Peotone: Jesse Jackson Jr. Needs To Stay The Hell Out Of Will County

Peotone: Jesse Jackson Jr. Needs To Stay The Hell Out Of Will County
Would Peotone Be An Empty Mid-America Airport?

Will County Board Chairman Jim Moustis has had my vote before and will continue to get it so long as he stays tough on the “Peotone Problem.” Now, the reason I choose to call it a problem is quite simple – we don’t need that third airport in Peotone if airlines have repeatedly said they will not land there.

So if there were ever a good reason to abandon what many consider a fools game – then that is about as straight forward as it will ever get.

If, however, our misguided local politicians continue to believe that Peotone somehow still needs to be built – then Jesse Jackson Jr. should not be allowed to wrest control of the airport under any circumstances! After all, if the airport is going to be built in Will County then it should be controlled by Will County? Besides, we just don’t need no alleged wife-cheating, wannabe senator dictating anything around here. So, Jr., just stay the hell out of our affairs!

In a nutshell, I guess, Jim Moustis pretty much said the same thing to Jesse Jackson Jr. and our not so lovable huckster, Governor Pat Quinn. And as it stands right now, my guess is that most residents of Will County would squarely agree with Jim Moustis. Not only is Moustis right to fight back, but the residents of Will County would fight back too if they have to. So, I suppose if I were the governor, it would be prudent on his part to start listening to one of our representatives for once. Besides, our good ole boy governor’s chances of being reelected are on some real shaky ground these days given his propensity for stiffing Illinois taxpayers while caving into businesses and implementing a corporate welfare policy.

Now, If there are still some residents in Will County who have a thing for the governor – maybe they should reconsider after Jim Moustis gave us the inside poop on what the “other airport story” is all about. Particularly the part where Cook County politicians basically told Will County to shut up and behave because they are in total control here. Well, that sort of shit just ain’t gonna fly around here! Hey, our politicians may not be all that better than those in Cook County sometimes, but they are still our politicians. And quite frankly – at least our County Board has been able to hold the line on over-taxation as opposed to the Governor’s Yo-Yo’s elsewhere.

Then again, the voter demographics in Will County aren’t as aligned as they are in Cook County. Our elected officials know that they really don’t really have much choice but to at least listen to their constituents from time to time. And anyone who doubts that better ask some of those politicians who have already been shown the door after taking us for granted. So there is something better going on in Will County more often than not.

For the record, though, I am still 1000% opposed to a Peotone Airport! We have already squandered far too much money on this project. And for a state with as much money woes as Illinois has, well, they really should be looking at doing something else. After all, there is already a perfectly viable third airport option sitting right across the border in Gary, Indiana. So you see? This whole Peotone exercise has been absolutely asinine from the get go considering former Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley, created the Gary Chicago Airport Authority. I mean, what in the hell was the purpose of that brainchild anyhow if they aren’t going to utilize its viability?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing the spoils with Indiana when it comes to regional development.

But I suspect all of our remaining cash sucking machine politicians don’t want to go for that option because, as usual, Cook County politics must always dictate who is control. But you know something? I am getting really tired of that “right hand washing the other while their left hand is busy picking the pockets of Illinois taxpayers routine.”

Look no one should ever forget that other airport fiasco known as Mid-America Airport near St. Louis! And if there were anyone with half a brain working at the FAA they would see exactly what in the hell was going on here. You know I just don’t think the residents of Illinois, or even the U.S. Taxpayer for that matter, need to be saddled with two financial albatrosses to satisfy the greedy hands of a select group of corrupt insiders and politicians!

Anyone who honestly believes that Peotone and/or Will County would benefit from yet another airport must be seriously deluded. But hey, don’t say you weren’t warned if it does get built because it will cost every single taxpayer even more in taxes for the ultimate upkeep and heating of an empty airport shell. So why don’t we finally just call an ace an ace here? Peotone Airport is nothing more than a sham to benefit clout. And that is exactly why I suspect the wannabe Jesse Jackson Jr. wants his grubby little fingers into the money jar.

