New Video: Finding The Miracle Child's Grave Site by Edward Shanahan.

New Video: Finding The Miracle Child's Grave Site by Edward Shanahan.
Miracle Child's Headstone

by Edward Shanahan.

Finding The Miracle Child’s Grave Site in the Chicago land area.

With the way things are happening with the health of individuals or their loved ones, Easter Saturday I decided to go film this video for those seeking a healing miracle.

Not only have I and those I know been blessed with healing miracles, others have also and reason why the location is visited often by many.

This short video I drive you too and bring you right to The Chicago Miracle Child Mary Alice Quinn grave site, the location of many prayers for Healing Miracles that were delivered.

Read the letter from the Mother of Mary Alice Quinn,The Chicago Miracle Child. Letter from mother.

My experience with The Chicago Miracle Child, Mary Alice Quinn.

In 2002 I walked the grounds of Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Chicago Ridge, IL, seeking out her site and approached it with my head down, humble and my heart crying out for a miracle for one of God’s littlest angels.

I believed deep in my heart in the possibility of miracles, and I was not looking for something on the paranormal side, but looking for a spiritual miracle, from the Spiritual World.

The miracle requested was delivered as something Medical Specialist actually called a miracle. My story has been documented in the book ‘Voices From The Chicago Graves’  along with newspapers, told on WGN radio.

I write more about it in my books, about this grave site and my going there and what medically happened for a child very close to my heart.

Blessings to all. Be safe and smart.
Edward Shanahan.

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