Ho Ho Ho! Three Gifts Of Political Corruption For Illinois Taxpayers

Ho Ho Ho! Three Gifts Of Political Corruption For Illinois Taxpayers

Ho Ho Ho! Illinois Taxpayers!

The only problem with Santa Clauses familiar greeting is that it is really hard to determine exactly how many Santa Clauses there are operating in the State of Illinois! But one thing is certain though, there are a lot of them and these imposters have cost Illinois Taxpayers a bundle. The only constant in all this public corruption is that it is the people of Illinois who have themselves been complicit in it. So? Is the joke on them?

The main jokers, of course, are the hard-core Democratic Voters of Chicago and Cook County. Decades of blindly following their fictitious political ideology would be funny enough in terms of poetic justice if it weren’t for the fact that it is so damn sad. By now, it has become more than crystal clear, to me anyhow, that what we have in that Democratic Machine Stronghold are masses of political zombies. And if you think I am kidding, well, then think of it in the context of that old joke where a patient seeing the doctor complains of having an unbearable ache only to go on and reveal that the condition has been self-inflicted. Naturally, the only thing the doctor could prescribe the patient is an old-fashioned, in your face “well duh, then don’t do that stupid!” Of course we all know how that joke ends as the idiot patient goes and seeks a second opinion.

Ho, Ho, Ho Illinois Taxpayers! Because that is pretty much the same way Democratic voters have stuck themselves with the same old blood-sucking, bottom-dwelling machine politicians (and eventually their self-appointed, blood-sucking offspring replacements). The insanity just continues to perpetuate itself. That is, until some of “Dem Zombies” finally realize that everything that they have worked so hard for and saved for has wound up in the machine politicians’ feeding trough. The only problem, though, is that these blood-sucking political pigs have a much bigger appetite than what John and Joan Q. Public can replenish into the trough.

Now, in the Spirit of Father Christmas, I would like to offer you all just a few examples of how we have been screwed by Illinois Lawmakers. So, sit back and enjoy your  Three Gifts of Illinois Political Corruption. (a.k.a. The Illinois Democratic Machine’s 365 Days of Christmas):

Gift One: The Self-Perpetuating Illinois Tollway Authority

Now this gift is a classic; instead of planning for its’ dissolution as required by law – the Illinois Tollway Authority has continued to reissue new bonds and exist for some 60 years at the public’s expense. Now we will all see an 87.5% rate hike increase to fund another 15-year construction program that will cost taxpayers a whopping $12.1 Billion. Exactly how many John “Quarters” Boyle’s will emerge in this next phase of the Illinois Tollway Saga is uncertain, but one thing is – the same politically connected construction companies will get the bulk of the work and any minority requirements for the project will probably be steered through some specially chosen, narcotic-addicted addressee who was once associated with the Hired Truck Scandal.

Here is a suggestion (or is that a warning?): First, you better all keep a close eye on your I-Pass Account for “glitches,” however, you can all do yourselves a big favor by just  trying to avoid using the tollways as much as practical by using alternative routes. I already, for instance, have plotted new routes for my travel needs and have  tested them out with good $ucce$$.

Gift Two: Illinois Pension System Abuse

Ho, Ho Ho Illinois Taxpayers! We all know that this gift is an absolute beauty for our career politicians and insiders. Where else can a career politician substitute for one-day (and not be a teacher) to qualify for a huge pension bump? Only in Illinois! But, the latest revelation involving Chicago City Council Finance Committee Chairman Edward Burke and former State Representative Bob Molaro has to be one of the most insulting and in-your-face abuses of the year!

Ed Burke hired Bob Molaro, to get this, pen a 19 page White Paper on “Chicago’s Ailing Pension Funds.” How ironic, and oh how insulting given the fact that the information has been readily available to the public via easily accessible records. But that isn’t the end of the story either. It seems this political Coup d’ Etat has allowed Bob Molaro to push his pension from $64,000 per year to a staggering $120,000 per year for one month’s work. And over the course of his expected life span – that will cost taxpayers an additional $3 Million. And that is just for Molaro!

