Mayor Daley Spares Four-Legged Rats In Favor Of The Two-Legged Ones

Mayor Daley Spares Four-Legged Rats In Favor Of The Two-Legged Ones

The Daley Administration has ordered dramatic cutbacks in rodent control and forestry services so that Streets & Sanitation can pick up the garbage and sweep streets. One of the reasons given was “chronic absenteeism.” Well, does that surprise anyone considering the Department of Streets and Sanitation is one of the largest repositories of patronage? Political hacks draw salaries and pensions while refusing to work is nothing new in the annals of Chicago Politics. But, under Richard M. Daley, and the now defunct Hispanic Democratic Organization, patronage ranks had swelled with hack hires. I must admit, though, I find a bit of irony in this story. Mayor Daley spares the rats while protecting political rats.

I have said all along that the Chicago Democrats could care less about the people, unless of course they are on the payroll. The only time Daley and his minions gave a shit about the people is when they needed their vote. After the elections were over, though, it was business as usual. City and Cook County contracts given out to family, friends and a host of cronies have exacted a huge price on the city of Chicago. Voters have continued to ignore the fact that those juicy insider contracts made it impossible for the city and county to actually do the job expected of them.

Who is to blame? Well, don’t take it so hard – it is your fault.

You kept buying the lies instead of putting your foot down and in many cases even showing up at the polls to vote out the rats that cohabit with their tailed brethren in the alleys. You wanted rats, well you got plenty of them – two-legged and four. And anyone thinking that Rahm Emanuel will change this culture has more than a few screws loose. Emanuel is already looking at strengthening his power at the expense of the people, so again – you got what you asked for.

Of course, part of the problem is that in many wards of the city, neighbors not only know the powerful families that have run roughshod over their domain but must give thanks for their city or county jobs. Other neighbors, meanwhile, just accept it all. It is no accident that there is a defined “controlled vote” in every ward and the only way to defeat it is to actually participate. Rats have run freely in Chicago for a long time because of that. But hey, voters wanted both varieties and now you have what you asked for.

And to the voters who did vote against the status quo –

just be happy that coyotes are on the increase.


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  • Both types of rats also steal gwill's hard-earned cheese.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I feel for you gwill.

  • In reply to gwill:

    As far as "your fault," I have been saying for some time that someone should give you and me a vote in these elections. We don't have it though.

    The other thing in today's news (at least the S-T and FoxChicago) was that Carrie Austin gave her son a job, like this was some sort of big news. Maybe cutting the number of aldercreatures in half would also cut the number of their relatives on the payroll. Of course, this is also endemic in the suburbs.

    The point about the reason being that there was so much absenteeism hit me between the eyes when I first read it.

    As far as the coyotes, maybe they will move south and eat some of the human vermin in Ravenswood Manor. I don't have to give names. If I remember correctly, one had a "Rats" poster in his alley.

  • In reply to jack:

    Like the last comment Jack. It is a shame people have no inclination to have their voice heard and they will continue to suffer, but again you can lead a horse to water right? If people haven't figured it out yet then they deserve what they get.

  • In reply to maciric:

    That's certainly the case. For instance, in a bus forum, someone said that Kruesi must have been doing a good job because he lasted 9 years. Besides my saying that this was weird logic, I should have said that Pagano lasted 20 at Metra. You can also see that the top of that thread was some relative youngster praising the current CTA President with little foundation.

    I previously commented on about 46% of Illinois voters who apparently don't care or are on the take, which was enough to put Quinn over the top, but not Giannoulias. Of course, the turnout was also about 40%.

    As long as people believe in free government goods, and "what's in it for me," things won't change.

  • In reply to jack:

    Your last statement is probably the hammer hitting the nail.
    So far as anything changing goes just look towards Lemul Austin III taking on the ward supervisor role from his Alderman Mama, who was once a swap wife in the Lemul Austin / Anthony C. Laurino ghost pay-rolling scheme. Yet, when Lemul died prematurely Daley appointed her Alderman none the less. Austin III's job will be to supply the goodies to a ward long believing it was an entitlement. Personally, this shit doesn't stop until the nepotism does, and as we know - that will never happen unless the feds come in with a "sweeping investigation into the culture of corruption. That of course would likely require martial law to be imposed and I don't see that happening either.

  • In reply to jack:

    This is a catch 22 situation because if you dont control the waste management the rodents will spiral out of control and if you dont control the rodents hey will spiral out of control. I have being doing pest control in London and can remeber in the 90s when the cutbacks affected the refuse collections and there was an epidemic with rats and then the council backed down and cleared up the problem.

  • In reply to thepiedpiper:

    Pied Piper it is indeed a Catch-22. Thank you for your insight on London's problem.

    I remember on one of my frequent trips to England, my mate there indicated that at one point there had been a severe problem in London and they had discussed bringing in foxes to catch the rats. I don't if that was an urban legend or not, but I certainly recall that it was a major issue in the 90s.

    Obviously proper waste collection is perhaps the best deterrent, but Chicago has been dogged by rat issues for decades. Part of the problem is the Chicago River and its branches where rats habitat. Even as a kid growing up in the city there has been an enormous effort to put out poison in the alleys, of course that killed other animals and children were known to pick up what looked like "wrapped candy." Then they used another approach.

    I believe that it must be a two-pronged effort though. Waste Collectors cannot control the bad habits of people, if you know what I mean. Bottom line though, rats are a public health issue and is an area that they need to stay vigilant in.

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