Spirit, Soul and Passing by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

Spirit, Soul and Passing by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

by Edward Shanahan.

Spirit, Soul and Passing

On January 11th, 2020, during a Private Psychic Reading Session that I was doing at the Historic Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, I was asked a question that took me into my internal spiritual knowledge as I was seeking to receive the proper answer to the question that was asked.

The answer was delivered to me as a message to pass along to the individual but there has also been an internal push to pass it on to those reading this article.

The individual recently had a very close loved one pass away, and this session did not involve a spirit communication session; it was just me doing what I do with my Medium work.

The message I received is one that is for everyone that may have wondered about and have had the same question for their own loved one that has passed.

The question the individual asked was: Did their loved one who was in bed at a state of not really responding, just in a Hospice type of situation. Was he still there then? Did he know I was there or what was going on?

I went deep within my own Old Soul Spiritual Knowledge, so that a message would be delivered to me for the individual’s question.

The answer slowly came to me, and it was: There comes a time that the soul and mind of the individual on the verge of passing have left the body and is at peace with their loved ones who have already crossed over. Before that happens, often is the moment that the individual soon to pass seems to have been talking to their loved ones who already passed.

Even though their soul and mind are with their loved ones and they are now looking down upon their body that houses their Spirit. And with the body in a way being a machine, it is still breathing with little response. It is the spirit that is still within it, and the soul that has already traveled and looking down upon it is waiting for the moment.

The moment waited on could be a loved one who has rushed to get to the bedside of the dying individual, or it could be a loved one holding their mother in their arms and saying, “Mom, it is ok to leave,” and it happens; the spirit within joins the soul that has been waiting.

It is a hard, heartbreaking situation to experience for the living. But It is a beautiful and spiritual moment for the spirit that will be leaving the body with the power of love felt from their living loved ones.

Edward Shanahan

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