Podcast Sunday night and past ones. Chicago Paranormal Psychic Medium.

Podcast Sunday night and past ones. Chicago Paranormal Psychic Medium.

by Edward Shanahan.

The Unexplained World Podcast Sunday at 8 pm central and it will showcase double the guests. Also see the radio below for recent broadcasts.

Fright Fest Event
Eric Vernor is the event manager for Fright Fest he will be discussing the upcoming event, the guests, celebs and more on this broadcast. Eric Vernor is also the publisher of many books and executive producer at ‘Dark Moon Productions.’ Publisher and Author at ‘Dark Moon Press.’

DEAD Rising Haunted House
John M. Vitiritti will then join us to talk about his D.E.A.D. Rising Haunted House Attraction in the Chicago land area along with an upcoming open Haunted House date. Also will be informing us of the YouTube Channel that showcases a reality show about his family owned and operation of the Haunted House Attraction.

You can set a reminder, listen to the broadcast live or as a podcast at: Fright Fest is coming with celebs, movie stars and more. Also – D.E.A.D. Rising.

They will join The Unexplained World hosts Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan and Pagan Truth Seeker Annette.  2019 is the tenth year of broadcasting The Unexplained World and the same hosts.

I would like to have you follow and receive information about upcoming shows at: The Unexplained World podcast.

Most recent broadcast / podcast for 2019:

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Enjoy the shows!

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