2020 and you by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

2020 and you by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium

by Edward Shanahan.

2020 and you by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic, wow leaving a decade behind and entering the decade of the 20s. Imagine that for some, all they know is the 2000s.

2020 is going to be a great start of the decade in the life of many. I feel that it will be a strong one for those who feel that they have been beaten down the last couple of years.

Also for those who have stood strong the last couple of years will slide by this coming year with no personal storms in their life to weather in 2020. But I give you strong advice, do not go seeking any storms, as you will fall overboard on the ship that you could have smoothly sailed through this coming year in.

If you feel that you are correct in going through with the idea that you have been thinking about doing, then 2020 is the year to go about attempting it. If it does not work out, you know you tried and that there are no lasting thoughts of if I did try it, what would have happened?

Do not go asking around if friends and family think your idea is a good one or if you should do it or not before you attempt to do it if it does not involve them. 2020 is the year for those with confidence in themselves.

Get advice for sure from those who are in the position of giving advice. But if you are seeking input from others on how great you are because you came up with an ‘idea’ before even attempting it, do what some do already, go on Facebook and just say how great you are! There may be a couple that gives you the ‘heart’ of approval.

2020 will also be the year of Spiritual Awaking to what individuals already have been thought, as the book has already been written.

As a Spiritualist, I can say the Spiritual side of knowledge is already inside of you. To what degree and the amount of knowledge you have would depend on if you are an old or young soul. Yet the young soul can develop and expand the knowledge within.

There is new knowledge of the ancient knowledge being slowly exposed to those with the internal spiritual knowledge so that they are made aware of it.

As far as relationships, job changes, your family, spirit communications, and much more, those subjects are based on each individual asking, as the energy involved in the outcomes is based on the individual or individuals concerned and not a general answer for all in this article.

Below you will find my 2020 New Year wish video for all,

Happy New Year to you,
Edward Shanahan

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