The Unexplained World podcast, live broadcast returns Jan. 6th 2019. Free exposure for guests and events.

The Unexplained World podcast, live broadcast returns Jan. 6th 2019. Free exposure for guests and events.

by Edward Shanahan.

The Unexplained World podcast, live broadcast returns on the Internet Sunday, January 6th, 2019 at 8 pm and starting the 10th year of live broadcasting.

The broadcast will cover the Supernatural to Natural Curiosity. Call in guests, callers, on location interviews, on location Spirit Communication Session recordings, paranormal discussions and EVP’s, UFO’s discussions, Psychic Readings and more.

The returning hosts are Chicago Psychic Medium, Author and Paranormal Explorer Edward Shanahan along with Pagan Truth Seeker Annette.

Individuals can follow The Unexplained World podcast and keep informed of upcoming shows by going to the podcast / live broadcast page for: The Unexplained World.

You can also find on iTunes for free: The Unexplained World and all the past years of the show’s broadcasts.

The Unexplained World very first broadcast was 2006 on December 3rd until 2015 when Edward Shanahan and Annette decided that a break was needed.

Then by way of requests, viewing the number of past shows still being downloaded plus a whole new Unexplained World of discoveries, questions, and new credible blood and respected veterans in the fields of interest that have remained, Edward and Annette decided that it was time to re-launch The Unexplained World podcast, live broadcast.

Free exposure for show guests on the show and different events about the Paranormal, Supernatural, Spiritual, Psychics, UFO’s or others that may be an interest and fall under a category of the unexplained. ┬áThere is still a large following of listeners and is growing due to the mention of the re-launch of the show.

The Unexplained World will also mention some events showcased by the Chicago Now site of creepy events: The Chicago Creepout.

Plus as in the past, free exposure per show to the public locations and events that book Edward Shanahan or Annette or the combination of the two to provide readings, discussions, etc. for the public locations or events.

The free live broadcast exposure for locations that Edward Shanahan or Annette will be attending will run each broadcast up to the date of the event, and the location’s exposure will remain on al the past shows that it was mentioned.

Sunday, January 6th at 8 pm – The re-launch of The Unexplained World.
Sunday, January 13th at 8 pm – A family near Joliet, IL calls in to discuss their experience with a Spirit in their home and what was done in two visits with a Chicago Medium.

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