Bachmann Touts Obstruction Record After Pawlenty's "Non-Existent Record" Comment

Bachmann Touts Obstruction Record After Pawlenty's "Non-Existent Record" Comment

Michele Bachmann shot back at fellow GOP Presidential Contender Tim Pawlenty’s assertion that she has a “non-existent” record of accomplishment during her three terms in Congress by touting her dedication to obstruction positions somehow make his comment not so. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It is like I have said along, Michele Bachmann likes to shoot off her mouth like a Howitzer about President Barack Obama’s programs, but offers nothing of value in return. And now with the debt ceiling crisis consuming Washington, she would rather cut off benefits to all Americans that rely on them than work for a resolution. But what the hell, there will be those who will buy her blame game crap and ignore the fact she is part of the dysfunctional politics crippling our lives. Some Presidential Candidate Pedigree!

Even though I am not sure if Tim Pawlenty could win the Republican Nomination and/or even the Presidency, at least he speaks the truth when it comes to Michele Bachmann. And the truth is she doesn’t have much of a record outside of her fiery rhetoric. You know, it is sad enough when you see a politician willing to say or do anything in order to get a favorable bump in those almighty popularity polls, but it is even sadder when party faithful buy it.

The Tea Party Princess opposes Obamacare! Yes dear, we already know that, but what are you offering? While I do not like the idea of having more bureaucracy, Health Care is an area that should be open to compromise and discussion. Of course, the GOP has been in bed with Big Business and in particular, the Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industries and will stop at nothing to force Americans to bow down to price fixing of drugs as well as being denied treatment because of loopholes in pre-existing condition definitions. In short, Americans have been getting screwed while our elected officials have no such worries of their own. Their Health Care is better than anything we have, and we are paying for it!

So, instead of flat-out rejecting Obamacare, maybe the GOP should have taken a stab at supporting a populist position? You know, one that has no bias when it comes to partisan politics. In other words, there was (and still is) room for negotiation here. On the surface, at least, affordable and guaranteed health care for all American Taxpayers should be an essential human right.

Besides, why should a laid-off worker be denied health care due to a pre-existing condition. There is just something fundamentally wrong with the idea that COBRA and its expensive premiums should be the only solution available to them. As if a laid-off worker could even afford that ridiculous premium in the first place. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the GOP would rather force those already down on their luck to choose between their mortgage payment, buying groceries and oh yea, maybe even paying their property taxes – to purchase COBRA and help further pad the bottom lines of Insurance Providers. Some choice.

At least President Obama understood that the health care system is broken and it more than deserved some serious compromise. Although I am not 100% in favor of everything in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as it was written, it should not have been rejected so quickly and absolutely. But hey, the GOP likes to reject anything and everything that doesn’t profit the special interests who feed their campaign contribution coffers. The Party of No moniker is apropos.

I have warned many times that the Republican Party is rapidly making themselves irrelevant, but I don’t say it as some sort of a wish either. As an Independent Voter, I cast my ballots fairly equally as I look for the best possible candidate irregardless of party affiliation. But it is getting more and more difficult to find anyone committed. Yet, it is still my belief that we need a viable and functional Two-Party Political System in America and that both political parties should be putting the ideals of “We The People” in some better perspective. Quite frankly, I am not particularly pleased with the “We The Wealthy” representation that we have been given instead. It just isn’t right!

But hey, the Democrats aren’t off the hook either when it comes to currying favor to the special interests. Both sides have much to be desired and it is our obligation as Americans to root out those political candidates. Our nation is at a precipice and if we continue to ignore a political system that is rigged against us then we will be in an even deeper mess than the one we’re in.

The last thing we need are Presidential and Congressional Candidates that thrive off of spewing fear and inaccuracies. Michele Bachmann is just another hypocrite in a long line of them. Like I said, I don’t know if Tim Pawlenty has the right stuff himself, but at least he offers something other than the same old rhetoric and obstructionism. At the very least he has a verifiable record on working across party lines.

