Paranormal Event in Bridgeview and a new haunted discovery Sept. 21st

Paranormal Event in Bridgeview and a new haunted discovery Sept. 21st

by Edward Shanahan.

Paranormal Event in Bridgeview and a new haunted discovery Sept. 21st Saturday 1 pm – 8 pm followed by a paranormal investigation at the new discovery ‘Field of Spirits’ and that will be followed by a Circle of Energy Seance.

The event is called: The Unknown World Of the Paranormal Convention. The event is hosted by the Bridgeview Park District at 8100 S. Beloit in Bridgeview, IL.

Svengoolie will also be appearing at this event and taking photos with attendees.

The reason I like this type of event is it involves so much for the general public to do, explore, learn, and experience.

It is being held by the Bridgeview Park District, and that makes a significant positive difference for the general public as the event is put together with the general public interests considered, not only just those in the paranormal field as done by others.

There will be paranormal teams, vendors, speakers, workshops, lessons on doing Haunted Halloween Houses type of make-up, a Hearse Car Show, a Spirit Communication Session for a group of individuals will be offered in a workshop type of setting, Food Trucks and more.

A Very Special Ending to the event.
The night will end for this event with a Paranormal Investigation at what is a newly discovered location named the Field of Spirits.

I will be assisting with what I do during the paranormal investigation at the newly discovered location. Then the paranormal investigation will be followed up with what is very rare for me to do at a public location, my Circle of Energy Seance. The Spirits will choose who sits at the table, and all the others can sit behind those at the table.

During the day, I will hold a Spirit Communication Session in one of the workshop areas for those interested.

I also will be doing private office readings all day with Spirit Communication Sessions if desired during the office readings. I have already been fully booked for the day doing my office readings with Spirit Communications; you can always ask to be put on a waiting list in case someone does not show up.

Event fee:
Buy your ticket early and for only $12 at the Bridgeview Park Dist website or call 708-594-1818
Buy at the door
: $15
Paranormal Investigation and Seance: $10
Bridgeview Park Dist website or call 708-594-1818

Bridgeview Paranormal Event Sept 21, 2019

Edward Shanahan - Circle of Energy Seance

I (Edward Shanahan) as many reading this may already know, am a Paranormal Explorer and was exploring Bachelors Grove Cemetery 45 years ago at the age of 16. Chicago paranormal legend Dale Kaczmarek may have a couple of years on me.

I have always lived right here in the middle of Chicago land most hunted areas. Five minutes for Resurrection Cemetery, ten minutes from Willow Springs and ten minutes from Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and have discovered a few paranormal locations.

Being a Psychic Medium and having done my Circle of Energy Seance from Chicago to Vegas and even in the Caribbean, I look forward to providing my Circle of Energy Seance for those attending may possibly experience the Spirit World.

I am the author of two books, and five different authors have included me in their books — also the co-host of The Unexplained World podcast.

I’m looking forward to meeting you there at this event!

Edward Shanahan

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