Obama and GOP - No Deal, No Social Security Checks? No Vote For You!

Obama and GOP - No Deal, No Social Security Checks? No Vote For You!

I don’t know about you, but this game of chicken between President Obama, Democrats and Republicans is getting annoying. With the nation mired in the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, lawmakers have decided that now is the time to jeopardize the global financial markets instead of letting cooler heads prevail and postpone the bigger battle of the debt ceiling until the the economy was at least off of life support. But no, the pissing contest goes on and on, with both sides failing to see that if their threats to cut off Social Security Checks that they may as well as pack their bags. Idiots all!

Somehow these yokels seem to think people receiving benefits are limited to being either Democrats or Republicans. Duh? It is a non-partisan thing, remember? I can assure you this, any politician dumb enough to so much as delay benefits one iota, will be cutting-off their nose to spite their face.

It is real simple – No Deal and No Social Security Checks = No Vote For You!

You see, it just isn’t about those benefit checks either. People will not be too pleased as credit card interests shoot through the roof in addition to spiraling our ailing economy into an even deeper tailspin. If lawmakers aren’t happy about the current rate of unemployment now, well, then go ahead and shut down the government and just add to that number – GREATLY!

Oh yea, have we talked about the sudden inflation yet?

First of all, I think President Obama was disingenuous with his no checks comment because the government would be able to satisfy their obligations. So he is adding a level of fear that is, quite frankly, unnecessary. But we should be used to this by now given President Obama’s penchant for arranging prime time speeches every time he wants to make the opposition look uncooperative. Okay, we get that game already Mr. President, but it is old. As for Boehner and Cantor? Give it a damn rest already. The Tea Party caucus has misinterpreted how far Americans are willing to go to make a point, and yes, that too has gotten old.

Here is the solution, raise the debt ceiling as it has been done under every other Administration and then get off your asses and sit down and do your f#$king jobs. Start cutting the waste of war on three fronts and trim a military budget that has more tentacles than a damn octopus. Next, revise and simplify the tax code so everyone pays their fair share, individuals and corporations alike. While we are at it, corporations that refuse to reinvest back into America need to have their loopholes shut tight. Next, force the financial institutions to either open up their pocket books and make the necessary loans to spur the economy, or take away their anti-trust protections. You might even consider revoking those all those mega-mergers that have done nothing but stifle competition and forced millions more off their jobs.

There are so many places where they can begin if they were serious, but they just don’t want to do it. This posturing for the 2012 Election is absolutely sickening. Dammit, they were sent to Washington to do a job and they haven’t done it! But like it or not, sometimes you just got to kiss your sister and agree to something! It just rankles my ass that lawmakers have forgotten the definition of diplomacy and have made a mockery out of governance.

But one thing these yokels in Washington should know, common drunks can reach agreement quicker and more equitably than they can! Then again, maybe that’s what the problem is – common drunks drink the cheap stuff – unlike our spoiled Washington lawmakers!

Sadly, we have to pick up that tab too.


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  • As far as both sides being for show, that's true, but I commented on that before.

    With regard to financial institutions opening up loans, I agree with regard to business (one can consider the idiocy of some reports that a bank will make a loan if the borrower deposits an equivalent amount in a savings account to secure the loan, to which the businessman said that if he had the money, he wouldn't need the loan), but commented earlier about housing being overbuilt.

    Revoking mega mergers would probably require Congressional legislation breaking up the companies and probably result in years of court battles. The real problem is that, stating at least with the Clinton administration (as far back as I know), the Justice Department, Federal Trade Commission, and Federal Communications Commission have been too lax in allowing mergers that create duopolies. The usual mechanism is to approve the merger subject to divestiture of competing assets, but the combined company agrees to divest the garbage. That happened with a theater merger about 13 years ago--the merged company kept the multiplexes, and spun off the old theaters to a "minority owned enterprise," that folded in about a year. In most other industries (oil, publishing, beer, as three examples), the mega companies are foreign, which also means that they can offshore their profits and you would have to deal with the European Commission to break them up.

    So, some of these things are not easy, but as I mentioned with regard to the two senators on Charlie Rose, they can get it collegially done, or, as others appear, either act like fools but gitrdone (which is likely), or act like they are and get nothing done.

  • In reply to jack:

    Mega-mergers need to be looked at by whatever authority applicable. Whether it be Congress or the World Court. The US isn't the only one being piped, I mean every country is struggling with this corporate flim-flam. As you point out the divestiture of megalopolises is a joke. As if that "minority owned enterprise" wasn't destined to fail? The shit of this is they knew this. But again, as you say acting like fools is no way to solve anything. I watched that Charlie Rose episode and yes they can be very collegial. But at the same time, what happens behind closed doors when the cameras aren't on? I suspect it isn't as as adversarial as some make it to be. However, there are those clowns like Cantor that would rip off his nose to spite his face. This is the Tea Party Caucus - and they are dangerous.

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