Reaching back and pulling forward by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

Reaching back and pulling forward by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

by Edward Shanahan.

Reaching back and pulling forward in memory of our loved ones who have passed away and pulling them forward no matter how briefly into the moment time and experience for you.

Yes, it can happen and often does.

Even in our dreams, at times, they do visit. You can also make it happen in your dreams.  When you lay down to sleep, in your thoughts by reaching back into your memory, visualize your loved one(s) that have passed.

Once you visualize them, you have pulled them forward into your subconscious thought. Many believe the subconscious is the soul, so it is like being on the same spiritual plain with a Vail that divides the Spiritual Living World from the Spiritual Spirit World.

Do not just ask them once and give up; every time you lay down to sleep, it only takes a couple of seconds to ask them to join you in your dreams.

Your loved ones that have passed are your first level of Spirit Guides, do not forget them or forget to think ‘Thank You.’

Those are words that I tell many who come for Psychic Readings or a Spirit Communication Session with me, and at times if others join them, then I will do a small my circle of energy. Here is my web page for Private Readings: Private Psychic Readings.

With the house parties I do, it becomes a group of individuals sitting at a table, and then I will do the Spirit Communication Session with my Circle of Energy and offer each individual the opportunity to bring their loved one through.

Here is a recent article published about what my House Parties / Gatherings are about: Design Your Own House Party.

Spirit, Soul and Passing, is also a recent article at Spirit, Soul and Passing.

Edward Shanahan

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