So while I am glad that Jim Moustis has drawn a line in the sand so far as who would control the airport – I still wish that he and the rest of the Will County Board would go the extra mile and shit can this very bad project.

We don’t need the flim-flam out here in Will County!

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  • I did not read here where PRIVATE funders have put up the $400 Million dollars to construct the airport!! So why are you mad that a group of private business leaders are willing to risk THEIR OWN $400 million?

  • In reply to Marksallen:

    Mark, there may be private investors and it would be a very curious list no doubt, but in the end the bulk of the money required to build will come from the taxpayers in one shape form or another. The federal government has already dumped plenty into this in grants and loans for land acquisition. So in the grand scheme of things $400 million is a drop in the bucket when compared to the finished costs. But hey, if they want to invest that is great - go get it - but do it in Gary Indiana. Besides that is probably closer to Jrs. district to boot.

    But let's say that airport is built in Will Co - who the hell is Cook County to come in here and demand anything? I mean are you serious here Mark? But I will tell you what I am mostly mad about - the fact that this project could have gone full speed ahead if they used under-utilized Gary-Chicago Airport. And I have always advocated for people getting jobs and this would have happened much quicker.

    Look you know how the game is played and they simply don't want to share with Indiana, although it would benefit the entire region. So if you really want to advocate for an airport Mark - then I would start right there. That is assuming, of course, people want to start using some common sense, instead of the usual slight of hand and smoke and mirrors. People could have already been working you know?

  • Also, you fail to note that JJ "My brother tried to buy me a Senate seat" Jr.'s district now includes that area, in which he is running against "Bug Eyed" Debbie Halverson. On NewsRaw, someone was trying to get Emanuel to endorse one or the other.

    Jackson says it is economic development for people in his district, which includes fine places near their like Ford Heights, not that marksallen nor the Muckrackers care anything about that. Of course, economic development has also meant that the Kings of Beer line their own pockets.

    So the real question is whether the private investors really pony up the money. They may say one thing, but when the rubber meets the road...

  • In reply to jack:

    Also, I'm not sure about the above use of the their/there homonym. Maybe I meant it, or maybe I am just becoming as illiterate as most Internet posters. Too late now, though.

  • In reply to jack:

    Not to worry I think you got it right, but then again I don't know because I could be one of them illiterate posters. Hey stay warm and outta the snow pal.

  • In reply to jack:

    Gee Isn't JJ's peoplz also right there on the Illinois-Indiana boderz?
    Just love dem zzzzzzzz; Seriously though, Mark Allen makes a slight valid point, but like I said too, it would be interesting to see who is on that list of investors and if they have any record in other failed ventures that require government bailouts? Also, that $400 million is still jack crap when it comes to the rest of the cash needed so I could care less about speculating insiders.

  • Illinois does need a new airport, in order to accommodate all the people wanting to get the hell out.

    You "country" folk don't think the Jackson Family can be satisfied with a booze distributorship anymore, do you?

    When Obama is re-elected, this airport idea (which is shunned by the airlines, by the way), will be the latest venture to be part of the pitch of "trillions of jobs created or saved".

    The Illinois Combine driven by Asses and Elephants alike, will clear out your fields faster than Daley could X out Meigs Field.

    Governor-Puppet for Life, Gov. MadiQuinn will break the bottle over the first Airbus to take off over the Kankakee River.

    Welcome to Post-Constitutional America.

    Welcome, Comrades, to The Land of Obama!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    "Illinois does need a new airport, in order to accommodate all the people wanting to get the hell out."

    Not necessarily. They can drive to Indiana, and avoid the "private enterprise" Skyway and Indiana Toll Road, too. However, I suggest that they at least drive into the Eastern Time Zone.

  • In reply to jack:

    How aboutz they drive all the way south to New Orleans?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Welcome aboard Richard. Love the comment it is oh sooooo like the way I think. Thanks.

  • Being that he is the Representative of Will County and the national representative of portions of the Will County he should stay unless you want a area with out representation. Do you have a jobs plan? The airport at least brings thousands of jobs. Will County has been hard by the economy like everyone else.

