Bachelor's Grove Cemetery 46 years ago by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery 46 years ago by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan

by Edward Shanahan.

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery 46 years ago in early spring at the age of 16, my buddy and I drove down the road at night as you could do back then, to do some exploring or investigating as it would be called today of the haunted location.

My knowledge of the location as with many of those individuals who today are over 50 yrs of age, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery was the first made known to the general public by the early Chicago Ghost and paranormal location explorer and investigator Mr. Richard Crowe, as he was a regular guest on the Eddie Schwartz radio show.

Mr. Richard Crowe was the first to be known in the Chicago land area and it could be said that many of the older investigators in the Chicago land area who claim to have for years been doing paranormal investigations, ghost tours or authors on the subject of the paranormal could of first been introduced to what Chicago had to offer by way of Richard Crowe.

I remembered that night 46 years ago, I pulled my car in and made sure I worked turning it around so the car would be facing out, and I parked it, and back then, there were no worries about not locking it up.

My buddy and I got out of the car, and it was not hard to see as the moon gave enough light to make our way around the maze of over grown weeds and grass that blocked your view from seeing around the corner of the path that worked its way around the headstones that were placed here and there in the cemetery.

Then it happened, as we walked toward the edge of the lagoon, about 6 feet away, with nothing in front of us, we heard foot steps on the ground coming from the front of us, walking toward us.

Well, my buddy and I must have looked like Abbott and Costello from one of their monster movies as we ran toward the car, jumped in and sent dirt flying in the air as I had the gas peddle to the floor of the vehicle.

What made it different for me is the next morning as early in the morning as allowed, I returned to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery with no tools and only the desire to see and feel the location and what was there as I slowly wandered around the cemetery.

That experience 46 years ago has made me even today desire to find new locations that are new to me and always drawn to discoveries of unknown haunted locations that Spirits are a lasting fixture. I have come across 5 that were unknown in the past and will keep being drawn to location to explorer and discover.

Explore and Discover as it is a lost practice in the Paranormal Field.
Edward Shanahan

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