Scumbags and Bobbsey Twins: William Cellini Trial Shows How Deep The Scum Goes

Scumbags and Bobbsey Twins: William Cellini Trial Shows How Deep The Scum Goes

William “the Pope” Cellini has been called the consummate insider and for years has been able to do the things people like that do without getting caught. That is until, of course, the Teachers Retirement System was being targeted by slimier slime-balls than he. According to testimony by A1 Scumbag Stuart Levine, it appears that William Cellini wasn’t too enamored with the likes of Anton “Tony” Rezko and Christopher Kelly, whom he called the Bobbsey Twins. Evidently Cellini didn’t like the fact that the Bobbsey Twins were threatening potential fees his investment firm would make off of TRS contracts. Imagine that – one scumbag getting mad at other scumbags for wanting a piece of the corruption pie? I guess it just goes to show you that the one thing the Cellini Trial will show us with absolute clarity and certainty is how deep the scum goes in Illinois Politics.

Sadly the corruption is so prevalent here that Illinoisans must pay a higher burden for the benefit of governance, good and bad. Illinois’ “Corruption Tax” has existed for a long time, but as we have all seen of late, has skyrocketed because lawmakers haven’t shown that they actually have a stomach for reform. Instead, the Illinois legislature mantra remains – tax, tax, tax! And when that runs out? Well – tax more, tax more, tax more. Naturally the reason for that is because there are more and more slimy hands taking from the corruption tax pie.

I suppose we must give William Cellini some credit though – he was sharp enough to know that getting too many people in the game meant getting less and less unless you extracted more funds to cover the con game and that there was a danger to that. Cellini, for all intents and purposes is an old time political player and like those politicians of old, he knew that there had to be limits put on their “tributes” to avoid arousing suspicion. Unfortunately, greed got the better of Cellini when he asked for more to cover the demands of the Bobbsey Twins.

He should have known better. And just like them old Mafia Bosses who figured out that the Young Turks (the Boobsey Twins) wanted their piece of the pie and would stop at nothing to get it. Even if it meant exposing the criminal enterprise for all the world to see. As some will say, things change, but it isn’t always for the better, you know? But let’s not kid ourselves – Illinois Politics is no different than La Cosa Nostra and at the end of the day even the old bosses will make a bad deal because of their own greed. And right now it looks to me like “the Pope” got played by the Blagojevich Bobbsey Twins and their greed.

I guess the only question left to be answered is if the jury takes the word of one scumbag over another?


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  • Nothing really of interest until you get to the last paragraph. However, that one is essentially the same as the Rezko trial--i.e. Levine by himself has no credibility, but if the tapes are good enough he served his purpose by providing a foundation for their admissibility, and then the tapes speak for themselves.

  • Sorry it didn't meet with your approval Jack.

  • Doesn't have anything to do with approval, but that (as noted on other Chicago Now posts) I was extremely bored yesterday, and "no honor among thieves" didn't hit me as a new concept. On the other hand, the lawsuit over the vibrator listed in the right panel did.

  • In reply to jack:

    I figured you were bored by the tone so I gave you a facetious retort. I guess we are both bored as the political scenery is much the same all the time and writing something fresh is a challenge sometimes - but hey gotta post something as they say.

    I have been doing my other blog on Chicago Now too:

    With playoffs looming in various sports it is time to push a little more at that site - so bear with me Jack.

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