Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer Edward Shanahan looking ahead in 2019

Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer Edward Shanahan looking ahead in 2019
Edward Shanahan Chicago Psychic Reader and Medium.

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Psychic Medium and Paranormal Explorer Edward Shanahan is a long title for sure, but I just wanted you to know what you are going to be reading that may just interest you.

First, let me start with the Psychic Readings both Private and Design Your Own Psychic House Parties. 2019 has already seen early requests for information and bookings.

My website has all the details for all that is offered: Edward Shanahan – Chicago Psychic Medium.

Even some information is being requested by families or friends made up of three or four people for a combination session that combines both Psychic Readings, Spirit Communication Session seeking loved ones along with Exploring the Paranormal at the historic haunted location I do the private readings at in the S.W. Suburbs.

The Design Your Own Psychic House Party is just that, and the majority also hold a Spirit Communication Session with those individuals attending for loved ones who have passed after all the Psychic Readings have been performed.

What also is offered for both the Private Psychic Readings and House Party in 2019. If the individuals involved in a Spirit Communication Sessions are interested, not only should you be recording them, but if you allow me also to record them with my high tech equipment, there is a chance that the session may be played back on my The Unexplained World – Internet radio show / podcast.

As I said, this would be up to those participating in the session and also it is another way to review the session and maybe hear stuff not heard at first in the original session.

I have a feeling that 2019 will be a year of more experiences with Spirits, exploring paranormal location to do Spirit Communication Sessions and possibly finding new paranormal locations in the process.

Also, I have been asked to a home with spirit activity to do a Spirit Communication Session and bring calmness to the situation at the home. You can listen to their interview on my The Unexplained World about the history of the activity at their home and what happened when I went to their home at – Family with Spirit activity in their home calls in.

I have already in the past three months involved in three Spirit Communication Sessions with Chicago Paranormal Investigator Legend Mr. Dale Kaczmarek.

You can hear Mr. Dale Kaczmarek live on my The Unexplained World – Internet radio / podcast Sunday, January 27th at 8 pm at The Unexplained World and the show for that date being Chicago Paranormal Legends and Spirit Communication Session with Dale Kaczmarek, go there now and set a reminder.

The Unexplained World – live internet radio broadcast / podcast that I host along with Annette is being received very well, and the stats show that it is being listened to worldwide by way of the broadcast webpage for The Unexplained World.  The other large distributor of the whole ten years of podcast shows is iTunes, and the podcast page is iTunes – The Unexplained World.

That is about it for now from me, find what interests you and check it out and feel free to email me from my website.

Edward Shanahan
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