Adam Kinzinger Office Staff Calls Cops On Peaceful Protesters?

Adam Kinzinger Office Staff Calls Cops On Peaceful Protesters?

U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger is no stranger when it comes to getting HIS message out. However, if his constituents want to get a message out to him via a peaceful protest (in front of his office) – well, then his staffers are instructed to call the cops. And they just didn’t do it once – they did it twice! Now that is what I call giving voters a Big Turn of the Screw!

You know, I can’t tell you exactly how many robocalls we received during Adam Kinzinger’s run for office, but, they numbered in the dozens. Yes – that was plural! Even after the election, Kinzinger’s robocall’s have continued to come so long as they are messages that HE and/or his Tea Party Co-Hort’s are trying to push or distort upon us.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the idea of using technology as a means to get these “conference call town hall meetings.” That is – if they actually relate to issues in the elected officials’ district. The 11th, for instance, has had a real problem when it comes to JOBS and people want to know what the Representative is doing about it. That is of major importance to us voters here. Unfortunately, though, all we get is the same old Tea Party Rhetoric that calls for regular folks to give up what they earned, while no effort is being made to go after the Big Tea Party Campaign Contribution Machine, a.k.a. Big Business  who are somehow exempted from paying their fair share of taxes.

I have talked to Adam Kinzinger’s staff, and I have sent multiple emails, warning the representative that the issue in our district is – J-O-B-S and that he needs to get on track with that as well as not fall for the idea that Americans want austerity programs. However, all I have gotten are the standard canned responses  in return. I am sure that others have been treated the same way from what I have read. So it is no wonder that his constituents are angry!

But hey, it seems that Adam Kinzinger has forgotten what got him elected here in the first place. And he, of all people, should know that the 11th District is Independent! His predecessor, Debbie Halvorson, was dumped after one term in office and he could very well meet that same fate if he continues to ignore the wants and desires of his constituents.

Matter of fact, according to the The Times Weekly, Adam Kinzinger has failed to hold an ” in-district”  town hall meeting, or any other public forum for that matter, since the August Recess. This in spite of the fact that multiple requests were made by groups of unemployed workers for him to do so. So what other choice did these people really have have then? They protested – just as any other slighted constituency would do. The fact that Kinzinger’s Staff decided to fetch the Joliet Police on them indicates a level of contempt that is unacceptable. Did they somehow forget that people actually had the Constitutional Right to Peacefully Protest?

Well, maybe the time has come for Adam Kinzinger to explain to us all exactly how he feels about the Little Guy and his Rights and Liberties. After all, I think we already know all about the Tea Party Caucus’ ideals on wanting to protect Big Business. But what about us regular citizens? Although I think we already know the answer.

Oh Well – I guess this just the way it is with the TEA PARTY CAUCUS.

Look, if I have said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times by now. The Tea Party was hijacked by an extreme faction of the Republican Party and their only intent is to perpetuate the the class differences that is getting wider in America. Their idea of “shared sacrifice” is a nothing but a code word for “Stick it to the Middle Class.” Big Business continues to be favored by this new breed of GOP, and I will tell you this – it is a dangerous path! Anyone buying the Tea Party Rhetoric will probably learn the hard way after it is too late to do anything about the damage they will create. It is all about austerity with them.

Believe me though, President Obama and his Administration hasn’t exactly accomplished much either. They too have failed miserably. The biggest dilemma we face in 2012 is if no Moderate candidate emerges. Having to pick between the Tea Party Candidates and President Obama doesn’t even come down to the lesser of two evils. But, sure as I am sitting here – the Tea Party AIN’T GOT IT if you want to protect all your rights and liberties!

Isn’t that right Adam Kinzinger?


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  • The Shoe on not having the constitution to read the Constitution applies here. IIRC, the First Amendment still contains the provision on assemble peacefully and petition the government for redress of grievances.