I have to tell you, it is absolutely galling to me that political candidates, like Bachmann, will try and convince me that they are for the people and find out later that the government programs they deride publicly have been taken advantage of. Talk about hypocrisy. Somehow that evil president and/or the status quo aren’t so bad when it benefits her. But then again, Michele Bachmann isn’t the only one in the GOP pulling the flim-flam.

How about Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? Where did their wealth come from? They want us to believe that they are one of us and that they understand the everyday person’s struggles. Well, I just don’t see them protecting my interests. Unlike Gingrich, I don’t have a revolving account at Tiffanys. And when it comes to Romney, well, he has profited from those same special interests that prevent average people like me from getting a fair shake. So what is he really offering? Although I do give Romney credit on Romneycare, which isn’t all that much different than Obamacare.

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of the GOP are leading in the polls, but sure as I am sitting here neither would put an end to the agendas driven by special interests. They just aren’t the answer. Then again, I am not so sure that President Obama is the answer either. Obama has all but lost his credibility, both here and abroad. That is not to say that the man didn’t have some good ideas. It was just a doggone shame that no one was willing to do what was right for Americans on either side of the political aisle. The constant partisanship has left Washington totally dysfunctional. I just hope that as the 2012 Election approaches, Americans will look hard for real candidates to emerge. You know, ones that are actually willing to engage in diplomacy? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am just so tired of hearing the same old rhetoric and getting nothing!

It’s too bad we can’t get rid of everyone in Washington and just start over.


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  • After another 1 day power failure, I start over, too.

    I'm still convinced that my position that the Republican party still doesn't have a candidate (even though about 6 have thrown their hats into the race) still stands.

    My main complaint about health care is that it is 2014 and very little has been indicated how it will rein in costs.

    Of course, Obama said to do something about malpractice reform, and that got a deaf ear from the Democrats' supporters. You would have thought that he wanted to ban Hollywood.

    But, it you want to talk about intransigents, let's get to the budget/debt ceiling debate. One watching Charlie Rose (with Al Hunt) gets a senator from each side sitting at the table saying that there is a lot to work out, but they are working on it, and all appears collegial. On the other hand, every other media outlet says the Republicans won't talk tax increases (although some say flat tax) and the Democrats won't talk entitlements. It is either one or the other, but other than the theater keeping the Sunday talk shows going, one can't tell if anything is being accomplished.

    Of course, the NFL lockout has the same effect on sports radio.

  • In reply to jack:

    I was thinking about you and the power situation.
    I agree, the GOP just doesn't have a standout among the declared; Huntsman, which I thought had a good upside doesn't seem to be "actively" pursuing the nomination. A halfhearted attempt? But Bachmann will soon flame out as pressure mounts about controversial "gay conversion" technique as well as her trying to please everyone in the conservative right. Recipe for disaster? Even if she were to muster the nomination there is no way a nationwide electorate elects her as she is incapable of moving centrist. Romney, well, can't convince people he is "one of us." Newt is dead and shopping at Tiffanys. The list goes on and on. Tim Pawlenty could wrest support and momentum, but still with the GOP playing chicken on the debt ceiling, as well as the fractured party leadership; Boehner / Cantor (Tea Party, et al) - They remain irrelevant!

    Rein in costs yes - but you must tackle huge imbalance of military complex funding first. Tort Reform / Malpractice is something that most politicians on both sides don't want to touch. Health / Law Industry accounts for largest campaign contribution machine. Do you really think they will upset that apple cart?

    I have said it a thousand times already - the mainstream media fabricates and heightens the angst on all things political. There are no credible Sunday Political Shows since Russert died. Charlie Rose is a bleeding heart liberal, but a fair one. I watch his program because of the civility. Anyone thinking that something isn't being worked on in the background in at least a semi-civil way is deluding themselves. You can't shut down the government because of the long term repercussions to the global market. I expect a "last minute" meeting of the minds.

    The mass media (the Big Three + Fox which stands alone nationally for conservative hype) has lost all journalistic credibility. Bottom line? Mass media = bully pulpit squawk box.

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