Mr. President - Who's Paying For Air Force One, Two and Marine One Today?

Mr. President - Who's Paying For Air Force One, Two and Marine One Today?
Air Force One & Presidential Limo (Image: Public Domain)

Ah how nice – President Barack Obama has come home, albeit for a very short trip and the news media is abuzz. However, as Air Force One was taxing down the runway it didn’t dawn on any of our evening newscasters to ask the obvious question regarding his travel arrangements. I mean, this is after all, an unofficial visit for the sole purpose of attending fundraisers right? So, who is paying the costs for Air Force One (the real one and the dummy one) and Marine One to shuttle him in and out of Chicago?

Now, I am sure I know the answer to that one, but still, it is a fair question given he has a goal of raising a billion plus for his reelection and that there most certainly will many such junkets to other major cities around the country in his attempts to achieve that goal. Personally I don’t like the idea of the American Taxpayers having to pay the huge costs associated with such non-official trips given the enormity of staff and equipment that has to be mobilized each time the president leaves Washington.

So here is the deal Mr. President, you are the first president to embrace today’s technology and from what I understand – you are pretty tech savvy. So then, wouldn’t it be more cost effective if you sat your butt down and conduct your reelection campaign business via video conferencing? After all, it works fine for you when you want to do a Town Hall thing, right?

Oh and by the way – who is paying for William Daley’s tag along ride back to Chicago? I mean he resigned, right? Between you and I, there are commercial flights that are available between Reagan National and O’Hare a number of times daily, you know?

Anyway, it was nice seeing you schmooze the baby (but she can’t vote yet) and the rest of the greeting line. But I do want you to consider using the Video Conferencing idea as your main method for campaigning. After all, the American people have already sprung for the tab to Hawaii and the economy is in such a mess that anything short of 22 hour days to solve the nations ills would be disingenuous.

In other words, keep your butt in Washington and get to work –

you know, to do the work of the people?

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  • Why wasn't this an issue for you when W did it?

  • In reply to Mark McDermott:

    It Was! And by the way - Dubya wasn't smart enough to video conference either.

  • 22 hours a day? Get real.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    How about you getting real Aquinas? I am sure most people would have taken that comment as the tongue and cheek it was intended. But just for the record - I don't approve of any president (regardless of party) who spends more time and taxpayer money by taking out Air Force One for spin like it was a sports car. The costs of operating AF1 are enormous considering that two planes, not one, must make the trip each and every time. When Americans are struggling to fill up their gas tanks - seems kind of reckless to burn thousands upon thousands gallons of jet fuel for campaigning.

  • The annoying question time after time...Who is paying for AF1.
    Your answer, "who do you think?"
    People have chosen to have Barack Obama for our President. His job is to get our economy back on track, keep us safe and lead us into the future. Within his job description, his only way to travel is AF1. Every since this Man has taken office, there have been a constant amount whinning of his every actions. I dont remember people whinning so much of our previous Presidents. If your such an unhappy person of the VOTING SYSTEM....Stop Voting. Remain dormant in your lives by staying away from current events. Even if AF1 doesn't fly, you will still to continue to FILL UP YOUR GAS TANKS.

  • In reply to alexar78:

    Unlike most I haven't bashed Obama at every opportunity - but since you want to "only read the part you want to read" then here goes - using AF1 at taxpayer expense for campaign purposes is nothing short of abuse of power. No president regardless of political party is entitled to that.

    Justified trips that are in accordance with his work on BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE ARE FINE - but his swing back to Chicago wasn't about the people it was about his own reelection. As for us filling our tanks - yes we will have to. But ever since your agent of change got elected, well, gas prices have gone sky high. Now here is the reality - the people Obama wanted to protect are having to choose between other essential outlays and filling up their tanks. Some change.

    Your statement "I dont remember people whinning so much of our previous Presidents" I guess precludes the nightly whinning by liberals when Bush II was in office (not that he didn't deserve it more than not) . But hey - get real will you!

    As for our gerry-mandered voting system, those who have perpetrated non representative maps upon the people want more than anything for us to stop voting. Hey Are You related to someone in the Machine or something?

    The problem with you Obama liberals is the fact that you can't see the bigger picture through the web of shit they spew; well, that is the problem with the Conservative Right too.

    Thank God I am neither. And damn proud of it.

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