Koschman Homicide: Cook County State's Attorney Alvarez Should Resign As Judge Schedules Special Prosecutor Hearing

Koschman Homicide: Cook County State's Attorney Alvarez Should Resign As Judge Schedules Special Prosecutor Hearing

After writing numerous posts regarding the David Koschman homicide at the hands of former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew, Richard “RJ” Vanecko, I have concluded that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez should resign.

Naturally this is purely my opinion, but, given  everything I have read and written one can can only conclude that the events immediately after, and since, the final blow left David Koschman on life support and ultimately in a grave cannot be written off as easily as authorities may have wanted to.

There have just been too many coincidences involving the Chicago Police Department and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office that makes it reek of a massive cover-up. In short, the ultimate actions by those involved covering up this political headache can only be construed as acts of gross malfeasance. As such, all those involved – from the the investigating detectives to the prosecutors who failed to file charges  – cannot be trusted to safeguard the people of Chicago.

Any regular resident involved in such an altercation would have immediately been arrested, booked and have bond set. Yet, it didn’t happen. And the only reason it didn’t was because the party’s concerned all knew who “RJ ” Vanecko was and whom he was related to. Officials claiming otherwise, in my opinion, is nothing more than an insult to the intelligence of the people.

Anita Alvarez, though, had an opportunity to do the right thing right from the get go, but when this got hot – files from her office went mysteriously missing. Hey, you can bet your ass if this involved a gang banger or an unconnected person these files not only would have been available but they would have had duplicates of those files. The way I see it, Anita Alvarez, in spite of her otherwise decent record, has let her loyalty get the best of her and has fought tooth and nail to suppress a special prosecutor from taking a deeper and proper look into the events of that evening. (Please see the end of this post for links to every post regarding the Koschman Homicide).

Luckily, there are people who want justice served and continue to work on Mrs. Koschman’s behalf in getting it.

It was announced by Judge Michael Toomin on Wednesday that oral arguments regarding the appointment of a special prosecutor will begin in early March. And I hope for all concerned that the powers that be see this as a watershed moment. If this matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the people, the entire justice system in Cook County becomes suspect and flawed.

You know, Chicago already has the reputation that there is a deep double standard between regular citizens and the politically connected. As a matter of fact, the division is so wide that I am surprised that the people haven’t taken to the streets in violent protests given the bluntness of it. But I can tell you, I certainly can remember when the shit hit the fan during the 1968 Democratic Convention and the burning down of the West and South Side’s of Chicago after the Reverend Martin Luther King was senselessly murdered. Officials here should always keep those events in the back of their minds because spontaneous protest can and does happen.  Let’s face it, given everything that residents (victims) of Chicago and elsewhere in the state have endured due to the political corruption of its Machine Politicians, well, I don’t think it would really take very much to tip the balance between calm and rage. It really is a fine, fine line right now given the pent up anger.

You know, political corruption has, for the most part, been tolerated and accepted as to how the city that works – works. But the taxpayers have paid dearly too. Ed Burke, for instance can build high fences to keep you out, but if you try you can’t – even though you paid for his fence. And the list of improprieties and double standards go on and on and on. However, when we start talking about homicides involving the former mayor’s nephew going unpunished, well – then it is has gone way too far.

Enough is enough is enough already!

This case has been nothing but a miscarriage of justice from the get go.

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