Bridgeview Paranormal Convention, Rare Seance, Investigation Sept 21 - for all.

Bridgeview Paranormal Convention, Rare Seance, Investigation Sept 21 - for all.

by Edward Shanahan.

Spirit World around us.

Bridgeview Pk. District presents: The Unknown World of the Annual Paranormal Convention. Saturday, Sept. 21st.
Bridgeview Paranormal Convention, Rare Seance, Investigation in one day.

Open to all – Saturday, Sept. 21st at 8100 S. Beloit, Bridgeview, IL.
708 – 594 – 1818

Entrance Fee:
Register early online or in-person: $12 per person.
Day of the event at the door:…….. $15 per person
Paranormal Investigators (in person) $10 per person and must show certified ID.

Starts at 1:00 pm and runs until 8:00 pm and will be followed by a paranormal investigation of a newly discovered location ‘Field of Spirits’ and followed by a rare ‘Circle of Energy Seance’ for those attending the paranormal investigation.

TV Star ‘Svengoolie’ will be making an appearance from 3-5pm and taking photos and signing autographs.

Paranormal Investigation and Circle of Energy Seance at the end of the night.  After the convention ends, the paranormal investigation will start in the newly discovered area in Bridgeview and named the ‘Field of Spirits.’ Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan will assist those attending the investigation.

After the investigation then all will be invited back inside to participate in what is very rare for Edward Shanahan to provide at a location that will be open for all to participate, his ‘Circle of Energy Seance.’

Twice in the past with this type of situation for the general public and investigators attending a convention, has seen Edward doing his Circle of Energy Seance at this type of event with results that left a grown man crying and individuals leaving due to the experiences they were having.

Why is this different than other types of Seances that others attempt? For the fact that Edward Shanahan attempts to raise the Spirits, so those individuals present become the Mediums and experience the Spiritual Side.

Please feel free to audio record, video record and bring any paranormal equipment you may have for the investigation and the Circle of Energy Seance.

Also all day: Paranormal Investigation Teams, Authors, Spiritual Shops, Artists, Psychic Readers, Hearse Car Show, Resurrection Mary look-alike Contest, Food Trucks and much more.

Vendors – if you would like to find out if there are any vendor table spaces left, contact the number above.

Edward Shanahan will be doing his office readings at the location, and he has already been booked for the day, but you can reserve if he has a no show opening.

Speakers for the day are:
Dale Kaczmarek
– Paranormal Investigator and author.
Edward Shanahan
– Chicago Psychic Medium, author and paranormal explorer for nearly 20 years.
Ursula Bielski – Author of the Chicago region’s ghostlore and historian enthusiast for more than 16 years.
Charles Williams – Filmmaker and paranormal investigator.
Allison Jornlin – Paranormal and strange phenomena investigator for more than 20 years.
Neal Gibbons – Chicago area paranormal investigator.
Bob Trzeciak – Chicago area history buff

Also these Workshops:
Special FX Makeup by Dead Rising Haunted House.
Spirit Communication Session / Workshop hosted by Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan.
Proper Instructions for using different paranormal equipment and doing EVPS by Neal Gibbons.
Palm Reading Instructions by Bob Trzeciak.

Circle of Energy Seance with Edward Shanahan

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