You Are Special To Someone.

You Are Special To Someone.

by Edward Shanahan, a Chicago Psychic Medium.

You Are Special To Someone.

I wanted to bring this to you all, and it is also a good read for around the Holidays or to pass along to someone, as some people need to know this around the holidays, as they may miss the one they knew loved them.

We all have lost someone who has passed away, someone we have loved and have loved us, but for some people, that is all they had or all that remained in their long life, and sadly many feel they now have no one who loves them.

PLEASE remember the ones who have passed away and loved you will always love you; they still do and will always do so. Also, remember they are the ones you can still go to with your thoughts and problems, and in reality, they may be able to help you even more being in the Spirit World than they could of here in the living world.

They all cross over, and more information is documented on that than there are about ‘ not knowing their dead – being lost – not crossing over – etc. No one will ever get me to believe that they do not cross over or are lost, or some spirits do not know they’re dead. It is beyond what any higher power would allow.

So never think that your loved one has not crossed over. I have done my readings for many individuals, using an item of their loved one, who has passed away, usually see a smile come across my face during the reading with the item. It is because I pick up on the happiness of the spirit and the knowledge that the living loved one is being well watched over by the one who loved them and has passed.

For your fact-finding about if ‘spirits do cross over, ‘do an Internet search on Near-Death Experiences, as you might as well get it from the actual source, that being those who experienced it. I had a tremendous gift given to me by the Spirit World; I had the opportunity to talk to a young man 38 years of age, who died and was brought back to life.

During the conversation, it was a beautiful thing to see what came across his face as he discussed dying and crossing over, along with what I felt by way of the energy coming off him. No experience before, nor after (as of now), has come close to it.

But for many, remember you’re loved and will always be loved. The holidays and anniversaries are a time of year that is hard for some of you, and I understand. Nevertheless, you are blessed, blessed with the fact that you will always be special to someone, and loved forever.

For those who it is not as hard for, because you are surrounded by those who love you, do not forget those who have passed away and you loved; it is somewhat easy to do so during the hustle of a holiday.

Bring the loved one(s) up during the Holiday conversations when your other family members are together. So the one(s) who passed away will know during this time of the year that they are still part of the holiday gathering, as in the past.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Edward Shanahan

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