  • In reply to Speakup:

    Well Speakup, I will agree that Will Co needs jobs like everyone else - but to build an airport that no one will land at isn't exactly a long term jobs plan. As for JJ, well he may have a sliver of Will Co due to a gerrymandered map - but that doesn't mean he has spoken for us except for control of the airport. So really, he doesn't speak for us. JJ is, ans always has been, a Cook County politician and as such beholden to them. Hopefully, Debbie Halvorson will knock him out in the primary given his weakened position.

    As for my own jobs plan, well I suppose I would try and promote American manufacturing since China is now suffering from the same "pay me more" syndrome that has hit every other industrialized nation at some point in their development. But, we can certainly compete in that arena as well as make better quality products to boot. So I would start there for one. I have other ideas but then I would have to run and I doubt I could afford to do that.

    But back to the real issue - long term growth will not come from an ill-conceived airport that no airline wants. The Feds could have encouraged the idea, though, by insisting that the Chicago-Gary Airport option was viable - and as I told Mark Allen earlier - people would have already been working.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Another issue that may not be clear to you is that because of the strange L shape of Will County, a big area is south of Cook, including this one, while the wife disappearance area is to the west. I can't find a real clear map on the web, but this one seems to indicate that the 2nd includes all of the south portion of Will and all of Kankakee. And, as I said about 8 months ago, the 1st and 3rd head in your direction, too. The only thing that looks like a Will county district is the 11th, but it is very compact.

    So, maybe by having all of Kankakee and the southern leg of Will, there might be enough to get rid of Jackson, although I doubt that Halverson would be much of an improvement on the national scene.

    But, given the current map, your comment is about the same as saying that George Ryan should get out of the 2nd. He did by moving to Terre Haute involuntarily, but it doesn't look like JJJr. is headed in that direction.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, Will was gerrymandered the census before, thus the odd shape. But I will stand by my original observation that JJ does NOT speak for Will or that he gives a rats ass what happens there outside of his desire to control Peotone (which was the motivation for drawing the map in the odd shape in the first place?). People forget that this maneuvering for Peotone has been going on for a long, long time.

    As for Halvorson, yeah I see your point since she was our rep here in the 11th before being ousted. Maybe she learned that she can't have sidebars with illegals outside of the general meeting in her office? Saying that, though, she did do a halfway decent job overall, but needed to be taught a lesson about how to conduct open meetings. That is what done her in more than anything.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I agree that Jackson doesn't give a care about eastern Will and Kankakee counties. However, I am sure that the only reason the legislature redistricted stuff in that manner and extended Rush's and Lipinski's districts into Will County is simply for the reason I stated about 10 months ago--no use wasting a 90% Dem majority raised in the city. Instead, the Dems hold onto those seats, but maybe only with a 60% majority.

    Of course, there is fighting among JJJr's Abe Lincoln National Airport Commission and Will County locals over control, but so long as the state doesn't have the money (and apparently isn't getting it from marksallen's private investors) to buy out the farmers (or the speculators in the Ryan administration who bought up the land), both sides are maneuvering over nothing.

  • In reply to jack:

    Can't disagree with you. Then again, trying to retain a moving vote, if you will, is one of the primary reasons for gerrymandering in the first place. When we add in the fact that so many people have become apathetic, well, having a 60% majority is a pretty darn powerful thing.

    As for Mark Allen, I am not always 100% on board with HOW he looks at an issue but I can certainly understand the why behind it. Mark, at least I have always thought, has had his heart in the right place so far as his activism goes. Sometimes I just wish he wouldn't buy into that flawed ideology as I stated in my reply to your comment to Richard below.

    So many, it seems, just don't get it when it comes to who is behind all these projects and as you rightly say about Peotone. There of course are other instances of where being in the know long before something comes down benefits these so-called "private investors;" i.e. Dennis Hastert and his cronies who started buying up land down US 47 for transportation projects being considered.

