Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan never stops.

Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan never stops.

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan never stops.

‘Wow’ was my surprise when I came to Chicago Now to write an article and seen that I would have to learn WordPress, but Never Say Never. I then realized that it is somewhat like website editors that I have used, so yes I am back to producing articles.

Let’s find the answers to the past and for the future to create a lighted path for you through the questions needing answers.

Phone Psychic Readings – I have not stopped doing what I do during the, I have actually added to what I do with doing psychic phone readings, that does not allow for Spirit Communications and the reason that phone readings are a time frame of 15 – 30 minutes.

I also provide during the psychic phone reading session an Angel Card Reading with a 3 card pull. This usually happens after the time allowed for the psychic reading and after all is done, I photograph the cards as pulled and send the photo to the person that was read, as a Thank You from me. Any interest in Psychic Phone Readings and all the details can be found at the web page: Phone Psychic Readings.

Private Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication Sessions at Historic 1881 Home. The Private Psychic Readings can be from one person to a small number of family members or friends.

The one thing that has never changed in twenty years of doing readings for the public is that my fee is only for time spent be it one person or five hours of reading 15 people at a house party.

What I provide for Private Readings that are spiritually guided.
• My version of Palm Reading.
• One on One Psychometry to provide you answers and also the attempt to tap into the loved one(s), who has passed.
• Angel Cards – present and future pull (always provided).
• Spirit Communication for loved ones who have passed. I use a device that provides the possible communication with loved ones and the spirits that surround us.
• A small version of my Circle of Energy during the Spirit Communication Session to attempt a Spirit Experience.
• Healing Prayer and Energy Session for an individual’s needs.
• Ritual of Release and Inviting the Positive (inform me if this will be requested).
• Edward is Certified as Life Coach and in Law of Attraction.
For Details on Private Readings – web page: Private Psychic Readings.

Great Day of Private Psychic Readings and Spirit Communications

Design Your Own Psychic House Party.
Design your own psychic party that provides you unique possibilities when creating and planning an enjoyable gathering of family and friends.

Psychic Readings can be private individual reading with Palm Readings, One on One Psychometry Reading and includes Angel Cards Pulled. Or choices of Readings in the Round, Gallery / Message Group Readings, Ritual of Release, Healing Prayer Sessions.

Also most hosts include for their guests my combination of Spirit Communications and a version of my Circle of Energy.

With summer coming some hosts have in the past held readings outside. All of what I do is to provide a pleasant experience for the host and their guests.

More Psychic House Party details can be found at the web page: Design Your Own Psychic Party.

I should soon be providing more information about future plans and offerings. sign-up to receive this blog as information and articles are created.

Edward Shanahan

To find out what I have to offer to you, go to my web site at:

Edward Shanahan is a Psychic Medium in the Chicago land area. Edward Shanahan does Private Readings, Phone Readings and Psychic House Parties / Gatherings with Spirit Communication Sessions for private readings and house parties if it is desired.

Edward has been written about in seven different books and has written two of his own.

©2021 Edward Shanahan

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