Chicago Paranormal and Spiritual


Hello Readers, my name is Edward Shanahan and I'm happy to be able to bring to you here at Chicago Now, information about what is happening in the area of the Paranormal in Chicago and paranormal stuff you can participate in, articles and also information on what is happening with the Spiritual side in Chicago.

Some may wonder what my background would be?

I have been written about in four paranormal books and may be one of the few Psychic Feelers who's abilities and what I felt and experienced at the haunted locations in the Chicago land area, is what was written about by four different authors.

Since 2006 I have co-hosted the Internet radio broadcast called The Unexplained World and my co-host is a very special friend and High Priestess, Annette.

I have been doing public Psychic Readings in the Chicago land area and Psychic Parties since 2003 along with providing paranormal nights at haunted historic locations that individuals can explore and experience and I usually finish these paranormal nights with a Seance so individuals can possibly experience the Spirit world.

I hope you enjoy what will be offered and feel free to send me information that you would like passed along in this blog of paranormal and spiritual information.

To view more about who I am and what is offered, visit the web sites:
Edward Shanahan.com Chicago Paranormal Nights Haunted Historic Locations.com The Unexplained World (photos)

Internet Radio Broadcast - The Unexplained World

Enjoy and remember:
"We have been part of the Spirit World and will be again, it is home".

Edward Shanahan