    You know, it just goes on and on and on. They suck in the people in the name of jobs, but as we know - they won't be getting any of those jobs - but rest assured they will however be left holding the bag when everything is said and done.

  • In reply to Speakup:

    A good jobs plan would be Jacksonless --both father and son. Then we can work our way up the food chain, to MadiQuinn and Durbin and finally Obama-the-Destroyer.

    Besides, who needs an airport no airlines will support when we've got a proposed bullet train to St. Louis, which nobody will ride, which can connect to Mid-America Airport, once the cobwebs are dusted off?

    Think of the jobs created and saved by dusting cobwebs and picking weeds on unused runways. Trillions and trillions of jobs.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well Said Richard and ohhhhh soooooo true!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I've said that the bullet train is a waste, similar to the Daley Maglev Airport express that isn't going to happen, Daley's idea of leveling Hegewisch and Calumet City for a third airport that isn't going to happen, elder Daley's idea of putting an airport in a polder in Lake Michigan, ad infinitum. However, while governors in Wis., Oh., and Fla. turn down the bullet train money because they know the state can't meet the operating costs, dim wit Quinn thinks it is free money. Here's news for him...Illinois isn't going to get it either.

    This is similar pap to "the Olympics won't cost the taxpayers anything," until, luckily, the IOC told Chicago that it wasn't getting them, at which Daley said "it's all money and politics." Like anything with which Daley was involved wasn't.

  • In reply to jack:

    Boy that was powerful Jack - and may I add to the point I have tried to make over and over again - it is always about the politics and the money and it always assuredly only benefits the few. The taxpayers, on the other hand, are left with nothing to show for their support of a flawed ideology under the banner of being a Democrat from Illinois. Naturally, no matter how manner times the mislead get zonked - they still come back for more punishment, deceit and of course the bills.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    The questionis whether the voters are duped by the ideology, or (which inspired the comment) are like those on the CTA Tattler who think that someone is serious about building an airport express or replacing the north Red Line with a subway. There is too big of a 50 year old history of things being promised for the CTA but never built.

    But, on the other hand, in one instance, you have Byrne, apparently no longer paid off by the Bensonville interests, but still thinks that everything, including the Tollway is connected to O'Hare expansion. At least there the airlines want something, but apparently are unable to pay for all phases of it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry don't read the Tattler and er Byrne... Don't need a bums rush on the issues.

  • Folks, what several people are forgetting is that Jesse Jackson Jr. can win, mathematically, in the new congressional district without a single Will County vote. Complaints about the airport from Will County voters does not buy any real political clout. To tell the truth about it, Jr can ignore the wishes of voters in Will County until 2022 and still keep his job. The best move to make for Will County officials, at this point, is to ask for a seat at the planning table.

    It would be a wise move for Will County officials to follow the example set by the Mayor of Frankfort. As soon as it was announced that Bobby Rush would be his congressman, he put out the welcome matt and began to cultivate a relationship. The man probably knows that if he fights with Bobby Rush, his issues can be ignored in Washington for the next decade, regardless of who is in the White House.

    Folks, play the cards we have been dealt!

  • In reply to dbruce:

    Ahh..but that is the whole problem..JJ can win without anyone in Will voting for him. Isn't that the classic definition of disenfranchisement?

    Look, I agree that it is probably better to roll out the welcome mat, but what about the flip side? You could very well be making a deal with the devil when you do that. BTW, that mayor of Frankfort is a real piece of work himself - what is he? A triple-dipper?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Disenfrachisement may be an issue. However, there is no escaping the reality that the courts have said the congressional districts are fine for the next decade. There is no changing this fact. There is no choice but to deal.

  • In reply to dbruce:

    There are always choices "d". Maybe people should challenge a system where gerrymandering is an acceptable practice? Let's face it, just because the courts say it is okay doesn't make it right; i.e. the 2010 US Supreme Court saying corporations are considered individuals for the purpose of financing campaigns is absolutely a classic example of a Democracy becoming a Plutocracy.

