What is a Catholic Witch?

What is a Catholic Witch?

by Edward Shanahan

What is a Catholic Witch?

I have offered Mr. James Austin space on this blog for his article on What is a Catholic Witch.

Yes I do believe in such and have for awhile and have directed some individuals during my readings to the Facebook private group Catholic Witches. A location I have been a member of for awhile now and you will even see my photo of the stoned alter on the top of the group page that I discovered hidden away in the S.W. Suburbs beautiful Catholic Spiritual Location.

Do not think this is some new concept, there has been a long standing internet website called ‘Catholic Craft’ as this is not something new. The Old Souls with a Catholic or Christian spiritual background understand and are the ones I have directed to the private group on Facebook.

Mr. James Austin will be a guest in the near future on our podcast ‘The Unexplained World’ and below is his article.

What is a Catholic Witch?
by James Austin.

It depends who you ask. Some who call themselves Catholic witches only do Catholic magic from the church’s own enormous grimoire and manual tradition. Others practice folk magic, which may or may not be culturally influenced by other religions (bearing in mind Nostra Aetete: ‘The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions’). Some ‘blend’ with revival or New Age faiths. Others borrow from other traditions of Christianity (canonical and Gnostic).

Isn’t magic against church belief?
Magic which is fraudulent or gives honor or service to demons is condemned in the canons and catechism. But the church anciently acknowledges there is also natural magic; theurgy; humans’ innate paranormal powers; spiritual gifts; Christian power over spirits, and other things which fall under the category of ‘magic’ that have not been universally condemned.

Isn’t MAGIC against the Bible?
The Bible states God is the creator of all things ‘visible and invisible,’ including ‘occult virtues’ – secret powers of natural things (Wisdom of Solomon 7:17-22). It also teaches that sympathies and correspondences, the bases of such occult powers, exist and matter (Numbers 21:8; Revelation 21:14), and contains numerous examples of holy men doing them with the blessing of God (e.g. Genesis 30:31-43; 2 Kings 6:1-6). It also explicitly tells us qesem – divination – for our God is okay (Proverbs 16:10), hence the apostles’ lot-casting. What it forbids is use of magic for evil actions, or outside our covenantal pact with God and fellow children of God.

Christians are not under Pentateuchal Law (i.e. the Law of the Genesis; Exodus; Deuteronomy; Levicitus, and Numbers), except the moral law (e.g. the Ten Commandments). The New Testament explains forty times: https://www.phildrysdale.com/…/37-scriptures-that…/. The only anti-magic commands within the New Testament, the sin-lists of Galatians and Revelation, refer to harmful drug use – pharmakaeia.

Thank You Mr. James Austin for the great article.

Edward Shanahan

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