Looking forward by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer.

Looking forward by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer.

by Edward Shanahan.

Looking forward by Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer. Is actually an article by me looking back at some things I did different in 2019 and some of what I am looking forward to in 2020.

With just two weekends of open dates left for me to book anything (in December), I am already looking ahead to 2020 and what plans have already been set and will give you a peek here.

2019 saw a large amount of private psychic readings with others still ahead and a house party still for 2019. Also, it has seen me do a Paranormal Convention in Bridgeview. Conventions are something I’ve not down in the last couple of years.

The Bridgeview Park District Paranormal Convention was a short drive for me, and I was booked weeks in advance for  four hours of private readings. I also provided a Spirit Communication Session for nearly forty individuals and followed that up with finishing the event with something I have only done once before at a public location with many individuals sitting at the table and a gallery of those watching in a fully lighted gym, my Circle of Energy Seance, to bring up the spirits of the history that past many years ago.

My Circle of Energy, as in the past with a public location situation, was a success as many at the table and in the gallery had experiences. Also, the smell of a burning building could be smelled during the session, and many felt the rise of temperature or extreme heat.

It was all a success, and I kept so busy I never had a chance to pose for a photo to be showcased with the others that provided things at the event for those who came out. But I know the experiences of what I did will remain with those that participated.

I will see what next year brings as far as paranormal conventions etc. and my interest.

Also, in 2019, two paranormal nights back to back at the Haunted Historic Senator John Humphrey House were filled fast and was another thing I did not provide for the past last two years.

2020 as I look forward. 

The annual New Years Day – Private Psychic Reading and Spirit Communication Session will happen again on January 1st at Senator John Humphrey House

If you would like to provide a ‘Gift Certificate’ for Readings or a Paranormal Night in the future as a gift to someone or for you and them to attend, email me below.

Private Psychic Readings for 2010 at Senator Humphrey House. My website provides all of what I offer and the fee for time spent, not what is provided, details on this web page: Private Psychic Readings and Spirit Communication Sessions by Edward Shanahan.

If you would like to host in 2020 a House Party / Gathering, that includes Readings, my Circle of Energy with Spirit Communications and much more with fee based on time spent, not what is offered or the amount of people. The information can be found on this web page: Psychic House Parties / Gatherings with Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

If you would like to host a Paranormal Night at the Senator John Humprey House with a small group of friends in 2020 with me providing all I do on a Paranormal Night, visit the web page: Paranormal Nights for Groups with Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.

I have already been booked for an event in February for a major fundraising organization and to be held in downtown Chicago. Details in a few weeks.

For fundraisers and corporate events and parties in 2020, details can be found at: Fundraisers, Corporate Events with Edward Shanahan Psychic Readings as Entertainment.

Plus, other ideas being sent to me by the spiritual side. As I feel it is not yet time to say goodbye, due to the fact of what was sent to me as a Spirit Message nearly 20 yrs ago, for a miracle that was provided for God’s Littlest Angel.

The message I received back then, now that the miracle was received, I have to provide the general public an experience of the Spirit Side, in a way that they know it was the Spirits.

No, I am not going to let on to what the plans are, as I have been in this field long enough to know better to plant a seed of thinking of doing. But I will attempt to raise the bar on myself and what I do for others.

To keep updated on future dates of events from the Public Location Readings to Paranormal Nights, just signup on this web page – for the free subscription and as soon as I write an article, you will receive the information by email.

Thank You for reading. Visit the web pages above and a Blessing to you and those close to your heart.

Edward Shanahan

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