    Dissent may be all we have left, but, I cannot flippantly accept making a deal just because it is the lesser of two evils - that is not what I wore the uniform for. The reality is that the ideals of "We The People" are being trampled upon. So far as I am concerned even subterfuge is a viable option to stop this proliferation.

    But hey - I do understand what you are saying - just not ready to lie down and die quite yet.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Continue the fight. What is legal isn't always right. But everybody needs to remember, fighting is difficult when your opponent knows he can ignore you. Furthemore, the gerrymandering issue is not an overnight issue. It will take years of court battles and the next time we'll visit this matter is in 2022.


    How many people would be willing to support a Will County GOP Second Congressional District candidate that was opposed to the airport and only conservative on fiscal and tax issues; if that would mean he/she would be competative with Jesse Jackson, Jr. and acceptable to Cook County voters? Would Will County voters be willing to live with a non-Tea Party, pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-environment and left leaning on just about every social issue?

    Yes, this New England kind of GOP candidate would be less than ideal. However, everybody would need to remember the goal: making a competative race for the Cook County. People may complain, "Why can't the Will County candidate be more like Adam K?" OK, to tell the truth about it, north of Crete, Adam K is unacceptable to Cook County voters. They do not agree with Adam K on the issues. If they did agree, he wouldn't have left to run against Don Manzullo. My message to Will County voters would be that the best they can hope for would be a fiscal and tax conservative only. Moreover, I would remind them that supporting a New England kind of Republican that just might win sizable votes in Cook County just might be their best hope to have Will County issues noticed in Washington.

  • In reply to dbruce:

    If the truth be told, I don't think Will County should be subjected to the influences of a Cook County period. As for what residents would or wouldn't be willing to live with - well I can't answer that as I can't speak for them. As I said - I understand what you are driving at and it is probably the most prudent thing to do - but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    What my point is and was - is that Will County is not Cook County. It infuriates me that districts are zoned to benefit candidates from Cook County. This shouldn't be a conversation of what Cook County or its voters want, rather it should be of what Will County deserves without gerrymandered maps. It is about fair representation and dealing doesn't resolve that inequity.

    Another honest hard truth - why hasn't Jesse Jackson Jr. done the right thing by advocating for the Chicago-Gary Airport? After all it already exists and would have meant plentiful jobs with immediate boots on the ground. But as we all know that won't happen because the speculators behind JJ have already staked their claims in and around Peotone without regard to what the residents there wanted.

    Strong arm tactics and political manipulation is what has been behind all this. Now is that what you would consider dealing in good faith?

    p.s. I am not an Adam Kinzinger or Tea Party supporter either. I am an Independent that believes in fair government for the everyday Joe's plan and simple

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    On the Gary Airport--

    (1) If you want to talk politics, there was the Daley deal that made it part of a Chicago regional airport authority, which also includes O'Hare and Midway. That's why it is called the Gary-Chicago Airport. If nothing else, it gets a part of the Chicago airport departure tax. So, since the political influence angle is all sewed up, JJJr. doesn't get anything from that.

    (2) Except for a couple of failed semi-charter startup operations, G-C can't attract passenger carriers, either. Having lived in NW Indiana, I don't see why those people tolerate the 60 mile ride to O'Hare, but they do.

    3) Although JJJr. is betting his farm on a concept that I have indicated is fictional, there is even less for him, and for his Lynwood/Ford Heights/Dixmoor constituents in Gary than in Peotone (sometimes renamed as "South of University Park").

    4) And certainly less for the Illinois landgrabbers.

    As far as dbruce's comment, essentially that the Illinois General Assembly can get away with gerrymandering is the problem, but since the three judge federal court did nothing about it, I see his cooperation or get bulldozed point. The only question is whether there are enough anti-Rush or anti-Jackson voters south of 138th Street or west of Harlem Ave. dbruce indicates not.

  • In reply to jack:

    Last point first - I get what dbruce is saying and that it is probably the most prudent thing to do no argument except I don't think I like the idea of laying down for Cook County. As for JJ, there may not be enough votes to beat him but given his propensity to deal with unsavories maybe he steps between a gang war or better yet gets booted by the ethics committee.

