Chicago Psychic Medium and why Edward Shanahan does it.

Chicago Psychic Medium and why Edward Shanahan does it.
Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Psychic Medium and why he does it. Yes, I am explaining why I do what I do.

That is one of the top questions I am asked at psychic house parties or paranormal nights. Other questions are, when did I realize I had abilities? Are you an empath? See any evil spirits? Ever have anything attach to you?

The list can go on and maybe will be part of my next book. The why I do it will be answered below.

When did I realize I had abilities? I do not like using the word abilities or gifts as we all have the ability to tap into what we all have. My answer is that I have been drawn to it for a long time, even as a kid. At the age of 16, in 1974, I was already wandering around Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.

When asked if I am an empath? I believe in what is stated in the book Psychic Counselor’s Handbook by Ralph D. Jordan. Being an empath should never matter when giving a reading and is explained why in the book.

When individuals in a reading say that they are an empath, I ask why they say so? One answer is what the majority says, ‘A Psychic told me so.’ I will not go into any explanation of the psychic’s comment. Yet there are a few individuals that state ‘because of the feelings they pick-up in different type of situations.’ I then ask those individuals what their childhood was like and if what they experienced in their childhood would trigger what they say they pick-up today, and they claim it is an empath.

Personally, I can sense danger, threats of danger, or dangerous people. The reason why is when I was around the age of six a family watched me while my mom was a work and I saw older brothers beat younger siblings with belts, chased them into the streets, screaming and even seen as an 8 yr old, a man drunk slap his mother to the ground. Does that make me an empath for picking-up on evil situations or people? All I can say is you know what you know by experience, and so it does not make me an empath that way.

When I read people, the one thing I do is One on One Psychometry. That is not being an empath, what I do is tap into the energy of the individual I am reading, picking up their energy, and using that to feed me the reading on them. This is not something that can be read in a book. Yes, it is possible to learn it from one who is experienced in using it always in their readings. However, no guarantees can be made, as no two people are alike.

See any evil Spirit? No, as I am a Spirit Feeler, meaning I pick up on the energy and type of energy it is. If a private home, then I will attempt to see if it is related, do possible spirit communications, and maybe figure a way to bring calmness to the situation. I do not believe spirits are stuck or do not know they are dead. I also do not believe that anyone is more powerful than spirits and can make them cross over or do anything else, as the Spirit World would not allow it.

Have I ever had a spirit attached to me? The answer is no. I believe because of my belief in God, and that no spirit is more powerful them him, I then am protected. I have seen people with no God belief, have or better yet they think a spirit is attached to them. Comparing the believers experiences with the non-believers experiences makes it interesting when compared.

Why do I do it? As I said earlier in this article, I have always been drawn to things on the supernatural side. I even say today when asked, I was first exposed to the supernatural and learning about it at the age of seven and for a full eight years as I was sent to Catholic grammar school for eight years. Heck, the first couple of years of grammar school, I was playing Priest and imitating doing a mass with the big Catholic family picture bible in front of me.

Nearly twenty years ago, my path in this field was changed. No one changed it other than a small young grandchild that in her hospital room, I held her in my arms and offered up my life for a healing miracle for her. I meant it from the heart, and it was not just a wish.

A couple days before my granddaughter’s surgery, the specialist called my daughter and the father, as he needed them at his office as soon as possible. In a state of worry they showed up, the doctor sat them down and stated, ‘I can only say it this way as there are no other explanations, it is a miracle, Mariah is cured.’ The specialist had no other words for it.

This was not the first healing miracle I experienced. I had one of my own with the fear of possible brain cancer. But this was the first time, that a couple of days after my granddaughter’s miracle I received a dream message and it went like this, ‘The miracle that was granted,  you do have a payback for it, you have to no matter how you do it, show people that there is a spiritual world.’

That is why I do what I do today, the readings, the spirit communication sessions, possibly tapping into loved ones that have passed away. Healing Miracle Prayers Sessions, and when requested, I make a free call to those that are dying to bring them comfort and pray for and with them.

That is what I do and why I do it, and may God bless you all who have read this.

Edward Shanahan

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