Chicago Number 1 In Political Corruption! State of Illinois Number 3

Chicago Number 1 In Political Corruption! State of Illinois Number 3

According to a report released by the University of Illinois /Chicago, Chicago is Number 1 in public corruption while the State of Illinois is ranked Number 3 so far as corrupt states go. Dick Simpson, head of the university’s political science department noted that since 1976 – federal prosecutors rung up a total of 1,531 public corruption convictions in the Northern District of Illinois. The 1,828 total convictions for Illinois lagged only behind California and New York.

Of course this is hardly a surprise.

Sadly, the level of corruption continues to rise despite the convictions. You know, I have said long ago that political corruption is an art form in Chicago (and the state) and I doubt that anything will ever change until the people finally realize that corruption does, in fact, impact them directly each and everyday. Yet they stand idle and accept theĀ  “business as usual culture” as somehow being normal. Well folks – that just compounds the problem!

Chicago Voters are a stubborn lot, though. Instead of voting the crooks and scumbags out – they continue to vote for some mythical ideology that simply has never existed here. People refuse to believe that Chicago Democrats are purely a name they go by and not an endorsement of a party principle. Those of the Machine do not have principles and if the people were to begin putting two and two together they would see that their so-called “candidates of the people” have left them high and dry.

My goodness, people with half a brain should be able to see that the agenda of Chicago Democratic Machine politicians has never had anything to do with helping the everyday person or to provide them with a better life. I mean, how many dead and decaying neighborhoods do people need to see that the promises made by their politicians are just that – empty promises?

Sadly, people have not only let it happen election after election, but they have allowed even more neighborhoods to fall into the abyss. Neighborhoods that were once considered good places to bring up your children are now disappearing at an alarming rate. Yet, politicians are taking more money out of your pockets to provide you with – what exactly? And that, by the way, is on top of all that money already taken.

But hey, this has been your choice all along, and if this is what you want –

then so be it.

But being Number 1 isn’t always a good thing.


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  • If you look at Monday's CTA Tattler, half a brain is being generous. Take Blago's neighbor Cheryl, for instance. (Apparently so, since she takes credit for a cleanup crew at Sacramento station). Nothing but liberal bromides from her.

    Also, these statistics are only of convictions. Apparently the feds are starting to work up the food chain of another minority-women contractor scandal. Like Capone's mob of the 20s, it takes the feds to bring the current political mob down.

    Of course, the voters of this state don't get much of a choice. For instance, I'll up Quinn and propose a Mary Todd Lincoln Amendment--anyone who is deluded (like Quinn) is ineligible for office. That has as much chance as his meaningless amendment getting out of the General Assembly.

  • In reply to jack:

    I see your point on the generousity. As for getting anything through the General Assembly, well we must consider too how many things are tabled and/or put into desk drawers by the Barbara Flynn Currie's (besides the Burris fiasco) for no other purpose than denying the G.A. from considering the measure. Although, since everybody is apparently beholden to someone else even if it weren't tabled it is a slick trick getting "meaningful" legislation passed unless of course it has to do with a reactionary action and even there is a matter of of pandering.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I brought up Quinn's blowhard "Lincoln Amendment" not only because Currie can ashcan legislation on Madigan's behalf, but (a) the legislature isn't going to give the citizens any initiative power, and (b) the legislature ashcanned the Collins proposals.

    Quinn has always talked a good game about referenda and ethics, but never has had anything to back it up. Bill Cameron immediately put this as "this is dead on arrival, and besides Quinn is no paragon of ethics after giving lame duck legislators jobs for voting for the income tax hike," or words to that effect.

  • In reply to jack:

    So true Jack. As for a politician talking a good game, well we have an abundance here. Very few, I believe, qualify as having ethics in the current legislature. Quinn - well he is just a big nuthin".

  • ILLINscrew-yaOIS,

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