2019 Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan new offering with the Spirit Communication Sessions.

2019 Chicago Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan new offering with the Spirit Communication Sessions.
Edward Shanahan

by Edward Shanahan.

Yes, a 2019 Chicago Psychic Medium Edward new offering with the Spirit Communication Sessions is one of the new things that I will provide for individuals for private readings and those who have me out for home gatherings of friends and families.

Individuals reading this article may already know that I will be bringing back to the internet, The Unexplained World – live internet radio show podcast. 2019 will be the start of the 10th year of podcasting the show with my co-host Annette who is a Pagan Truth Seeker.

With the service I provide, I have a spirit communication session for those who are interested. I use a device to assist in this and also invite the individuals who are seeking spirit communications to attempt talking to the spirit they seek during the session by asking questions or requesting certain responses the spirit would know.

When there are two or more people participating in a private reading session or a group gathering or house party, I have been moved many of times to use my ‘Circle of Energy’ to possibly receive more of a response from the spirit world.

I always state that individuals should record their sessions, a matter of fact be it I or any other psychic a person has a reading from, the person should demand that the session is recorded, especially at house gatherings or parties where many people will be privately read, thus compare notes.

I have recently done a couple of Spirit Communication Sessions that I have recorded with high tech devices and picked up responses not heard naturally. These recordings have been agreed by the individuals (one is a famous haunted location), to be broadcast unedited on my show The Unexplained World in 2019.

I am offering the same thing for those who are interested be it private individual readings or group family, and friends house gathers. You can then re-hear the Spirit Communication Session and what was not heard naturally. The Show has now been syndicated through three sites for podcast shows (more planned), and listened to world wide.

No last names mentioned just first names and of course those individuals who are old souls as I call it may get great responses along with maybe those that spirits know. These will be unedited recordings that will be used.

Do you feel your home or building may have Spirit Activity? On Sunday January 13th at 8pm I will have a family on that had me to their home to figure out what was going on, to do a Spirit Communication Session in a some of the rooms and to bring calmness to the home. They will discuss the Spirit Communication Session, what I picked up on as the type of spirit was at the location and more during the show.

I highly recommend if you are interested, that you visit my website for the details  of all that I offer during a private reading session or a House Party / Group Session. My website is at Edward Shanahan You can email me at edwardlshanahan@comcast.net 

A Happy New Year and Blessings to All,

Edward Shanahan
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