Thoughts from a Chicago Psychic Medium, Chicago Paranormal Explorer Host

Thoughts from a Chicago Psychic Medium, Chicago Paranormal Explorer Host

Yes, Thoughts from a Chicago Psychic Medium, Chicago Paranormal Explorer Host, is a long title, but I was looking to cover all the keywords.

Let me say it has been a while since I posted here, but I have been working on a project that required me to either focus on it or get easily distracted and come nowhere near to working on it or typing something here that I could wrap my head around.

The project is accomplished, so let me invite you to view a whole new: Edward Shanahan website. It explains all that is offered from Private Psychic Readings, Psychic House Parties, Corporate Events and Gatherings to Paranormal Explorer, Podcast and some of the videos collected.

I would also like to direct the readers to another Chicago Now Blogger page, The Chicago Creepout, by Kristin Wicks. It covers a thriving community through artist spotlights, upcoming event information, and anecdotes, local horror business highlights, film education, observations, etc. Every once in a while an interview with one of the horror heavyweights that work so hard to keep Chicago one of the top cities known for horror in the country.

Halloween Haunted House Experience, I would suggest D.E.A.D. Rising Haunted House in Crestwood, IL. Visit their website at D.E.A.D. Rising Haunted House.

Some of the thoughts I would like to leave with you in this article.
Something is being done on some social media locations like Facebook. Individuals are coming to pages about ‘Being an Empath,’ and they seem to explain situations that describe a Depression State of Mind, not something that would describe an Empath experience.

A sample post from a 42 yr old woman: ‘I can’t pinpoint what it is I have or who I am. I know I’m an empath does anyone feel or see anything special.’ Then they posted a photo.

Well, the problem is everyone feeding the person thoughts to confirm their own thought and no one is asking any questions about why she has this state of mind.

One day someone asked on Facebook about their ten-year-old son, explained how the boy isolates himself from other kids and feels he’s not liked. Someone diagnosed the boy as being an Empath with no questions about his early childhood etc..

I had someone come in for a reading; they sat down, and the first thing I said at the beginning of the reading was “You think you are an Empath.” They responded with a “Yes; a Psychic said I was.”  I responded with a nod and the word ‘Really?’

I followed up with ‘Let’s try something, I am going to get into the mood and feeling of the day my mother died and I held her in my arms, you being an Empath, tell me what I am feeling right now?”

They could not and admitted they could not as they did not attempt to tell me. I nicely told them I knew that an individual tried to bait and hook them by saying the individual was an Empath when in reality they are not.

It is a feel-good term thrown out there and used to avoid the issues of the true reality of what is or has gone on in someone’s life.

Be Safe out there!

Edward Shanahan

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