Illinois Hit With With 67% Tax Increase

Illinois Hit With With 67% Tax Increase

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, in my mind, has been a political fraud for his entire career. The favorite refrain of his campaign ads was that “you know me,” and evidently more people than not bought it hook, line and sinker. Of course, the majority of his votes in the Democratic strongholds around the state, were what is considered the “machines controlled vote.” Machine politics are so ingrained in our culture that there is a high percentage of local and state workers that literally owe their livelihoods to the machine. Between the connected and their extended families, there is a guaranteed vote total in most wards.

That is the way it is and the way it has always been.

The only way to beat this game, is to come out in force on election day, but, a funny thing happened along the way – people have grown frustrated with the state of our politics and have withdrawn from the process. Apathy has become the norm and that suits the machine politicians just fine. The fewer people in opposition to their politics that show up, the better for the machine.

Sure, there are people who have remained loyal to the Democratic Party through thick and thin. God forbid entertaining any other ideology that doesn’t fit in with the family tradition. In some ways I even understand it all. Being a Democrat meant being for the people as opposed to the corporate interests and political blue bloods that profit off them. Unfortunately, being a Democrat today just doesn’t hold the same weight as it once did. Look how Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat, has profited mightily from corporate interests, or Gery Chico, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, etc.. And yes, there are plenty of Republicans that profit the same way. Candidates on both sides of the aisle use their political connections to help themselves and their sponsors. The people? Well, take a number.

During the gubernatorial election, I nicknamed Patrick Quinn “the huckster.” Simply put, I felt that if you put his picture in the dictionary next to the word you would have a clear image of “one who uses aggressive, showy and sometimes devious methods to promote or sell a product.” In our case, it was an Income Tax Increase that would not come close to solving the financial ills of the state. Financial experts warned that even with the proposed increase, that the state would be unable to do what it says it could with the money generated. As we have found out – it was true.

What “the Huckster” fails to grasp is that the State of Illinois needs to cut spending, not increase it every chance it gets. The fact that Pat Quinn has claimed to be a reformer just hasn’t been true over the years and since ascending to the governors mansion has shown how embedded he is with the machine politics. The only reason Quinn ever brought up the reform moniker is because most people in his own party have looked down at him with disgust. They never believed he was really “one of them, just a wannabe.”

Quinn told the people of Illinois that he would end business as usual, but he needed that tax increase to pull the state out of its financial mess first. He would limit the increase and not ask for more than he needed while making the necessary cuts that a governor needs to make. Well, what have we really gotten? Quinn refuses to cut spending and now wants to add another 945 jobs, to an already bloated bureaucracy. Of course, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) applauds the measure.

Hey, didn’t they endorse the Huckster for governor?

Quinn has also left hundreds of former Governor Blagojevich’s political appointments in place so that they can earn more towards their ultimate pensions while drawing insane salaries. Yes, there are “some unpaid appointments” but not as many as you think. Besides, unpaid doesn’t mean uncompensated. Forget about the the stipends and expenses? This is Illinois, remember?

The Huckster, after receiving the largest tax increase in state history also wants to borrow another $8.75 billion dollars on top of that tax increase to pay the backlog of unpaid bills, but, wasn’t that tax increase supposed to do that? I have to ask the people that voted for him, did you really believe that Quinn was going to reform state government or cut spending? Well, okay, I will give you this much. The Huckster will cut spending, but it will involve essential services that you, your children, your parents and grandparents will probably need. The cuts are many too. Click here for a list of cuts published by a downstate newspaper.

I hate to say I told you so, but hey, I did tell you so.

Quinn sold you down the river!

Watch Out! The Boat Is Leaking!


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  • We knew who the Huckster was, but to clarify a couple of points:

    1. With regard to the borrowing, the problem sought to be solved by it is that the money doesn't come in immediately. For instance, I just received the estimated tax packet with a red slip saying to remit 50% more. However, the tax itself went up 66% and the first installment is due on April 18. The state is not going to get any of my money until that day. Tax anticipation borrowing is well accepted, but, only say, because property tax doesn't come in until December. Apparently the 3.75% tax remains for 15 years because they wanted to sell 15 year bonds to pay the vendors now. Cf. what I said in Byrne's blog about that.

    2. Another problem in this state is that it was malapportioned 10 years ago, and the North Shore Democrats ushered in at that time had no spine with regard to the tax hike, and based on what the Pioneer Press had this week, the ones still there still don't. Again, cf. my comment there.

    3. Although Quinn claims he is transparent, last year's budget posted on the Internet was all smoke and mirrors, and did not conform to any accounting standard, about admitted to Clout Street this year. There can't be any justification for more state hirings. Since last year's budget was a fraud, I'm not going to spend the time studying this year's one. However, I wonder if the Black Caucus got the school spending increase they were promised in return for the tax hike, which I am sure most of their constituents are not paying.

  • In reply to jack:

    I understand what you are saying, but if my memory serves me right, the second that increase passed we were told it would put into action a borrowing plan on those anticipated receipts, at least that is how Cullerton put it. He also claimed that the favorable rates at that time spurred the legislature to act so quickly. Good exchange with Byrne by the way.

    Points two and three - well I can't find anything I don't agree with you on.

    Seems to me we have all been hoodwinked and the state's approach is akin to a Ponzi scheme based on junk bonds and derivatives. Quinn "the reformer" in all his years as a party underling and raising Cain over trivialities while ignoring the egregious acts all around him.

  • In reply to maciric:

    On paragraph one, they couldn't get the votes to pass it in the lame duck session (any borrowing requires 60%), so it is back on the table for this session. First source I could find to that effect on Google.

    Your third paragraph is true, except he thinks that all these taxes are going to cover it. However, it makes no economic sense to sell 15 year bonds to pay last year's debts.

  • In reply to jack:

    Right they couldn't go out and borrow without the 60%, what I am alluding to is the rationale behind the tax increase; i.e. "we need this so that we can get our fiscal house in order" - I am paraphrasing about 10 people on PBS, but, this was the plan. Which is no plan at all. Does it make sense to pass something on one hand knowing you can't resolve it on the other?

    Everything about the tax increase was short-sighted, except of course the ability to perpetuate more patronage hiring. Rather than hire 945 people, they should fire those who don't do any work at all now and collecting a salary - BEFORE hiring anyone else.

  • In reply to jack:

    Did I really read this right? We have a democrat who said one thing and is doing another? I even read where that f#*king rat madigan is NOW concerned about our spending!!!!!! What we will see is a flat broke state taken over by some private company like disney. This way at least we 'll have a real cartoon character,like Mickey mouse not some f#*ked duck......If we're lucky we 'll only end up brok :

  • Again, I discover a messup after posting.

    The correct link for my Byrne's blog post is here, I think.

  • In reply to jack:

    I got it thanks

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