but I think we already knew that and why only poll 600 people? I would venture to say that had this poll been expanded to include a larger cross-section of Illinoisans then we would probably learn that the Huckster’s popularity was even lower and mimic that of Congress.

Governor Quinn tried very hard to persuade people that “Illinois is back on course” in his, er, over optimistic State of the State Speech. The reality, though, would indicate otherwise. Hopefully the state GOP is smart enough to find a serious challenger who has broad appeal in the nest election. It is not an easy task. Still, Illinois has had Republican Governors before and I see no reason why another cannot be elected again.

If the people of this state are honest with each other it shouldn’t be all that difficult to see that from an ideology standpoint – Illinois Democrats are far from being practicing adherents to party principles. The way I see it, there is no shame in abandoning a political party that has long ago abandoned its people – so exactly why people have remained loyal is beyond me.

Just a bit of truth here – I used to be a Democrat and in many ways still believe in its principles. However, those principles have not been applied in Illinois for the better part of 30 years and as such forced me into being the Independent I have become. Matter of fact, if the Democratic Party were to actually believe in its principles and strive to govern as such – I would be back in a heartbeat.

But come on folks – we know how the politics of this state are and it has nothing to do with ideals or protecting the rights of the people. I was more than serious in my last post when I said Illinois resembles a Fascist regime as opposed to a Democracy. We have had more examples than we can count when it comes to skewed legislation. The people have lost more than it has gained in the past 30 years and there is something fundamentally wrong with that scenario.

You know it is kind of like that story of where a man goes to his doctor and complains about a constant pain in his eye. After the doctor inquires as to when this began, he learns the patient has been stabbing himself in the eye. Naturally the doctor tells the patient that if he stopped doing that then the pain would go away.

Well isn’t that exactly how it has been with our politics? After all – people keep electing the same instrument of pain without regard to the fact that they are the sole source of their discomfort. It makes me more than curious as to when the People of Illinois finally stop inflicting pain upon themselves?

Hopefully the governor’s poor ratings are a portent of positive things to come. I mean, have the people of Illinois finally awoken enough to see that those that they entrusted to govern them justly have been playing them all along? Seems to me that the decent hard-working people have been screwed enough and there is no apparent end in sight.


Unless, of course, the people finally send a powerful message.

Besides, the Doctor says –

Stop Stabbing Yourselves In The Eye!

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  • Basically, it takes a much lower rating to get someone out of office. George Ryan was down in Tribune polls to that he couldn't get any more than 24% against any named opponent before he said he wouldn't run. It took about 11% to get Todd Stroger defeated, and Blago said he thought he could come back from a 13% favorable rating, while apparently just being on the cusp of engaging in criminal schemes to cash out.

    Hence, unless the Republicans come up with a real strong candidate (and they proved that they could blow it in 2010), it will have to get to the point that the civil serpents (I used that term in Spatafora's blog today), people that the Chicago Muckrakers purport to represent, insider contractors, and people similarly situated also realize that the powers that be are stabbing them in the eye, too. So long as they are obsessed over the 1%, and Quinn plays to that, I'm not placing bets.

  • In reply to jack:

    Illinois (or is that Chicago Metro) voters are stupid beyond belief so yeah probably the over under isn't worth it either.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I didn't mean just stupid, but going along with your "stabbing yourself in the eye" point with regard to acting against one's long term self interest by being a robot for Quinn and what he says.

    Take these examples:

    1. The Muckrakers reported on some bakery that apparently violated the WARN Act, which says that an employer is supposed to give 60 days notice of a mass layoff. Maybe the bakery did, but the Muckrakers didn't say anything about Hull House closing, apparently also violating the WARN Act, and also probably because it was one of the numerous social services vendors the state wasn't paying.

    2. About a couple of weeks ago, there was some 20 something from AFSCME on Chicago Tonight with the usual spiel about how the state constitution prohibits changes going forward in state employee pensions. However, I guess he couldn't figure out that when he is ready to retire (and both of us will probably be dead, but certainly not paying state income tax), there won't be any money to pay his pension unless somehow the state gets off its current path.

    3. I think I mentioned earlier about the dentist who said he got a notice that the state will be 270 days late in paying for services rendered to state employees (the state having a "self-insured" dental plan). Now, if he would tell the state employees that it is their cash up front, maybe they would get the message. Now multiply that for every doctor and dentist in this state.

    That's what it is going to have to take.

  • In reply to jack:

    Powerful and True My Friend. It is unfortunate people live their lives as if it held guarantees when politicians treat their money with reckless abandon and as if it were casino chips.

    Perhaps the dentists and doctors should in fact deny treatment per the plan and force workers to pay up front and force them to submit for reimbursement - then they will get the full gravity of supporting something that just doesn't exist here.

    Not only are people stabbing themselves in the eye but their politicians are stabbing them in the back simultaneously.

    Thanks - Insightful as always Jack.

  • Besides playing a tape with Quinn's predicted response, Bill Cameron just said on WLS Radio "but it is probably good for Quinn that he does not face reelection in the next few months."

  • In reply to jack:

    I'll agree with that.

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