The Unexplained World podcast updating method and be a guest.

The Unexplained World podcast updating method and be a guest.

by Edward Shanahan.
Chicago Psychic Medium, Paranormal Explorer and Author.

The Unexplained World podcast updating method and be a guest. From authors to the unexplained world. Conspiracies thoughts also welcomed.

Being the 11th year of podcasting The Unexplained World, this year I created some changes to it and some methods of the past I have been forced to change. This is all for the better.

I will be using Zoom to bring you two types of podcasts.

The learning curve with Zoom, are some, but the learning curve comes when converting it into separate broadcasts of editing as there is just an audio show and there will also be a video podcast. Both different as the audio offers various possibilities, as does the video end of it.

Both ways are different ways. Yet the same in a way that I cannot describe as it is visual in my mind. I’ve been given some ‘what it can do’ info and will try it as time goes on.

I enjoy doing the editing etc. as Radio and TV, production was a school course I aced and enjoyed along with photography as it was shown / teach the ‘how-to and why’ to me on how it works or what makes it work. I will take the creative reins from there to take it outside of the box. I also went to class by way of one that Comcast offered.

This all came about this past Saturday morning, I attempted to do an interview with my co-host Annette for the podcast with the call in-app. Because of my phone, the sound dropped out again as it did in the past, I could not hear her, but yet it recorded her fine, but I did not know anything being said.

I said I’m hanging up and did. I called Annette right back and said I needed something else to do this. I’ve been advised recently to look into ZOOM for doing live readings. I am still a bit hesitant on that for readings as I have never done it that way, but the idea is growing on me. After nearly 20 yrs of doing private psychic readings and house parties psychic readings, I’m just starting to do phone readings.

I called Annette back, and I was really disappointed as the show is on eight different distributing platforms, including iHeart Radio and Google Podcasts.  Annette brought up ZOOM, and I needed a way to make it work.

Three hours later ( I lose track of time when doing that stuff), I seen by YouTube searches, I got my answers questions answered by way of YouTube searches and now the direction I’m going for your entertainment and knowledge that we hope to provide.

If you are interested in being on a podcast and can be interviewed by ZOOM (download it if needed), contact me by email at my website: Edward

Blessings to all. Be safe and smart.
Edward Shanahan.

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