Illinois Governor The "Quinn"tessential Machine Politician

Illinois Governor The  "Quinn"tessential Machine Politician

Huckster and Flim-Flam Man are the descriptions I usually bestow upon Illinois Governor Quinn, although there are probably much better ones if I lower myself to using street lingo. Whatever the description, though, I am sure there are some people who have finally figured out that the Illinois Governor is a “Quinn”tessential Chicago Machine Politician. Most of us, of course, are more than used to to this greedy animal called Machine Politician, however, what should gall citizens of this state is the fact that Quinn has been nothing short of a fraud, as far as his political ethos go. Quinn, who had built a reputation for being a so-called defender of the people – but as we have seen since ascending to the Governor’s Mansion that the people are the absolute last thing on this man’s mind.

Surprisingly, though, this is a man who should know that his winning margin in the gubernatorial election was anything but a mandate. Then again, he is probably just going on the assumption that once you win the prize – the machine keeps you entrenched. Well normally that would seem to hold true in a state that isn’t known for exactly exercising its right to vote, or using it wisely. With Quinn, though, it could backfire given his propensity to publicly backtrack on the issues.

For instance, a little over a year ago he signed into law the ability to make it easier for people to obtain information under the  Freedom of Information Act only to reverse himself this week by gutting the initial legislation. Quinn, no doubt, has agreed with those who really pull the strings in this state that transparency is something that would be detrimental to their “fleecing the taxpayer” enterprise.”

Our machinery just doesn’t like accountability or transparency! After all, how can they justify all those political appointments that put taxpayers on the hook for inflated salaries, benefits and retirement pensions that allow career politicians to double and triple dip a system for decades? Sadly, “the people” have allowed it to happen.

Perhaps most people feel helpless when it comes to the greed of its politicians or justify it with an attitude of “that’s the way it is.” I am not sure why so many people are apathetic, but you would think that after so many have had to cut back on their own lives, while the business as usual sign is hung in plain view, that something would. I don’t know how many times I have asked “where’s the anger?” but I know it has been more than a few times.

When will it click in peoples minds that they have been short-changed by its elected officials? When will they realize that their children’s children will have nothing in the future? How many times does one have to pay for the same service? The list of waste is endless.

Yet, our roads and bridges have remain neglected, our prospects for children receiving a quality education all but gone – and still the politicians are tapping us dry for programs that have been supposedly shored-up by the last tax hike. And when you try and find out “where the money has gone?” or better yet – “who got that money?” – politicians stand in our way to get that information. Gee, don’t you think the time has come for some real change? Yeah?

Then how do these “Quinn”tessential politicians keep getting elected?


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  • I'm starting to wonder which is worse:

    (a) pandering outright crooks, like Ryan and Blago, or

    (b) a pandering idiot savant, who claims he "knows it all" but likes hearing himself talk, sort of like a condescending pedophile priest (which includes Jeff Smith, so I am not picking on any particular religion)?

    "b" is why I don't say he is a machine politician, but has proved time and time again that he is a useful tool of the machine. Crap like "the reapportionment was transparent" coming out of his mouth proves the latter.

    He is supposedly willing to stand up to Com Ed, but sure it is fine to have unregulated hikes if it is the Toll Highway Authority, with his appointees. I've said that his tune would be different if the Tollway were owned by People's Flatulence (which I assume still hires relatives of people on the Illinois Commerce Commission).

    As far as "liking to hear himself talk," I punched another button the radio when he started bloviating about sending the National Guard to N.Y., although it wasn't clear that he had done so. Sort of like Lovie Smith on Chester Taylor. Maybe the two are related, and maybe that's why I don't trust either.

    Back to a prior train of thought, the 8/29 Shoe was in point. You are a day late for a change. :-)

  • In reply to jack:

    Your link to Shoe again proves that I am a day late and two-bits short. LOL.

    I believe that Quinn stands up to Com Ed because there isn't the same amount of money that can be siphoned-off the top for the boys; Com Ed after all is competition for the almighty "hide-a-buck."

    Don't kid yourself for a second - Quinn is every bit the street-wise machine politician and not merely a tool (although he sure acts like a tool). The only reason it may look that way, though, is because he isn't an instant slam-dunk for Maddie. Quinn is always looking for what he is going to get out of it - so I guess he is smarter than most in that department. Remember, this was the guy who knew how to manipulate those personal loans from his dormant campaign funds - so he isn't stupid when it comes to money. So long as it isn't his that is.

    As for one over the other - well they are all the same at the end of the day.

  • In reply to Michael Ciric:

    I don't have much more to say on the main point, except that the feds charging the village president of Channahon with personal income tax evasion indicates that Illinois is like Diogenes, in search of the one honest politician, and he won't find it.

    As far as the Quinn-pro-quo the distinction of course is whether he is manipulating or engaging in attempted or actual extortion.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yea read about that. I don't think there is an honest pol in the state.

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