Black Friday Deal Leads To Woman Spraying Shoppers With Pepper Spray

Black Friday Deal Leads To Woman Spraying Shoppers With Pepper Spray

The Annual Insanity a.k.a Black Friday has officially begun and true to form – the Thanksgiving Spirit quickly went out the window when a woman in Los Angeles sprayed shoppers with pepper spray to keep them away from merchandise she just had to have. In all, 20 people suffered minor injuries and at least 10 of them were due to “rapid crowd movement.” The news account went on to indicate that the pepper-spraying bargain hunter was still being sought.

What a screwed-up world, you know? Then again, this whole Black Friday concept is pretty screwed-up as it is considering people would even consider sacrificing valuable family time to rush out the door shortly after clearing the Thanksgiving dishes to go stand in some insanely long line to snag, what is most of the time, some low quality door-buster deal.

Don’t get me wrong here – I am all for saving money. But saving money is a relative thing too. I mean, I have absolutely no desire to buy a Coby, Dynex or similar HDTV for whatever rock-bottom price it is advertised for. Sure there might be a few really good quality items to be had out there but from what I have been able to deduce, by the slew of Black Friday Ads, most of those same deals are readily available from Amazon this year. Matter of fact, I thought I heard that Amazon will be aggressively matching brick and mortar store sale prices online.

So what’s the fuss Gus? Just turn on your laptop and save yourself some expensive gasoline, time and aggravation. Besides, wouldn’t relaxing in an easy chair and spending some precious time with the family more than justify avoiding the annual craziness? You know, it is bad enough that there seems to be a heightened anxiety whenever the holidays come around, but when you start getting some lunatic to pack pepper spray and then use it to ward off other consumers, well, it just isn’t worth it.

Of course, there are other things to consider too. It is kind of like that Target commercial where the woman in her red sweats declares she hasn’t slept in days readying herself for the Big Black Friday Event – well you know something? I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the road when the zombie shoppers are making their way towards me. What isn’t so funny, though, is that there are actually people like that out there waiting to rip that great deal right out of your hands.

Sure is a hell of a way to kick off the holidays.

I don’t know about you, but Black Friday just isn’t worth the aggravation or the bother. Besides, the deals will still be there long after Black Friday morphs –

into yet another contrived sale day.


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  • Incidents such as these are sad and shameful for the world-view of our country. Just 24 hours after we are supposed to give thanks and show compassion for those in need, all of this comes to surface from the Capitalist mania the public is worked into by Big Business. I wrote an article about the true meaning behind our holiday and a warning about our national disgrace which is Black Friday at

  • In reply to dregstudios:

    Yes, it is a shame being barely 24 hours after Thanksgiving. I suppose that just shows how far society in general has denigrated. Holidays no longer seem to hold any special meaning for many. Thanks for the comment and I'll check out the link.

  • People are nuts.

    However, I did see on some news channel or the other that Black Friday retail sales about doubled from 2005 to 2010, so that's why the retailers try to fan the frenzy.

    I thought Black ---day referred to a stock market crash, but I guess it now has a different meaning.

    At least this killed the morning news "People are standing in front of Target" stories from about 10 years ago.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sure - I mean I understand it. Black Friday in fact does put many businesses into the black for the year and that could be huge for the smaller shops who are barely hanging on, although Saturday has now been designated Small Business Day. Still, there is no need for the mania - stores should be responsible enough to open at a normal hour instead of fanning the flame with their midnight only prices, etc.. That's the insanity. The bottom line is simple enough though - people will shop even if all merchants were to open at a more traditional hour.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    As I indicated, that would just move the riot to 9:05 a.m. Even though people know that there will be better deals next week.

    I was surprised, though, that with the economy going into the toilet in 2008, the Black Friday graph's upward trajectory was unaffected.

    For that matter, I was surprised that Farm and Fleet started their Christmas advertising October 15. There sure aren't any by me, but maybe the one in Montgomery is by you.

  • In reply to jack:

    Perhaps it would move it to 9:05, but who knows - a little sleep?
    The Black Friday phenomenon doesn't really surprise me as most just held off until the holidays to buy, after all Christmas shopping will always occur, right?

    Yeah Farm and Fleet gets regular business from us, especially the bird seed since it seems we feed 1000 wild birds that have adopted our backyard. Great prices on the 50# bags. But - I did notice the rush to Christmas this year - way too early.

  • fb_avatar

    Watching some of the news reports on Black Friday shoppers seemed like a live-action version of The Simpsons.

  • In reply to billyjoe:

    Ain't that the truth Billy Joe

  • Maybe we should change Thanksgiving Day to the 1st or 2nd Monday in October. this would lengthen the Xmas shopping season to over two months and lessen the pressure to get a deal because after all you would over 10 weeks . Since Xmas adverts start in October, it would just be following a trend. I doubt if Xmas shopping would start in August or September. Too much else is going on. There is historical precedent for it - george washington celebrated the 1st TDay on October 3. So that is my solution to Black Friday madness - change TDay to a Monday so there is no Black friday.

  • In reply to ejhickey:

    Excellent thoughts EJ, especially your last thought.

    Unfortunately the advertising / marketers will just come up with say a Tip Tuesday (to tip the scales between profit and loss)? Alas - I fear we must live with the nonsense.

    At least we all have a choice as how to participate (or not).

    Thanks for your comment.

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