Meanwhile, the honest, hard-working government workers in the trenches (who do all the real work) are now threatened with a reduction in their hard-earned benefits. All because these blood-sucking career politicians are pulling similar scams all over this state. So, is it really any wonder on why the various pension systems are dangerously under-funded? Perhaps the largest insult to injury, though, is that Illinois Taxpayers have already payed numerous times to try and get the pensions solvent. And what? They will eventually be hit up again and again and again. Now that is some Ho, Ho, Ho!

Gee? Do you think the time has come for a legitimate populist revolt? And I mean a real revolt! It is exactly as Judge Zagel intimated at Rod Blagojeviches sentencing: “the people get precisely the government they deserve!” If you want to vote in the same blood-sucking pig politicians then you better be prepared to get more of the same – know what I mean?

Gift Three: A Corrupt Illinois Legislature Bent On Enriching Themselves & Cronies

Of course, this is the most egregious and farthest reaching abuse Illinoisans face each and every day! When the people have a body of lawmakers that are more concerned with enriching themselves and family as well as their campaign contributors and other cronies – then you have a government that resembles more a Plutocracy than a Democracy. The spoils, thus, go to the fat cats of our corrupt politics.

And this is not necessarily just an Illinois Thing. The U.S. Congress is the benchmark for corruption, graft and self-promotion. For instance, members of Congress are immune from most of the very same laws they pass and we are held accountable to. And what about that “Insider Trading Crap?” Naturally, the State House’s around the country are no different when it comes to shielding themselves from unethical behavior.

And perhaps, there is no more better example of unethical behavior than right here in Illinois! State Senate President John Cullerton, State House Speaker Michael Madigan and a “host of other Madigoons” (including the nepotism king Joseph Berrios) have all profited mightily via their tax law businesses which seek property tax abatement’s for their best and biggest campaign contributors. Now, it may be legal – but then again when the Madigoons control the legislation as to what is legal and what isn’t – then what in the hell do you think you will get? This iron-fisted control over the Illinois Legislature has cost Illinois Taxpayers untold billions in questionable and unethical legislation. The only certainty in their political dealings is that they have screwed Illinois Taxpayers without the benefit of a loving kiss. It is just the usual Just Bend Over And Smile Without The K-Y!

Well, I hope you have all enjoyed my three gifts to you. Most importantly, though, it is my hope that as we enter into another New Year very shortly that the good people of this state forget about the pipe dream and disillusions associated with partisan politics in Illinois. There is no such thing as a real Democrat, or a Real Republican here. Instead, all Illinois Voters have to choose from are career blood-sucking political pigs who thrive off the sweat of others. Never, and I mean never forget how big their appetite is once they are in front of the public trough and the arrogant manner in which they deceive us.

Now, if my words do not resonate with you, then please ponder what the great Peruvian writer, Mario Vargas Llosa once had to say about politics: “Real politics…has little to do with ideas, values, and imagination…and everything to do with maneuvers, intrigues, plots, paranoias, betrayals, a great deal of calculation, no little cynicism, and every kind of con game.”


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  • Where is the transparency of the Tollway?



    In Illinois each IL Tollway board member makes 31,426 a year, FREE health and pension benefits for them and their families, and meet once a month. Most board members don't even attend all meetings but received more income a year than most employees. This is sick. No business using public money should be operating this way. No one ever reports or investigate this.


    PACE PAYS 0.00 FOR TOLLS!!!!!!! WHY???

  • In reply to MrGovernment:

    You might have been on sound footing (I don't know) until your last sentence.

    1. Pace contends that there is a congestion mitigation purpose to using the tollways. Given that their last 2 tollway projects failed, that may be questionable, but they are carrying people on the Northwest.

    2. Pace is not a private company, but also tax supported. If you live in Cook County, you are paying 1.25% sales tax to the RTA (plus state supplements), .50% in collar counties.* One thing I have never understood is one taxing body collecting tax money for another, and similarly, if Pace doesn't get this benefit, supposedly in the state's interest, your sales tax goes up, as well as congestion between Schaumburg and Rosemont. Rest assured that it is tax money, as Pace's dummied up recovery ratio is less than 35%.

    *Actually .75%, but .25% goes to the county.

  • fb_avatar

    A very wise Man once said. " If you have integrity nothing else matters, and if you don't have integrity nothing else matter.
    (John Daugherty)

  • A very wise man! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays.

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