    Of course, if he doesn't do anything other than robocalls, maybe he figures that Bobby Rush will be your representative in 2013. I haven't looked over the map in your area, and, of course, Judge Lefkow* hasn't tipped her hand yet in the reapportionment suit.

    As far as robocalls, I look at caller ID and generally send them to the answering machine. The politician ones usually save to the answering machine, as opposed to the other ones, where one just gets a dial tone. However, unlike you, I haven't received any politician ones in a while. I think Dold used the Kirk technique of "I'm sorry that you couldn't join us on a telephone town meeting" once. Kirk used to do that all the time. Also, none from the state rep, although she sent out the obligatory postcard that she voted for "the bipartisan state budget."

    *And we know she isn't going to take any bull. I, though, had to look it up to confirm which judge.

  • In reply to jack:

    I don't think where I live (too far west) that I will have a Chicago Boy representing me. However, there is credence in what you say for folks on the eastern portion of the district. I believe the rep would be none other than "snake oil" Jackson Jr. - so he can continue interfering with Will Co and Peotone Airport politics.

    I am not sure about Lefkow as you are when it comes to taking any bull - she has displayed her loyalty to the machine long ago and is beholden in many ways. Matter of fact - too many judges are beholden given their little "recall" perk after losing an election.

    Talk about separation of powers - yeah right - hahaha.

    Robocalls, in themselves, don't bother me as much as the one's making them. Kinzinger went on a blitz - literally to get himself elected here - but mark my words - the 11th don't put up with the politician who does nothing or the ones who do things behind closed doors. Halvorson learned that first-hand.

    This latest fois pas will bite Kinzinger right in the ass.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Basically, I wouldn't write off the federal judges here as being machine. Unlike the state judges who get slated by Burke and Berrios, at least the federal ones have to be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, and, at least in this area, I haven't heard anything about any of them in recent times not being fit to do their judicial duties. There also is the appeal to the 7th Circuit, which I still believe is dominated by U of C professors selected by Reagan (Posner, Easterbrook, and Wood--and it was said that the U of C Law School became liberal only after Reagan tapped its faculty as judges).

    Not that I am predicting what they will rule, in that, for instance, I'm not sure that the Republicans have plaintiffs with standing to bring up Voting Rights Act issues, but I am convinced that this map is unconstitutional.

    As I said, Lefkow hasn't tipped her hand yet.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    Also, with regard to any inference of a post job perk, federal Article III judges have their jobs for life (during good behavior, i.e., unless impeached), and don't face any election, so I don't think they have to work for the state. On occasion, they might go back to academia or the private sector, but certainly not to work for $120,000 and pension benefits from the state.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes I agree - but the thought that the State Supreme Court can "reinstate or recall" a judge on a whim ain't sittin' right with me.

    Any judge who was soundly defeated (if an electable post) - well, they were defeated more times than not for a reason beyond the ABA or other organization not liking them. I mean we have had quite a few abusive judges and if people reject them - then so should those in position to bring them back.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    As I pointed out when Byrne brought up that the state legislative remap violates the "compact and contiguous" district requirement, that is in the Illinois Constitution, but no one has brought any of these cases in state court (probably for the obvious reason you stated in the first sentence of the next post).

    Whatever powers the Illinois Supreme Court claims under separation of powers in the state constitution, it doesn't have any power over federal judges.

    In any event, though (with regard to the following post), Article III of the U.S. Constitution is what it is, and no one is going to amend that in the near future.

  • In reply to jack:

    That is true.

  • I will say this Jack (and don't take it the wrong way) - judges begin somewhere and it always is political. I simply do not trust, nor do I think that judiciary is far enough removed from the other branches.

    I simply do not see the principle of "checks and balances" being applied as our forefathers envisioned. Theories are all fine and dandy - but we must deal in reality and that of course always leads back to the greed of humankind.

    The notion of judgeship's for life is another sore point with me - that just shouldn't be acceptable to anyone.

    But yes the map IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and let's see if the Judge does what is required under the law. or will there be another obtuse interpretation of the law somewhere?

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