    1) The Chicago Gary Airport is run by the Gary Chicago Airport Authority, the basis for which was formed by the Chicago Gary Airport Compact signed in 1995. "A long-standing proposal to turn the Gary/Chicago International Airport into Chicago's third major airport received a boost in early 2006 with the approval of $48 million in federal funding over the next ten years."

    2) That's the problem ain't it?

    3) Refer to gang war / ethics committee statement.

    4) Refer to gang war / ethics committee statement.

    In short - they are all crooks people need to fight back. I have long said their are those in the judiciary that are in cahoots with the machine (and given many judges started out as politicians) my opinion remains. The system has been rigged for far too long. Giving in as DB suggests is nothing but a tacit approval of that.

    Making it even plainer for DB - it is akin to dealing with the mob - you lose when you win - rendersi conto di?

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    With the mob, one can always call in the feds or pay protection. Same with Ryan and Blago. I'm not sure that this is analogous, but just seems like that if one does not have a political way of defeating Chicago politicians (cf. my previous remarks about Halverson), either the municipality gets represented in Congress or doesn't.

    What tipped me off was Pace engaged in the exercise of thanking particular congresspeople for certain grants, and I wondered why they were thanking Rush for South Harlem Ave., except it appears that most of his district heads in that direction.

    So in that municipalities do that doesn't surprise me. As for us private citizens, there doesn't seem to be a cure unless (as I used to say frequently on Tribune comment boards until that appeared futile), someone gives us the means in the other 58 and 117 districts to defeat Madigan, Cullerton, and their fellow travelers. At least the Dem. incrumbents in a number of North Shore districts who voted for the tax increase are calling it quits.

  • In reply to jack:

    No doubt. I suppose we are just beyond a cure given the systematic dismantling of that ability. Still, I hold out hope my friend.

  • Folks, any Illinois Congressman or Senator, Republican or Democrat, that would actively push for development in Indiana will not win reelection, period. Republican or Democrat, they are sent to Washington DC to help bring development to Illinois. Yes, they have national responsibilities, but dollars from Washington are to be brought home. I think its safe to say that a farmer from Kankakee and a community activitist from the south side of Chicago could agree on that.

  • In reply to dbruce:

    "db" as I have said before - you are probably right in that that is the most prudent thing to do. Yet, it takes real courage to say "hey wait a minute - we don't need this." Granted, Peotone and the State of Illinois get the tax benefits they can impose whereas the Chicago - Gary Airport Authority split the proceeds amongst themselves. There is, however, a few other aspects; i.e. air pollution, noise pollution, etc. In addition, the Feds have already decided to invest $48 million in Gary to make the changes required before they can extend the runway. That grant was given in 2006 under a 10 year plan and here it is 2012 - so its viability becomes clearer and clearer while Illinois is still battling imminent domain issues without getting any closer to an operational airfield.

    Now "db" it seems to me that the State of Illinois has continued to spend money it doesn't have to persue a project with no guarantees. Even Gary cannot attract the major airlines as of yet, although another carrier is due to begin operations in February.

    With 4 years to go under the Fed Grant - seems to me Gary will be miles ahead and oh yeah, would probably satisfy most of JJ's core constituents ability to seek employment there. The region as a whole would still benefit in spite of the tax trade-off.

    What Illinois needs to do is stop squandering money that SHOULD BE going towards our own infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc) and education which has seen their receipts and owed monies held back and put into the General Fund.

    Will County, meanwhile, has staked its progress on the inter-modals and the expansion of other railroad traffic. With the inter-modals come the continued need for warehousing and distribution facilities. Some larger corporations are already taking advantage of that, while others are planning to move into Will in the near future.

    Now I would like to see that politician with some real guts stand up and say - you know folks - it looks like we missed the boat here. Because they have, in fact, already done so!

  • This is a petition to stop the South Suburban Airport. Please sign and send to all supporters that oppose this project.

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