R.J. Vanecko Investigation: Is CPD Warning Residents and Visitors?

R.J. Vanecko Investigation: Is CPD Warning Residents and Visitors?

The one thing that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) have shown residents and visitors of Chicago, is that if you get into a beef with any of the connected political families, you can just forget about that “We Serve and Protect” motto. That is out the fu$king window because it means nothing. Especially after the Chicago Police Department closed the David Koschman homicide investigation which involved Mayor Daley’s nephew, Richard “R.J.” Vanecko. After downloading the heavily redacted public documents, posted on the Chicago Sun-Times website, and then re-reading all the information and articles related to this case, I am convinced that if this were an average citizen, they would be in the slammer awaiting trial. The average citizen should have no expectation that the Chicago Police Department, or the Cook County States Attorney, will protect them against those of power and privilege.

There once was a time that I had a deep and profound respect for the policeman on the streets of Chicago. Little by little, though, it has eroded. That trust isn’t fully gone yet, but lets say it is one of tempered caution. After all, they aren’t all bad, are they? I’ll tell you when I started to raise my eyebrows. One particular cop, a childhood friend from my old neighborhood, used to frequent the same bar in Schiller Park I used to years ago. After rekindling memories of our youth and exchanging pleasantries, I asked him what district he worked in. It turned out it was in our old neighborhood. Naturally, I had to ask why he was coming all the way over to Schiller Park and then driving home smashed, when there was a well known local cop hangout on N. Lincoln Avenue? One of the many responses he gave me that I remember quite well was, “Because I Can.”

I figured that I would offer that little tidbit just to illustrate the mentality that some Chicago cops have. I realize that it is bad enough that their job is dangerous and that it leads many to alcohol in an attempt to find some peace. I also understand their, higher than average, divorce rate since some cops spend way too much time drinking while off-duty. I know, I know, I know. They are putting their asses on the line, day in and day out and something has to give among those few in Blue. It is a vicious cycle and it is too bad.

It isn’t all of them, mind you – but it is enough just the same. Particularly disturbing are the authority creeps among them. You know, the ones we have all seen on numerous and now infamous videos. The one of an oversize cop pounding the shit out of a defenseless bartender is one that comes to my mind all the time. The funny thing is, many of those creeps get away with their crap as judges find loopholes and dismiss the evidence. To say that justice is ill served by these judicial actions, is the biggest understatement of all. But it does highlight how they all protect each other.

I have always found the CPD Motto “We Serve and Protect” a curious one. What in the hell does that mean anyhow? Who exactly do they serve and protect? I started thinking about it more and more and have decided that it does fit THEM to a tee. They do protect their brethren and anyone else the higher ups tell them to, so I guess they are serving someone aren’t they? The problem though, is that their protection isn’t always universal. There has always been a double standard in Chicago when it comes serving and protecting the politically connected. And if King Richie II needs another damn reminder as to why people so fervently hold on to their constitutional right to bear arms, well this is THE REASON. Besides, Richard M. Daley has never shown himself to be a defender of the Constitution, as far as I can see anyhow.

Not only do people have the right to protect themselves from criminals, they also have a right to protect themselves from abuse of power.

Our Founding Fathers were more than aware that the power of an unchecked government leads to tyranny:

“Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin

“The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world not destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside … Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them … the weak will become prey to the strong” – Thomas Paine

As I alluded to in my previous post about RJ Vanecko, something just hasn’t smelled right regarding the homicide of David Koschman and the subsequent Chicago Police Department Investigation. The Chicago Sun-Times has done an admirable job of trying to keep the heat on this story and I hope they keep digging deeper. This wasn’t the type of case to close as “exceptional” given the fact that R.J. Vanecko has refused to talk about the incident. How the CPD can determine that this was somehow self defense, given that silence, as well as the other irregularities goes against any and all logic. And what about the eye-witnesses who dispute statements found in the police report? As I see it, it is just very difficult to believe that a cover-up hasn’t occurred here.

Sadly, just as with our corrupt politics the people just aren’t getting it. But, they better hope this sort of thing doesn’t happen to them or their family!

My childhood friend’s words are ringing loud and clear in my ears.

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