Rod Blagojevich Sentenced! Judge Zagel Reminds Voters "The People Get Precisely The Government They Deserve"

Rod Blagojevich Sentenced! Judge Zagel Reminds Voters "The People Get Precisely The Government They Deserve"

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was given 14 years in Federal Prison by Judge Zagel. And considering what Hot Rod could have gotten, I suppose the Blagojevich’s should still keep the Judge on their Christmas Card List. It really, really could have been worse in spite of what some think. Of course the Blagojevich family, as well as his supporters, will not agree with my comments – but hey – oh well!

The fact remains that Rod Blagojevich did the people of Illinois wrong and by the time he ran for re-election most people could see that something was amiss in his administration. Yet they re-elected him! Similarly, the people also re-elected former Governor George Ryan even though he had had a history of corruption before his run for Governor of Illinois. Surprisingly, both these men won the highest office in the state by landslides.

So what does that tell you folks?

You know, Judge Zagel had it spot on when he said –

“the people get precisely the government they deserve.”

So, hey, do us all a favor okay?


There is another thought to ponder too. Perhaps Rod Blagojevich was giving us all a little insight into Illinois Politics when he chose to quote Rudyard Kipling’s “IF.”

“If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same……”

You see, Rod Blagojevich understood where the line in the sand was between right and wrong. As such, he also knew of the consequences. But, like so many of our other corrupt politicians they bank on their political triumphs to offset the impending disaster when caught. I guess the only problem with that sort of thinking is that politicians forget that there is also a breaking point! And the people have not only reached it – but, they now realize that their elected leaders are nothing but the imposters they are.

Rod Blagojevich was, and is, a product of the business as usual culture that has gone on in Illinois (Chicago) since the very beginning. You know, I often wonder how much he learned from his father-in-law, Dick Mell? After all – he is no lightweight in our politics. Still, you not only have to know how to play the game but you can’t alienate yourself from the corruption club either. Clearly, Rod Blagojevich chose to abandon the way things were done around here because he was greedier than most.

When Patrick Fitzgerald said that “Lincoln was turning in his grave” I really believe that he meant that the political predecessors who had devised the perfect scam were the ones who were turning in their graves. But hey, maybe now even Michael Madigan, John Cullerton, Joseph Berrios and Oh so many more will think twice before “making the next deal” at the taxpayers expense.

Yes, Mathias “Paddy” Bauler knew precisely what he was saying when he said the “people aren’t ready for reform – yet.”

Well, Maybe, Just Maybe The People Are Ready Thanks To Rod Blagojevich!


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  • I think that the only thing politicians have learned is don't say things like that near the phone or near a deputy who may be wearing a wire. That might be another reason why JJJr. wasn't indicted--he might have told one of his King of Beers brothers to talk to the Oak Brook Mumbai contingent, while at the same time himself only talking on the up and up while being interviewed by Blago. Furthermore, if you don't say it on the phone, it isn't wire fraud.

    "You see, Rod Blagojevich understood where the line in the sand was between right and wrong." As his "apology" (which Patrick Collins said on the radio, might have knocked off 3 years) is reported, it was that "I didn't realize that it was over the line, but now realize that the jury said it was criminal."

    People come back to campaign funds, but unfortunately, using them to run a "What's she thinking" ad every three minutes on innumerable television stations is legal. The obvious thing at the end--that he was selling favors in return to contributions to his campaign fund was so he could cash out--wasn't.

    "You know, I often wonder how much he learned from his father-in-law, Dick Mell?" Reports are he learned more from Vrdolyak (maybe he thought he was going to get Fast Eddie's sentence), and, anyway, the interesting thing is the time Mell wanted Blago to get the IEPA off of some cousin's back, and he refused, making Blago look like the "good guy" that time. There had to be more to that story.

    As far as the voters get what they deserve, that's obvious in Illinois on policy matters,but I can't figure out all the well wishers hanging out on Sunnyside Ave. or some nun testifying to Blago's character. That hits me as as dumb as all the reporters camped out there thinking that Blago was going to answer their questions, other than about Ron Santo. On 32.1 a few minutes after the sentence was announced, when asked, Mike Monico said that they only thing that was going to happen as Blago left the courthouse was that he would make a short speech about thanking the judge for not further throwing the book at him and not take any questions. Monico was exactly right, except for the thanking the judge point, but the media, which feeds the dumb voters, was chagrined.

    Finally, Jay Leno had the comment that "at least that's two governors Illinois doesn't have to pay a pension to." The rest of the bottom feeders you list, and also Quinn, know that they have fleeced the taxpayers for good pensions, so they don't have to cash out nor become pistachio pitchmen if their tenures for life ever do come to an end. Heck, it was reported yesterday that Joe Moore's wife said that he was getting some IEPA job and while he supposedly wasn't exercising any influence, his stooge ward committeeman was going to appoint her to fill the vacancy. So, nepotism never changes. Profit one way or the other.

  • In reply to jack:

    Regarding the line in the sand - regardless of what Blago's elocution was, it doesn't alter the fact he is a slimy manipulative conniver, as we saw with his "the jury" comment. As for his mentors, yes I would agree he learned more from Fast Eddie but since he was chasing Patty's skirt early on - I would think he learned about the "inner sanctum" from Mell. I suppose that is why Mell turned on him regarding the landfill deal in Joliet.

    I too am amazed at those who camped out and still offered words of praise - just goes to show how stupid and ignorant voters are. But hey - they really do get precisely what they deserve. Even after Blago is released from prison - the debts incurred under him still won't be satisfied - talk about a multi-generational hit. Is it any wonder then how far in debt we are from all the other politicians who added their burden on us?

    Nepotism may not ever end Jack - but I really think that these jokers better start doing the math. The days of crime paying off even after imprisonment - I believe are over.

    No if we can just get the constituency to do their job - mainly pay attention - maybe then we can at least weed out the most pervasive and egregious violators of the public trust.

    Of course I am not holding my breathe though.

  • I read with interest what my peers had to say and were allowed to have printed, the problem is not the slime balls we elect it is us the dummies who cannot see thru the rose colored smoke screen that money and pressure can and does buy. we in illinois, which to me is a great state,are to busy with the survival of our species to really delve into the true facts of the pol's that stand before us. we shrug off the fact that we have the god given right and freedom in our land to be free to say and to chose, problem is as i see it , the thought behind our actions at times are devoid of logic, and we pick up on the first t--d that comes floating along. its hard to change the majority with just the minority, but remeber in this our usa, the minority is the majority. use your power well. ciao

  • In reply to bilme134:

    Thanks for your comment "bilme." You make some very good points. As for the people with rose-colored glasses - the reason I began the blog was to get people to look closer at our politics because ideology means nothing between the machine and combine. I fully agree with you that it is the peoples, or as you say the dummies, that need to make better choices before we can see change.

    And yes we can have change - if we all have the will to change the status quo. Hopefully people will agree more than not with me and start evaluating what they are getting.

    By the way, when people comment here - they can be assured I won't censor them - unless it is those spam ads that occasionally get through. I do encourage people to speak their minds even if they don't agree with me. Besides, differences of opinion are necessary in any good debate.

    Again thanks.

  • In reply to bilme134:

    There may be also the point that Illinois voters are easily bought off. I mentioned earlier that I couldn't understand those who were crying on Blago's doorstep, but one said that Blago got her health care coverage. I'll bet through either some federal program or one of his unconstitutional programs that probably isn't funded.

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