Bachelors Grove Cemetery is free to visit and teenager's thing to do in summer of 22

Bachelors Grove Cemetery is free to visit and teenager's thing to do in summer of 22

by Edward Shanahan.

48 years ago, I was exploring the haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery or as many make the claim today, like them, I was ‘Investigating’ the location (it was actually just called ‘ghost hunting’ back in those days).

I was doing this at the age of 16 when you could drive back to the cemetery. It had it’s stories of the location being very haunted, and the location along with the stories were made famous by Mr. Richard Crowe, the individual that could be called the originator of Chicago Ghost Stories, Chicago Haunted Locations and Chicago area paranormal tours.

He had the stories that others chose to use of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and many more locations that Mr. Crowe first made public to the Chicago land area.

I would always try to listen to his interviews on the radio as Richard Crowe is the person that made the haunted locations in Chicago famous and was the first to create the concept of ghost tours in the area. I had my first haunted location experience at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery 2003 (c) Edward Shanahan
(c) 2003 Edward Shanahan

It is that time of year again at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery with Spring being here and the coming of Summer. Teenagers from mainly the S.W. Suburbs will again venture back there for enjoying the day there as teenagers as I did and my kids did as teenagers.

(c) 2003 Edward Shanahan

I hope the teenagers in 2022 enjoy exploring Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery as I did 48 years ago.

Have fun by walking up to some of the ‘older’ adults ‘paranormal investigating or ghost hunting’ and just look at them, when they say “Hi” or “What do you want?” Some may actually be hanging around to pass out their card with a website to get you to go there, blow their mind and say “You see me? Wow!”

Same with the ghost tours wandering around at times in there, follow them and if asked what you are doing, say to them that you want to hear the stories also, as it is a free location and part of the Cook County Forest Preserves, and you have all rights to be there also.

(c) 2003 Edward Shanahan

When you go there, do not go alone! Bring some of your teenage friends and go as a group. Bring a camera with you, use your phone recorder, stick together and do your own investigations.

See if it is something that interests you, or if there are more enjoyable things to do as a teenager? It is an abandoned cemetery, but the rules are set by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, so be out of there by sunset.

(c) 2003 Edward Shanahan

Any and all vandalism is unacceptable, including the moving of headstones.

In recent photos of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery that I have seen on the Internet, the headstones seem to be lined up in a row. I can tell you and you can see by way of the photos in this article that I took in 2003, that was not the case then. But it does make it easier for the paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and their photo ops.

(c)2003 Edward Shanahan

Many of the adults at the house parties I work, bring up that they have gone to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the past couple of years, are claiming it is not living up to expectations that have been put out there by many of those in the Chicago paranormal field and tour guides.

As you see in these photos that I did in 2003, it had its own feeling back then as one would explore the location. Today I considered that feeling is gone, and the location ruined, as it does not look anything like the photos here.

No individual has any type of ownership or squatter’s rights to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Matter of fact if you or your parents own a home in Cook County as I do, then the Forest Preserve District is something you or your parents and I pay into with our taxes.

Yes, I am part of the Paranormal Field and have been in a public way since 2000 and exploring locations since 1974. I have lived all my life within 10 minutes of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, in a S. W. Suburb (most haunted areas), and know there are spirits there in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery since the first day I wandered around there. But I do not have an obsession with the place or any other paranormal locations.

(c) 2003 Edward Shanahan

I welcome the Spirits as part of our world, as we are surrounded by them. With every location that I have visited in the Chicago area S.W. Suburbs, no location is any more special than any other location, expect with the location(s) that can get individuals noticed on the Internet on a regular basis.

There are many more locations then just Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in the S.W. Suburbs and all are free. Here is a Pinterest Board that will give you exposure to all the locations in the S.W. Suburbs of Chicago. It is called the: Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Ave and more.

Enjoy your Summer!
Edward Shanahan
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