Paranormal and Spiritual Explorers by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

Paranormal and Spiritual Explorers by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.
Stretch of Death

by Edward Shanahan.

Paranormal and Spiritual Explorers by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

There has always been a pull to locations of paranormal and spiritual location discoveries — the reason I like ‘Paranormal Explorer’ instead of Paranormal Investigator.

I have never been an investigator as one would think of a paranormal investigator, I need to feel the Spirits and that way I am directed to their energy. Just like Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, I was driving to and wandering the location back in 1974, had experiences there, and know that there are spirits there.

Living about ten minutes away from the location all my life, I’ve been there about six or so times, yes there are spirits there and remain there, now I will move on.

To explore is to find and to find is to experience.

Many individuals are being drawn to locations and wonder why? Many times it is like a magnet pulling you. But in reality, it is your own Internal Spiritual Knowledge and I would say that is the draw.

If the location is more spiritual and there are many spiritual hidden gems in the S.W.Suburbs, I would say you are meant to experience it for your Spiritual Growth, and that is a whole more significant subject to discuss later.

Maybe one day, I will do small private group tours (six or less) by request and would allow you to wander and experience the locations I have been exploring since 1974.

It has been a pleasure to assist individuals during the Psychic House Gatherings to experience the spirits of their loved ones and to work with bringing about the spirits of their loved ones during my Circle of Energy Spirit Communication Sessions.

People are coming to me for my psychic readings that have sat in the living room of Senator John Humphrey House for a reading and said that they had seen spirits, and it just happened this past weekend.

Like many Historic Buildings from the 1800s report today, Senator John Humphrey House has its share of paranormal activity, and what makes that location a bit different is that only the Humphrey family has lived in the house, so the energy there is theirs. It also is tied to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery by way of a family burial.

Paranormal Investigating by an investigation team or individuals of the location is by appointment only.

Edward Shanahan

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