Chicago Psychic Medium Thinking Out Loud

Chicago Psychic Medium Thinking Out Loud
How I do it.

by Edward Shanahan.

Chicago Psychic Medium Thinking Out Loud, but it is not a psychic reading by me. Yes, there are different approaches depending on the situation that I am providing a reading for.

Lately, there have been two or more people coming to my office readings. The individuals like it as a session is based on the time spent, not per person at the reading. Usually, they are couples, but many of times it is a parent and an adult child.

I’m a firm believer that if someone goes back to a psychic many times for readings (every two weeks for months at a time), the psychic may be doing a terrible job or baiting & hooking the person to coming back or the person is too dependent on the psychic. A good psychic finds answers then let’s go.

I have told individuals after two or three visits; they have to learn to be dependent on their self.

With the two or more people coming to a session, it usually has to do with loved ones who have passed away. I always say, bring out the phone and start recording both the reading session and the session we do that pertains to the loved ones that have passed. But they have the choice of doing all during their session that I provide.

Also with the Spirit Communication Session, I have been venturing into performing my Circle of Energy, to draw the Spirit of the loved one toward us. I have been pleased with it as has many of the individuals.

The house parties/gatherings is a different service and one that is for the experienced Psychic Entertainer. In my case, I have a selection of services for the house party that I offer, and there is no limit on the individual who is hosting the party. All hosts request that everyone has a nice time and experiences.

All house parties/gatherings for years now have requested my Spirit Communication Session as a group at the end of their party, also with this I have been including my Circle Of Energy.

The house parties can consist of Private Readings or my Readings in the Round, that means every reading is right there in the open among close friends and or family members. All eyes and ears are on you as the Reader. 18 years of doing readings for the public provides the experience for me.

One has to remember not to ask a Psychic to diagnose what may be a medical problem. Psychics are not licensed medical doctors, thus not allowed to practice medical diagnose of an individual, no matter what the psychic says their ‘gifts’ are.  They should tell the individual to ‘please see a doctor for what you say you think is causing your medical problems.’

I only do readings by appointments, and that separates me from the walk into the Crystal selling shop with a Psychic on hand to give you a reading. Nothing wrong with the shop psychic and could be a good learning experience for the psychic reader looking to do readings in that type of environment.

Remember that everyone is not an Empath and when an individual tells me another psychic said they were, I give a short ’empath test’ to let them know if they are or just something the other psychic fed them. Or as one person told me last night at a house party, the one psychic she ever went to before last night, said she in a past life was an Indian Medicine Man and how they should take a Shaman Classes on healing. I asked the person if they took the Psychic’s advise and signed up for the shop class? Their answer was no and they knew what was up.

The experience for individuals should be a good one. If a psychic cannot read a person, and it happens, they need to tell the individual, I cannot read you today, sorry and there is no charge.

If you thought I might give up how I am able to do readings or sell you an offer to teach you? You’re wrong, as I believe one will be guided by their Higher Power and it is not the Full Moon! And then it will be one thing at a time you will learn on your own if you let your self-be guided. Plus I was just thinking out loud.

Don’t pay to learn how another does it, as they are not you and you are not them.


Edward Shanahan

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